Tips and Articles for Salem, MA

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It may come as a surprise to learn that everyone’s favorite Halloween movie was actually released in the middle of summer.Beloved cult classic “Hocus... Read More

While some people only think of witches as those green-skinned, wart-nosed, and pointy-hatted women you only spot around Halloween, there are plenty... Read More

What WMF project are you most excited about these days?We’ve helped organize an unprecedented exhibition of furniture and interiors from the 18th... Read More

The port town of Salem, Massachusetts, has always been associated with the spooky, the exotic, and the downright weird. Sea captains of the late 18th... Read More

You know you're in Salem and nowhere else, says 11-year-old Brooke, when you spot a hearse tour of haunted houses or pass a gaggle of black-robed... Read More

In Salem, Massachusetts, the witch-on-a-broomstick image is everywhere—it even appears on the badges of the town's police officers. Indeed, this site of... Read More

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