Rajasthan Travel Guide

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Rajasthan, described by many as the region that captures the true essence of India, is the second largest state of the country and a place where you can touch, taste, and experience the local culture and traditions just by walking through the stone streets. The majestic palaces and fortresses make travel to Rajasthan a remarkable and distinctly unique experience. Each corner of every city vibrates with foot traffic, and hums with the ceaseless, yet orchestrated chaos of automobiles and bicycles. In Rajasthan, travel with the locals by an advanced network of trains, or by the colorful auto-rickshaws navigating the narrow roads.

Visit Rajasthan to discover the timeless traditions that have remained virtually unchanged over the centuries. Feel the presence of the folk culture in the streets expressed by local artisans, with colorful, hand-embroidered textiles undulating in the afternoon breeze. This Rajasthan travel guide will help travelers navigate the Land of Kings’ most coveted treasures: revered elephants and camels transporting goods (and tourists) through the cities, and the flash of women’s jewel-tone saris and extravagant jewelry glinting in the desert sun.

Things Not to Miss in Rajasthan

• Jain temples  • Jhalawar district
 • Udaipur
 • Ranthambore National Park
 • Brahna Temple
 • Renakpur Temples
 • Junagar Fort
 • City Palace
 • Taragarh Palace
 • Jaisalmer Fort

When to Go to Rajasthan

Plan the perfect trip to this magical South Asian destination by avoiding the hot, humid summer months, where temperatures can exceed 100 degrees and rainfall is at its annual high. Wait until the mild months, which span October to April, for moderate temperatures and weather. During this time, visitors can witness the fanfare of the Holi Festival in March and the Marwar Festival, in October.

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