Oklahoma City Travel Guide

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The capital city of Oklahoma has a population of over a million. Oklahoma City is the fifth largest city in continental USA by area. Although the city has four seasons, the climate is usually mild. It boasts over 3,000 hours of annual sunshine. This is just one of the many reasons to visit Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma City has proven not once but twice that it can bounce back. Oklahoma residents have earned a reputation for resilience and hard work. Now, the city is an exciting destination that boasts festivals, sporting events, museums and plenty more. Travel to Oklahoma City where the history is vast and the fun is endless.

Things Not to Miss in Oklahoma City

• The American Banjo Museum focuses on a musical genre created in the state, Red Dirt Music. Here you will find replicas of historic banjos as well as 1920s banjos with intricate designs and decorations. Try leaving without wanting to learn how to play this fun instrument yourself!
 • The Myriad Botanical Gardens are one of the most fun places to lose track of time. Wander through this 15-acre retreat where you’ll find an off-leash dog park, children’s garden, walking and jogging paths, and more. The Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory boasts 13,000 square feet and features a tropical wet zone and tropical dry zone with a variety of interesting plants.

When to Go to Oklahoma City

During the summer months, Oklahoma City is generally hot and humid. The winter is the exact opposite, with cold temperatures that sometimes dip below freezing. The best time to travel to Oklahoma City is during the fall when the weather is mild.

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