New England Travel Guide

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Visit New England for the region’s sweeping mountain views. Come for the amazing seafood, the history and vibrant nightlife. Stay for the museums, live-shows and the outdoor adventures. As you can tell, New England travel offers a wide-range of amazing experiences that will satisfy nature-lovers, the cultural intelligentsia and foodies alike.

Located in the northeastern corner of the United States, New England includes the states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont and New Hampshire. As one of the oldest settled regions in the country, New England has a rich, storied history and contains two of the nation’s most historic cities, Boston and Providence. Most of the region is thinly populated and maintains an old-world rustic charm.

Things Not to Miss in New England

• Hiking through the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts
 • Lounging on one of the numerous beaches in Cape Cod, Rhode Island’s most popular vacation destination
 • Taking in everything Boston has to offer, including The Boston Symphony Orchestra, world-class museums, live shows, a lively restaurant scene and the Freedom Trail
 • Sampling the region’s delicious cuisine, which includes seafood dishes (lobster in particular), pancakes and locally brewed beer

When to Go to New England

If you are looking to view the region’s famed fall foliage, travel to New England sometime between early September (for the most northern points of the region ) to late November (for the most southern ones). Autumn and fall are the best times to book a trip to New England as winters can be brutally cold, and summers are often uncomfortably hot and humid.

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