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Like any new parent, Prince Harry is grateful for any opportunity to catch some z’s.The royal, who celebrates his 35th birthday this month, attended an... Read More

Colorful rows of glittering fairy lights surrounding charming cobblestone streets with small wooden figurines ready to come home in your suitcase — it... Read More

When you think of Amsterdam, romantic canals, mounds of cheese and idyllic windmills that hearken back to a simpler time come to mind.In fact, windmills... Read More

If you’re taking a trip to Europe with kids, don’t just drag them around to the major cities. Spice things up and make a stop at one of the continent’s... Read More

There’s a dairy farm with a herd of 32 cows floating off the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Oh, and robots are helping to work it.The futuristic... Read More

The second heat wave of the summer is bearing down on Europe and is threatening to break records once again.On Tuesday, the French city of Bordeaux... Read More

Airports are often the places where a traveler gets their first impression of a country. Delicious dining options are remembered fondly, for example.... Read More

Many of Europe’s best city hotels have the built-in benefit of centuries’ worth of history. You see it in the lavish design, the white-glove service,... Read More

Amsterdam has already taken steps to attract only “quality tourists” and ban organized tours of the Red Light District. Now, under the leadership of... Read More

Last year, TripAdvisor launched its inaugural “Travelers’ Choice Awards,” which recognizes 375 tours, experiences, and activities around the world. The... Read More

As you head into your fourth decade here on Earth, you're wiser, savvier, and likely equipped with more disposable income. So it's... Read More

Close your eyes and imagine an airplane. Chances are, you’ve visualized a long tube with a tail, two wings and a rounded nose. But that universal image... Read More

When you just can’t decide where to spend your summer vacation — whether it’s a family trip, couples getaway, group of friends, or solo — a cruise might... Read More

Like the slowest traffic lane, the busiest airport is always the one that you’re stuck in. But if you’re flying out of Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta,... Read More

With an area of just 16,412 square miles, the Netherlands is a small country — that's about half the size of the state of South Carolina. Yet somehow,... Read More

Prince Harry may have just welcomed his son, Archie, into the world a few days ago, but that isn't stopping him from traveling.On Wednesday, the new... Read More

Tulip season is in full bloom, and to celebrate, Pulitzer Amsterdam is doing something completely out of the ordinary. The grand property — a collection... Read More

Craving some adventure this summer? The notion of a solo trip might be a bit overwhelming at first, but once you get past the initial fear of traveling... Read More

The culinary world owes a lot to whoever first discovered the magic of mushrooms. Fungus — from everyday cremini to decadent morels — is an undeniable... Read More

Amsterdam is known for its iconic canals, bike culture and museums, but many travelers visit to take advantage of the city’s notoriously lax laws... Read More

A retired Being 747 is taking to the ground for its final journey.On Friday, an aircraft formerly used by KLM Airlines will roll about eight miles from... Read More

A 21-year-old American studying abroad in the Netherlands has allegedly been stabbed to death by her suite-mate, authorities said Friday.Sarah Papenheim... Read More

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are truly the masters of low-key travel. Despite being one of the most famous couples in the world, the duo... Read More

Traveling to Europe and the Caribbean this fall or winter is looking like a bargain.Norwegian Air is having a sale on one-way flights to popular... Read More

Jessica Biel is living her best life on husband Justin Timberlake’s Man of the Woods tour.While in the Netherlands on Friday as a part of the European... Read More

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