Restaurants in Quebec City

Luc-Antoine Couturier

The French are known for their food, and Quebec City is no exception to that rule. It may sound like a contradiction, but both innovation and traditi... Read More

The French are known for their food, and Quebec City is no exception to that rule. It may sound like a contradiction, but both innovation and tradition are prevalent here, as young chefs take to the trusted Québécois recipes (beautifully cooked game meats, rich sauces, and sensational desserts) and add their original twists. In Quebec City’s best restaurants, there’s a noticeable focus on local foods and culinary practices—decadent traditional dishes presented by world-class chefs. But there’s also always the opportunity for a late-night casse-croûte (greasy spoon) stop for the local delicacy, poutine—French fries served with cheese curds and gravy.

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  • Aux Anciens Canadiens

    Aux Anciens Canadiens is located in one of the grandest houses in old Quebec—it was first built in 1675 as Maison Jacquet. The restaurant is full of... Read More

  • Cantook Coffee

    Make your way up the hill in front of the Chateau Frontenac to Cantook Coffee, where coffee is the star attraction. At this artisanal haven, there's not... Read More

  • Chez Gaston

    Poutine is the national food of Quebec, and yes, most restaurants, from the highest-end to the holes in the wall, serve it. But Chez Gaston is one place... Read More

  • Chez Victor

    Sometimes, there's nothing more satisfying than a burger done right—that's the motto at the heart of Chez Victor. Located slightly away from the tourist... Read More

  • Echaude

    Echaude serves casual bistro fare done with a flare. It's always busy (both the inside and the terrace), and the menu is impeccable. Weekend brunch is a... Read More

  • La Planque

    La Planque is an elegant yet cozy multi-level restaurant where the waiters get consistently top marks for their service. There's a downstairs room that... Read More

  • Lapin Saute

    As the name suggests, rabbit is the focus at this local gem of a restaurant. Lapin Saute has 32 seats and is popular year-round: in the summer, they... Read More

  • Le Bouchon

    Le Bouchon's open kitchen, food, and decor takes its inspiration from Lyon. In many ways, dining here feels much more like being in a family home than... Read More

  • Le Ciel Bistro-Bar

    When you're based in a city as beautiful as UNESCO World Heritage site Quebec City, views are of utmost importance. Le Ciel is the only revolving... Read More

  • Le Pied Bleu

    The mission statement at Le Pied Bleu, or the Blue Foot, is simplicity, conviviality, and authenticity. Open for lunch, dinner, and brunch, the entire... Read More

  • Le Saint-Amour

    Jean-Luc Boulay, the chef at Le Saint-Amour, is originally from France and brings both tradition and innovation to his cuisine. This restaurant is... Read More

  • Maison Smith Café

    The elegant stone building that houses Maison Smith Cafe fits in seamlessly with its surroundings—it's in Quebec's historic district, and a few steps... Read More

  • Nina Pizza Napolitaine

    Former waitresses and current friends Peneloppe Lachapelle and Lucie Nadeau have taken their restaurant-industry insider knowledge and opened Nina Pizza... Read More

  • Panetier Baluchon

    With its inviting white and blue exterior and French windows, Panetier Baluchon is as charming on the outside as it is inside. This cafe serves pastries... Read More

  • Restaurant Initiale

    Understated elegance can be hard to do correctly, but Restaurant Initiale pulls it off. The chef at this Relais & Chateaux restaurant, Yvan Lebrun,... Read More

  • Restaurant Le Continental

    At Le Continental, much of the menu is prepared right before your eyes—from the Caesar salad created to your exact specification at your table, to the... Read More

  • Toast

    The indoor courtyard is what makes this popular hotel restaurant a serious winner. The price point is high here, but the quality of food makes it worth... Read More

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