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One thing Pittsburgh has never wanted for is more bars. In fact, it’s the number one city in the U.S. for bars per capita, which at last count was ab... Read More

One thing Pittsburgh has never wanted for is more bars. In fact, it’s the number one city in the U.S. for bars per capita, which at last count was about 12 bars for every 10,000 people. It makes perfect sense when you think of the city’s blue-collar origins and what most workers were up to after a 10-hour shift at the steel mills. But Pittsburgh’s nightlife scene has certainly changed since then.

Yes, the dive bars are still around, but they’ve become almost fashionable. And new places like the Livermore in East Liberty and Arsenal Cider House have added even more finesse with their meticulously crafted cocktails or artisan ciders and meads. Even distilleries like Maggie’s Farm Rum have opened bars where you can watch the process behind what you’re drinking as it flows from barrel to bottle. Breweries like the Brew Gentlemen or Grist House Craft Brewery have added yet another dimension to Pittsburgh’s boozy history which, until recently, was been known mainly as the birthplace of American rye whiskey.

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  • Allegheny Wine Mixer

    The best time to come to this wine bar and tap room is after dinner on a Sunday night when it’s packed with local business owners and friends up for one... Read More

  • Arsenal Cider House

    This small-batch hard cider producer in Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville neighborhood is a popular spot in the summer for its outdoor cider garden and in the... Read More

  • Bar Marco

    Bar Marco is more of a restaurant and wine bar than it is a full-fledged bar. But still, there is an actual bar, and small as it is, the men and women... Read More

  • Gooski’s

    People call Gooski’s a dive bar, but it’s anything but. People call it a lot of things actually: punk, libertarian, hipster, rock and roll. Call it what... Read More

  • Grist House Craft Brewery

    Also new to Pittsburgh’s brewery scene is the Grist House Craft Brewery, where a team of young brewers creates tasty and full-bodied IPAs, wheat beers,... Read More

  • Kelly’s Bar & Lounge

    Kelly’s Bar & Lounge is dark, uncomplicated, and a little seedy, but a favorite Lawrenceville spot that fills up fast. The bartenders are grouchy... Read More

  • Maggie’s Farm Rum

    Even if you don’t typically drink rum, it’s worth giving it a shot at this new rum distillery hidden behind the Strip District. These small batch... Read More

  • Monterey Pub

    Much of the Monterey Pub’s charm comes from its neighborhood north Pittsburgh’s Mexican War district. It’s a small grid of streets lined with 18th... Read More

  • Remedy Restaurant and Lounge

    You’re clocked in the face by the long, busy bar as soon as you walk into this restaurant and lounge. It’s often crowded, especially after work when... Read More

  • Spirit

    There’s a lot happening at this two-level, 10,000-square-foot former Moose Lodge in upper Lawrenceville. First, there’s the pizzeria called Slice Island... Read More

  • Tender Bar & Kitchen

    Located in a former bank building, this three-year-old haunt draws a crowd for its inventive craft cocktails and small plates. Read More

  • The Brew Gentleman

    It's not technically located in central Pittsburgh, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from going out to Braddock to taste the craft beers of the Brew... Read More

  • The Livermore

    The Livermore almost feels like an experimental restaurant/bar that serves Italian food in a long, dark room with banks of windows on all sides. It’s... Read More

  • The Urban Tap

    The Urban Tap is a relative newcomer to East Carson Street—the strip of bars in Pittsburgh's South Side that's almost solely responsible for the city's... Read More

  • Wigle

    The tasting room at Wigle Whiskey’s distillery in the Strip District is stacked from wall to wall with colorfully labeled bottles of their award-winning... Read More

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