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There are cheap fares from several U.S. cities to top European destinations, including the Faroe Islands, right now.According to Scott’s Cheap Flights,... Read More

The city once derided as Kraków's gloomy Soviet sister has become Eastern Europe's next up-and-coming destination with the addition of Raffles... Read More

Imagine a magic land where the streets are paved with chocolate. As sweet as it sounds, this actually turned out to be motorists' worst nightmare.A... Read More

Have you ever thought about quitting your job, leaving your home, and running away to a deserted island forever? If so, you’re not alone, because one... Read More

The A-List is Travel + Leisure's annual selection of the world's best travel agents and destination specialists, as chosen by the editors. Rely on these... Read More

His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge will be celebrating his fourth birthday this Saturday, July 22.The future king will have just returned... Read More

This story originally appeared on After five jam-packed days of their royal tour in Poland and Germany, the royal family is heading home to... Read More

This story originally appeared on Prince William vs. Princess Kate!The royal couple faced off in a competitive boat race between the... Read More

This story originally appeared on Princess Charlotte has this whole “royal” thing down pat.The 2-year-old and her big brother, Prince George... Read More

This story originally appeared on Princess Charlotte went shopping in her Uncle Harry’s closet for her first European trip.The 2-year-old... Read More

This story originally appeared on Princess Kate is getting real!While greeting fans after the royal family arrived in Warsaw, Poland, on... Read More

This story originally appeared on Prince William, Princess Kate and their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte have arrived in... Read More

In June, Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton announced their plans to spend a few weeks of their summer vacation visiting Poland and... Read More

The Middleton sisters may have more stamps in their passports than anyone else on Earth. As Travel + Leisure reported, Pippa Middleton has been enjoying... Read More

If you want to visit the largest castle in the world, start traveling east and bring a dictionary: you’ll need to spend some time parsing definitions.... Read More

Jakuba Wejhera was a 17th-century Polish nobleman and military leader. He fought in the Smolensks War, The Deluge, the Russo-Polish War and the... Read More

When it comes to bike lanes, there's a lot to be desired. Sometimes a painted white line down the road just isn't going to cut it. That being said, we... Read More

Pope Francis is touring Poland through July 31, for the celebration of the Catholic church's World Youth Day.Pope John Paul II established World Youth... Read More

The history of the Polish city of Szczecin (pronounced shchay-cheen) is as vexed as its spelling. Near what’s now the German border, it was swapped... Read More

If you pull away from any city and view it from the air, you're going to catch a more clear view of its innerworkings. But with Poland, you get the... Read More

Post offices often get a bad rap these days, but in earlier times, they were vital urban institutions that often inhabited grand buildings. ... Read More

Europe has it's share of endlessly photographed architectural destinations in well-trod European cities. Milan's Duomo, Paris's Notre Dame, and London's... Read More

Travelers are hustling to Poland in search of gold—specifically a Nazi train filled with treasure that's thought to live in an undiscovered tunnel... Read More

A Lufthansa flight carrying 108 passengers narrowly missed colliding with a drone as it made its descent into Warsaw Chopin Airport on Tuesday.The... Read More

Hotels around the world are getting more expensive. According a recent report by the behemoth booking site, the average price for a room rose... Read More

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