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New Zealand’s government has unveiled plans to implement a tourist tax it says will help protect its infrastructure and natural environment... Read More

In honor of National Donut Day, Papa John’s is giving away a trip to Donut Island, New Zealand. Yes, the pizza chain just managed to one-up all the... Read More

A farm worker in Rotorua, New Zealand, recently stepped outside to round up cows for milking, and stumbled upon what could be the country’s biggest... Read More

T+L launched Operation Vacation to inspire workers to use their days off and get away, offering exclusive travel discounts as incentive. For the latest... Read More

There’s a key step many people are missing on their way to their destination, and it could put a halt on their travel plans. That step? The all... Read More

New Zealand’s striking and incredibly diverse landscape has helped it become the setting for many famed film series that include the "Lord of... Read More

Queenstown is jaw-droppingly, breath-takingly, unbelievably beautiful. These aren’t superlatives – they’re fact. This four-season alpine town is settled... Read More

You’ve probably seen New Zealand’s otherworldly mountains, emerald valleys, and crystal lakes on the big screen, in Peter Jackson’s Academy-award... Read More

Surprise, surprise: Former President Barack Obama is on yet another glamorous trip.Since leaving office, the one-time commander-in-chief has seemingly... Read More

You may not know it, but the scenery of New Zealand’s South Island — kingly mountains, ethereal rain forests, and golden ribbons of empty beach — has... Read More

Your face is now your best travel tool.Air New Zealand has developed a program that will analyze your facial reactions to different sites and... Read More

New Zealand is a dream destination. From the crystal waters of the Abel Tasman, to the expanse of Northland’s Ninety Mile Beach, to the mountains... Read More

Right now, travelers can take advantage of an incredible mistake fare: flights to New Zealand for as little as $239 round-trip.The deal, noticed this... Read More

A group of New Year’s celebrants in New Zealand employed some creative thinking — and a little heavy lifting — to evade a drinking ban on public... Read More

Scientists have discovered a new species of giant, human-sized penguins.Researchers discovered the fossil remains of the prehistoric penguin in New... Read More

Choosing a new place to go on vacation can be tough.With all the potential destinations you can visit in the world, you have to wonder which ones are... Read More

You may think that stringing up a few lights makes you good at Christmas. We hate to break it to you, but you’ve got nothing on the country of New... Read More

If you’re done online shopping for holiday gifts, it’s time to treat yourself to cheap flights to New Zealand. To celebrate Cyber Monday, the country’s... Read More

T+L launched Operation Vacation to inspire workers to use their days off and get away, offering exclusive travel discounts as incentive. For the latest... Read More

If you had any intentions of buying a home in New Zealand, you’ve only got a few months left to do so.Effective early 2018, foreigners will be banned... Read More

“A Wrinkle In Time,” which was filmed on the South Island of New Zealand and stars Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, and Mindy Kaling, is one of the... Read More

Many travelers already check in for flights long before arriving at the airport. But this new company wants to make the process even easier. The... Read More

Planning the ultimate gaycation? Travel + Leisure spoke with travel agents who specialize in helping LGBT travelers plan luxe adventures... Read More

Inner-city Ponsonby is a rambling residential neighborhood in Auckland, New Zealand, teeming with beautiful people and Victorian-era houses; it’s... Read More

The A-List is Travel + Leisure's annual selection of the world's best travel agents and destination specialists, as chosen by the editors. Rely on these... Read More

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