Things to Do in Newport, RI

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In most cities, casually hiking through a millionaire’s backyard will probably land you in the local precinct. But along Newport’s iconic 3.5-mile... Read More

Bob Dylan may have made this site famous in 1965 when he switched on his blaring electric guitar at the Newport Folk Festival, but Fort Adams’s history... Read More

Originally built as a Zion Episcopal church in 1836, Newport’s only downtown cinema is elegant inside and out. Just see its old-time marquee sign and... Read More

Here’s a rookie mistake to avoid: don’t show up at Ocean Drive in the middle of the day, crawling along at 15 miles per hour behind a queue of other... Read More

In a perfect world, we would all be spending our summers frolicking in 18-bedroom villas on the sea, just like the Astors and Vanderbilts used to. Until... Read More

For such a small state, Rhode Island sure knows how to pack in the history. This is America’s oldest lending library, named after its founder, Abraham... Read More

Admission: Adults: $16.50; Children: 6-17 $4 Read More

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