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Residents in the suburbs of Australia’s capital Canberra were briefly evacuated on Wednesday as a bushfire broke out near its airport.Police closed... Read More

Australia is expected to get heavy rain this week, but officials say it won’t be enough to tamp down the raging wildfires that have gripped the country... Read More

The New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service airdropped thousands of pounds of carrots and sweet potatoes to hungry wallabies in the outback,... Read More

American and Canadian firefighters were welcomed with cheers at Sydney International Airport this week when they arrived in Australia to help... Read More

As the extreme bushfires in Southern Australia continue, travelers on one flight in the city of Canberra documented a rare and terrifying spectacle... Read More

More than 1,200 miles away, smoke from the Australian wildfires has moved over the Tasman Sea to New Zealand, turning the sky an “eerie” yellow and... Read More

The New Year’s Eve firework display at Sydney Harbour will go ahead as planned, despite a total fire ban and calls for it to be canceled due to... Read More

While some travelers wish to visit busy, bustling cities, others prefer to get away from it all. Those seeking solitude away from the... Read More

The Australian state of New South Wales declared its second state of emergency in two months on Thursday as wildfires approach Sydney. There are more... Read More

The Royal Caribbean cruise ship that was heavily impacted by the volcano that erupted in New Zealand last week arrived back in Sydney on Monday, but not... Read More

Sydney’s skyline disappeared on Tuesday as smoke from nearby bushfires settled in the city and even seeped into buildings, setting off fire alarms.“This... Read More

You’ve slept in wine barrels, in tree forts, and even in a potato. Now, it’s time to sleep in a giant jar of Vegemite thanks to“Inspired by... Read More

Bridges aren’t usually the first thing you think of when choosing where to go on vacation, but these often-overlooked passageways can be architectural... Read More

Following the success of Qantas' non-stop London to Sydney flight, the airline wants to implement “move and stretch” zones to help passengers... Read More

Qantas is proceeding on its epic long-haul flights test.On Thursday, a 19-hour flight from London to Sydney took off from London Heathrow at 6 a.m. It... Read More

I found myself lost in Blue Mountains National Park, and I hadn’t even left my hotel. For the first hour in the Hydro Majestic Hotel, a sumptuous Art... Read More

Since the area was first settled nearly 30,000 years ago, Sydney — Australia’s largest city and the capital of New South Wales — has become a cultural... Read More

Firefighters in Australia are currently battling hundreds of wildfires, with at least nine emergency-level fires, after a “catastrophic” day of no rain.... Read More

Qantas Airlines completed the world’s longest nonstop flight on Sunday, flying 19 hours and 16 minutes from New York to Sydney, Australia.The Australian... Read More

Somewhere over the rainbow is your next dream vacation.You don’t always have to wait for a nice, spring or summer rain in order to get a spectacular... Read More

Would you ever want to sleep in the zoo? It’s actually much comfier than you think.The Taronga Zoo’s Wildlife Retreat will officially open on Oct.... Read More

Tourists are taking extreme measures for the perfect Instagram photo, despite numerous warnings and a deadly accident less than two weeks ago.A 27-year... Read More

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, and her husband Prince William have been all over the place in the last few months. The pair has made official... Read More

After 23 years atop the regional throne, Sydney has been unseated as readers’ favorite city in Oceania. Granted, the capital of New South Wales didn’t... Read More

Sydney and Melbourne dominated the list of the best hotels in Australia and New Zealand this year — no surprise, as the friendly rivals offer a variety... Read More

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