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The most amazing views of Nevada can’t be found on the Las Vegas Strip.According to Only In Your State, Nevada’s 365-mile Death Drive is one of the... Read More

Las Vegas' new slogan is slightly different, but the sentiment still stays true to the city. Since 2003, Las Vegas tourism has been... Read More

You can win big in Las Vegas – even at the airport.According to KLAS-TV, an affiliate of CBS News, a woman from Roseville, California managed to win... Read More

Recently, the color experts at Pantone released their color of the year for 2020. And, once again, the company proved it wants everyone to go sit by the... Read More

Lots of weird stuff happens in Las Vegas, but the new trend of pigeons wearing cowboy hats really takes the cake.In the last few days, visitors and... Read More

The days of “What happens here, stays here” may be numbered in Las Vegas.According to USA Today, the famous tagline for the city of Las Vegas may change... Read More

This isn’t your typical karaoke bar. Now, you can sing your heart out in ultimate luxury.According to Eater, a new, high-end karaoke lounge called Kamu... Read More

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos eloped in Las Vegas 23 years ago, so the talk show host never had a proper bachelorette party — until now.Monday marked... Read More

Part of what makes a big ski trip special is the people you go with. And when you’re going with the whole family, it’s important to make sure that... Read More

How do you make your wedding even more special than you could possibly imagine? Have a music icon crash it.British couple Andrew Aitchison and Sharon... Read More

The rise in plant-based eating has inevitably led to more demand for vegan food tours around the world. From 2014 to 2017, the United States alone saw a... Read More

A small plane that experienced a mechanical problem and was trying to return to the airport crashed in Nevada on Saturday night, killing two people and... Read More

A trip to a national park can make for a great fall vacation. In fact, it makes for a great vacation any time of the year.Of course, if you plan on... Read More

Travelers who visited Las Vegas Boulevard earlier this month may have been exposed to measles, the Southern Nevada Health District warns.A person who... Read More

In what feels like it came straight out of the movie “The Ten Commandments,” swarms of pallid-winged grasshoppers have taken over Las Vegas, bearing... Read More

Anyone who has spent time online knows you shouldn’t feed the trolls. But when it comes to the internet’s planned attempt to storm Area 51, Arby’s says... Read More

The “River of Heaven”, the “Ganges of the Sky”, the “Vía Láctea.” All are names for what we call our home galaxy, the Milky Way. In summer, it’s some... Read More

Unspoiled natural settings, crisp air, and a plethora of outdoor activities were among Travel + Leisure readers’ top considerations when voting for the... Read More

The Las Vegas Strip may be famous for its flashing lights and dazzling attractions, like a volcanic eruption and a Lady Gaga-themed water spectacle. But... Read More

On Thursday, a piece of an airplane dropped out of the sky and landed in a residential neighborhood just outside of Las Vegas, according to KTNV Las... Read More

A woman hiker died in northern California on Friday after slipping and falling off a cliff. Though initial reports claimed she was attempting to take a... Read More

Las Vegas may be located in a landlocked state, but it is Vegas — and somehow that makes it less surprising that it’s home to North America’s only... Read More

Leave it to Vegas to take two great things — in this case, yoga and dolphins — and put them together to create something completely unique. This one-of... Read More

When people from Texas and California come to the northeast, they have one constant, unrelenting refrain: “Can’t get any good tacos up here.”Perhaps... Read More

Trying new foods is an essential part of going on vacation — but, if you’re not careful, it can also be a big money drain.Luckily for hungry travelers,... Read More

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