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Over the weekend Jennifer Lawrence married her longtime beau Cooke Maroney in an over-the-top ceremony in one of Rhode Island’s greatest historic... Read More

For decades, the food most widely associated with Providence, Rhode Island, was coffee milk. Named the official state drink in 1993, it's a mixture of... Read More

The largest city in the smallest state is certainly not something to overlook for a weekend getaway. Rhode Island is roughly an hour and half drive from... Read More

When you imagine a beach resort, images of warm sand beneath your toes and cool dips in the gentle waves likely come to mind. But a beach can be a year... Read More

The Northeastern United States is famous for its geographical diversity, and chances are high that somewhere in New England and New York you’ll find the... Read More

For more than a century, Block Island’s Surf Hotel has dazzled guests with its rambling front porch and sweeping ocean views. After lingering on the... Read More

Traveling around America should mean, among many things, engaging with its history, culture, and landscape in responsible ways. That’s what makes the... Read More

August arrives with the feeling that summer is moving along too quickly, or for some who don’t enjoy the hot weather of their hometowns, too slowly. In... Read More

Officials in Rhode Island announced this week plans to offer free sunscreen (provided by Raw Elements USA) to visitors at all state beaches and parks... Read More

This winter you don’t need to travel to Europe to enjoy an authentic fondue dinner. At Ocean House in Rhode Island you can indulge in a multi-course... Read More

If you haven't yet planned a trip for Labor Day, don’t despair. You still have plenty of options. Whether you’re craving a quiet day on a pink-sand... Read More

In much of the U.S., frigid winter weather is a very recent memory, but summer is right around the corner — and there's no time to waste in booking your... Read More

Your dream summer job is hiring — if you like to work au naturel. A nudist campground in Rhode Island is looking for a new lifeguard.Dyer... Read More

Looking to get your coffee fix before battling some holiday shopping?Dunkin’ Donuts locations across the U.S will be offering free hot medium coffees on... Read More

Fall brings with it a beautiful array of colorful leaves, and one company wants to pay you for them.Cash 4 Leaves is a website that is offering New... Read More

This story originally appeared on on July 5th, 2017. You’ve probably seen headlines recently about free public college programs in... Read More

Looking for an island getaway that won't break the bank this year?Norwegian Air is offering cheap flights to both Martinique and Guadeloupe from Fort... Read More

October is a beloved time for haunted sights and ghostly attractions, and the month is also perfect for exploring the historical sights and favorite... Read More

Even in the snow, Newport remains one of the prettiest towns on the New England coastline. The historic destination remains a magnet for east coast... Read More

As a touring comedian, I ate terribly on the road for years. Pre-show dinners at university mess halls regularly consisted of frozen veggie burgers,... Read More

I first saw the Rhode Island shore as a child, up from Virginia to visit my father's New England family. I remember playing on the beach at Little... Read More

Watching my husband venture into nesting territory, I experience a Hitchcockian tingle. We've been warned about the birds by Charlotte Johnson,... Read More

Polar RegionsLooking for something truly exotic? Go north. These days you can hike across Iceland’s fjords with Cunard or visit Russia’s reindeer... Read More

The TripThe true riches of America’s smallest state endure in the coves and crannies of its 400-mile shoreline, tucked under the scrubby pines and... Read More

Each one of the million of us who live in little old Rhode Island has our own cherished idea of what makes this place enchanting. For me, it is the... Read More

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