Prague Travel Guide

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Travel to Prague, an enchanting city full of beautiful buildings and historical sites. Known as the city of a hundred spires, Prague is the perfect destination for those looking to travel to a European city rich with history and architectural wonders. Prague travel offers everything from romantic getaways to historical tours. You’ll find that it is impossible not to feel the charm of this Czech city. Built on nine hills alongside the Vltava River, Prague is a city of architectural wonder. From its many church spires to green gardens and parks, the Czech Republic’s capital city offers a variety of destinations to visit. This Prague travel guide highlights the best of the Czech destination, so you won't miss a thing.

Things Not to Miss in Prague

• Malá Strana, the German district of Prague
 • The Dancing House, an architectural wonder designed by Frank Gehry in 1996
 • The Astronomical Clock, a medieval, working clock located in the Old Town Square
 ▪ Sedlec Ossuary, a Roman Catholic chapel decorated with human bones
 • The Petrin Watchtower, also known as Prague’s “little Eiffel Tower.”

When to Go to Prague

Visit Prague in the spring when the weather is mild with temperatures averaging in the mid-50s. Tickets tend to be less expensive between March and April as fewer people travel to Prague. The winter months are much colder with heavy snowfall. Those willing to brave the chill of winter will be rewarded with fewer fellow sightseers, and will be able to witness the European city glittering under a layer of freshly fallen snow.

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