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One company’s glitch turned out to be a traveler’s Christmas miracle when a technical error helped some riders score some extra train time. Some... Read More

A preserved prehistoric puppy thought to be 18,000 years old — or way older in dog years — was recently revealed in Russia.The animal was... Read More

The first road bridge linking Russia and China is complete following the launch of a natural gas pipeline between the two countries, Reuters... Read More

There are many reasons for a flight being delayed, but a pigeon on the loose in the plane's cabin isn't typically one of them. That’s exactly what... Read More

One of the best things about cruising is being able to see several different places without having to book flights or trains from one place to the next.... Read More

The Russian navy announced this week that it has found five new islands in the arctic due to glacial melting.The islands, that were first... Read More

Sometimes travel isn’t as simple as booking a ticket and off you go. In fact, when you travel internationally, you often have to think about things like... Read More

The world’s first international cable car will transport passengers between Russia and China in less than eight minutes.The system will make it possible... Read More

Just around the corner from the picturesque Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg, Russia, is a place where you really can turn back... Read More

Certain places in the world — including the Everglades in Florida and Mount Elgon in Kenya — offer an extra dose of magic, boasting such outstanding... Read More

A drunk passenger aboard an Aeroflot flight in Russia broke a flight attendant’s leg and attacked pilots before he was restrained and arrested on... Read More

Three passengers on a flight in Russia opened the emergency exit and climbed out onto the wing of a Boeing 737 after they spotted flames coming out of... Read More

How much would you pay for a weekend getaway to Europe?Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to hand over a ton of cash to get an incredible... Read More

This article originally appeared on Passengers on an Air France flight traveling from Paris to Shanghai were left stranded in... Read More

A video published over the weekend of a bear cub and its mother struggling to climb a snowy mountain slope garnered millions of views and shares... Read More

More and more travelers are waking up to an uncomfortable truth: climate change, overtourism, and human incursion are posing an increasing threat to... Read More

Greg Tepper is a member of Travel + Leisure’s A-List, a collection of the top travel advisors in the world, and can help plan your perfect getaway.... Read More

Even in Russia, winter doesn’t last forever.Last January, you probably remember the viral photo of a young woman from Yakutsk, Russia, posing in the... Read More

A passenger went for an unexpected ride on a baggage carousel at Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow on Sunday after losing her... Read More

Russian investigative teams Monday recovered both data recorders from the site of a fatal plane crash.The recorders, containing both flight data and... Read More

A Russian passenger jet crashed Sunday 50 miles outside of Moscow, with none of the 71 people onboard surviving, according to Reuters. The cause of... Read More

Winters in Russia are pretty harsh, but winter 2018 has been shaping up to be the harshest some Russians have ever seen.City officials in Moscow have... Read More

PSA: Always keep an eye on your electronics on flights. This includes how much heat they’re giving off.While most airports and airlines regulate lithium... Read More

It was like a scene from the comic strip Hägar the Horrible. Clutching a beaker of ale in howling sea winds, I lurched toward the prow of the Viking... Read More

You might literally turn into a popsicle if you’re out walking in Russia right now.In the Russian village of village of Oymyakon, extreme cold... Read More

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