2316 12th Ave. S, Nashville, TN 37204, United States | (615) 292-7766
Courtesy of Josephine
Price Range
$$ (Entrees $15 to $30)
Great food, Casual, Popular with locals
12 South

Serving elevated farmhouse fare in a lively yet sophisticated setting, Josephine embodies its parent company Community Hospitality's ethos by encouraging thoughtful interaction and fellowship with a mix of round tables, communal long booths, and an open bar that sits in the center of the dining room as patrons walk in. The best time of the week to experience this philosophy firsthand is on Friday and Saturday nights when Chef Andrew Little puts on his X|X (pronounced 10 by 10) extravaganzas: a 10-course meal plated to perfection and served at a communal table ($85 per person with pairings an additional $40 each). As the name implies, only 10 spots are available per seating, though the kitchen staff allows for weekday dinners for those who have a big enough group and want to partake in this fun, light-hearted, and tasty dining ritual. And even if you can't come with a 10-person entourage, bring a crowd: The selection of small plates (think crispy chicken skin with chili sauce and chives, or scrapple with frisée and a pickle vinaigrette) are perfect for sharing. You can't go wrong with the entrees, either. With options like scallops with black eyed pea salad, pappardelle with lamb and parmesan, and spaetzel with ramps and bacon, there's something to suit every palate.