Tips and Articles for Provence

Max Kim-Bee

The red pullover i'd packed never had a chance. Ditto the cotton shirt in a sprigged Provençal print, even though I had killed myself chasing down an... Read More

where we enjoyed two memorable meals. A breakfast of fromage and warm bread and a late lunch of vegetables and meats left us full and happy. In the... Read More

There are 1,100 entries for fruits, vegetables, stews, soups, breads, charcuterie, pastries, candies, fish, cheese, wine, and other foods on A.... Read More

The Marquis de Sade is one of the few men in history whose names have spawned adjectives: Machiavelli, Plato, and Masoch are others who come readily to... Read More

We are 10 strangers laughing, gathered around a gleaming stainless-steel-and-granite island peeling baby artichokes for our dinner. The luminous, beamed... Read More

There’s a new wind blowing in France—or is that a storm kicking up?Guesthouses—maisons d’hôtes—are in a delirious state of revolution.In the old model,... Read More

More is more is more at Wout Bru's Bistrot d'Eygalières (Rue de la République; 33-4/90-90-60-34; dinner for two $240), one of the most inspired and... Read More

Whether you view it generously as borrowing or disapprovingly as stealing, France's talent for cherry-picking the domestic savoir-vivre of others is... Read More

EnglandGlyndebourne Festival Opera (May 19–August 27; 44-127/381-3813; productions set in the English countryside. Evening... Read More

One drizzly, bone-chilling week last winter I was in the Luberon, and the visit was not going well. Bad weather (yes, even in Provence) had caused work... Read More

See our slideshow of 10 River Cruises to Remember.A mirage vibrates on the sandy horizon. The scent of African roses perfumes the air. Water buffalo... Read More

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