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Jean-Marie Del Moral

On Monday evening, a massive fire engulfed the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, France. Firefighters immediately rushed to the scene. Though they... Read More

With France’s Notre Dame Cathedral in flames and time of the essence, a hero priest rushed to the scene to assist firefighters in their efforts to save... Read More

As the world mourns the damages that were caused to the famed Notre Dame Cathedral after a fire broke out on Monday, April 15, efforts are now underway... Read More

Royals from around the world are thinking of Paris in the wake of the fire that devastated Notre Dame cathedral.Queen Elizabeth sent a message to the... Read More

After the horrifying fire at Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral finally went out, police and fire services have been working to assess the security and safety... Read More

As last night’s harrowing fire at Notre Dame burns up this morning’s headlines, much is being made of the medieval cathedral’s iconic status. Notre Dame... Read More

As firefighters tirelessly worked to put out the last of the devastating Notre Dame Cathedral fire, there was a small glimmer of hope for churchgoers... Read More

Crowds in Paris gathered near Notre Dame Cathedral to sing “Ave Maria” on Monday, as a massive fire consumed parts of the structure.In numerous videos... Read More

A massive fire broke out at the historic Notre Dame cathedral in Paris on Monday, causing part of the iconic building to collapse. Though the cause of... Read More

Updated: 5:34 p.m. ETA fire has broken out at the iconic Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. Paris police posted on Twitter about the fire, warning the... Read More

A paper installation on the grounds of Paris’s Louvre, meant to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the art museum’s famous glass pyramid, only lasted a... Read More

Airbnb and the Louvre announced Tuesday that they're transforming the famous museum into a hotel — for one night and one time only.In what sounds like a... Read More

These days, a thoughtful art collection is de rigueur for hotels of a certain caliber. Works are commissioned expressly for hotels, works... Read More

You’ve no doubt seen "Starry Night" countless times before — at museums, in desktop backgrounds, on the walls of your dentist’s office. Now, at a... Read More

The residents of one of Paris’s most photographed streets are sick of people loitering in their doorways.In a city where most buildings adhere to... Read More

“This is a ‘locals’ hotel.”I must have heard these words, or some variation of the sentiment, ten times during my brief stay at Hôtel Lutetia. I was in... Read More

The city of Paris is suing Airbnb for $14.2 million, citing 1,010 allegedly illegal listings.Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo made the announcement in an... Read More

The happiest place on Earth is getting ready to spread some rainbows in 2019.On June 1, Disneyland Paris will become the first Disney theme park to host... Read More

A European vacation might not seem like the most affordable getaway, but the city of Paris is taking on a new measure to help families get around... Read More

On Tuesday, Paris was covered in a rare coat of snow, temporarily transforming the city into a beautiful winter wonderland that dazzled locals and... Read More

How about a four-day trip to London and Paris, with two days in each city?We agree that sounds way too short, given that between the two European... Read More

We now have one more reason to be thankful for Beyoncé: She's inspired more of us to visit the most famous museum in Paris.The Louvre Museum... Read More

Walking into The Hoxton in Paris’ 2nd Arrondissement, I checked and then re-checked my Google map to make sure my Uber dropped me in the right... Read More

In expectation of political protests, some of Paris’s biggest landmarks are shutting down this weekend.The Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and Notre Dame are... Read More

Every year, the Paris-based organization La Liste announces its list of the best restaurants in the world, and on Thursday, it awarded two restaurants... Read More

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