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To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Air New Zealand is offering 25 percent off flights when you book as a pair — but act quickly, the deal is expiring... Read More

This article originally appeared on common search on Google is: "Do cyclists live longer?"Researchers at the University of Otago in New... Read More

New Zealand is known for having breathtaking views and beautiful, natural spaces to explore. But as an environmental threat looms over some of the... Read More

Picture a mountaintop so dark you can just make out the outline of your partner’s body, but not his face. So dark you stumble, embarrassingly, on... Read More

Two teen brothers from Chicago were among those identified as victims of the White Island volcano eruption in New Zealand.Berend, 16, and Matthew... Read More

As six people are confirmed dead and 25 critically injured, many are questioning why tourists were allowed on New Zealand’s White Island when it erupted... Read More

The missing American couple, whose families hadn’t heard from after the New Zealand volcano eruption, has been located.Matt and Lauren Urey, two... Read More

The number of deaths from the volcano eruption in New Zealand on Monday may continue to climb as emergency workers have not been able to search on... Read More

Australia’s dangerous and deadly wildfires have been raging by the hundreds for weeks, getting so bad, they started to turn the glaciers in New Zealand... Read More

We get it — even on vacation, it’s nice to have your own private quarters to retreat back to after a long day of exploring, beaching, and sight-seeing.... Read More

The airline introduced its own edible coffee cups for both in-flight and on-ground service to further enhance its sustainability offerings. Though the... Read More

When you arrive at Helena Bay Lodge, a secluded sanctuary on New Zealand’s North Island, plenty of lovely humans will greet you — the resort has a staff... Read More

American Airlines is making 2020 the year for travel to New Zealand.On Monday, the airline announced its plan to launch the only nonstop route between... Read More

“Good girl, Rosie! That’s a good girl,” exclaims my host, Gareth Renowden. The godfather of New Zealand truffles is walking me through his farm,... Read More

As a kid, your summer jobs likely included working at a local ice cream shop, lifeguarding at a nearby beach, or babysitting younger kids in your... Read More

In honor of the 50th anniversary of man landing on the moon, five hosts on Airbnb are offering their lunar-esque homes for only $11 per night.Each of... Read More

You ever get a yen for sushi from your favorite shop? It’s arguably one of the most intense food cravings around. And we believe it’s one craving... Read More

I recently went on a trip to Los Angeles with a friend, and after just one day and night together my voice was starting to give out. We were talking... Read More

After 23 years atop the regional throne, Sydney has been unseated as readers’ favorite city in Oceania. Granted, the capital of New South Wales didn’t... Read More

Traveling to the Antipodes can be like visiting another planet. (The Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed throughout New Zealand, after all.) The rural,... Read More

How many different shades of blue are there in nature? It’s a question you might contemplate as you gaze out at the seas surrounding the best islands in... Read More

Sydney and Melbourne dominated the list of the best hotels in Australia and New Zealand this year — no surprise, as the friendly rivals offer a variety... Read More

A New Zealand family was forced to flee their home this week after a geyser opened up in their yard.Early Tuesday morning, Susan Gedye woke up in her... Read More

Last year, TripAdvisor launched its inaugural “Travelers’ Choice Awards,” which recognizes 375 tours, experiences, and activities around the world. The... Read More

It’s no coincidence that golf courses offer spectacular scenery. Course designers select a locale based in large part on its natural beauty. Then they... Read More

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