Restaurants in New Delhi

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Though New Delhi is a great place to feast on curries, biryani rice dishes, and tandoori barbecue, there are also plenty of places to try out regiona... Read More

Though New Delhi is a great place to feast on curries, biryani rice dishes, and tandoori barbecue, there are also plenty of places to try out regional South Asian cuisines that can be hard to find in restaurants overseas. Don't miss the traditional Kyber Frontier Province dishes at the world-famous Bukhara, or the South Indian specialties at Toddy Shop. New Delhi restaurants often serve Mughlai or Punjabi cuisine. Stuffed flatbread (parathas), kababs, varied versions of fried dough (chaat), and spicy pockets with stuffing (kachauri) are all very popular.

Restaurants in New Delhi vary from expensive to budget-friendly local chains to street food. Staple foods of Indian cuisine in general include rice, millet, beans and lentils, due to the region’s predominantly vegetarian culture. Chicken and mutton are the most common meat dishes; pork and beef are not widely consumed. Indian cuisine is most well-known for its spices and flavorings like chilli pepper powder, black mustard seed, cardamom, cumin, ginger, coriander and garlic. Each culinary region has a distinctive blend of spices. See below for more New Delhi restaurant ideas.

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  • Amour -The Patio Restaurant, Cafe & Bar

    Arguably the most romantic spot in South Delhi's uber-cool Hauz Khas Village, Amour has a lovely terrace with potted palms and great views of the... Read More

  • Big Wong

    Though it's hard not to snicker at a name like Big Wong, stifle your laughter long enough to try the dim sum at this exceptional eatery, which puts most... Read More

  • Bukhara

    Yes, it’s touristy—Bill Clinton ate here, for crying out loud—but even local foodies agree this boisterous hotel restaurant serves Delhi’s finest, most... Read More

  • Chor Bizarre

    This beloved Old Delhi restaurant's decor alone is reason enough to eat here—the walls are bedecked with memorabilia and old photos, and there's a huge... Read More

  • Diva Italian

    One of a number of Delhi restaurants run by celebrity chef and Italian cookery expert Ritu Dalmia, this sleek South Delhi restaurant features a seasonal... Read More

  • Haldiram's

    With branches across the country, this popular vegetarian chain serves Indian sweets and street food in a hygenic, visitor-friendly environment. It's a... Read More

  • Lodi - The Garden Restaurant

    Perched on the edge of Lodhi Gardens, this mostly al fresco restaurant has a diverse menu of European and Indian dishes, including salads, soups—and... Read More

  • Mamagoto

    If you feel like a break from Indian food and the continental cooking that's so popular here, then Mamagoto makes an excellent change of pace. From... Read More

  • Naivedyam

    Although this quiet restaurant in South Delhi's fashionable Hauz Khas Village serves superb South Indian food, it's the ambiance that really sets... Read More

  • The Toddy Shop

    Specializing in the much-feted cuisine of the south Indian state of Kerala, this little restaurant serves up regional specialties ranging from aromatic... Read More

  • United Coffee House

    Ignore the name: the United Coffee House is actually more of a restaurant than a cafe, and serves Indian, Chinese, and continental cuisine. While the... Read More

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