Things to do in Nantucket

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The island may be known for its breathtaking beaches, but a full trip touches on its other crowning glories. Unlike many seaside towns, Nantucket off... Read More

The island may be known for its breathtaking beaches, but a full trip touches on its other crowning glories. Unlike many seaside towns, Nantucket offers big doses of history, culture, and nature that appeal to both the relaxed traveler and the seasoned adventurer.

Visitors should stop by the island’s Whaling Museum and Atheneum—both give people context for the island’s idiosyncrasies and history. As much as there is to do in town, visitors really need to hop on The Wave (Nantucket’s bus system)—or better yet—rent a bike or car to experience the beauty of the island.

Adventurers can take a 4x4 out to Great Point or bicycle to the far ends of the island (‘Sconset or Madaket) on one of the many bike paths. Nantucketers would recommend that you always bring a towel with you at all times, as a jump in the ocean is never unreasonable when visiting an island.

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  • Albacore Charters

    Nantucket is angler heaven: striped bass, bluefish, cod, fluke, tuna, and even blue sharks all make their home in the cold, deep waters around the... Read More

  • Charter to Tuckernuck and Muskeget

    Tuckernuck is where islanders go to get away from the crowds in summer months. This tiny island to the west of Nantucket boasts secluded beaches and... Read More

  • Great Point Lighthouse and Coatue

    Four-wheeling out on Nantucket's remote, northeastern sand spits (which form the Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge) lets you experience the island's most... Read More

  • Ladies Beach

    Sun and sand lovers have their pick of public beaches on Nantucket—but the different shorelines offer very distinct experiences. Running along the... Read More

  • Loines Observatory

    Nantucket has a long and storied connection to the stars. Because of its distance from the mainland and important contributions to astronomy, the town... Read More

  • Madaket Beach

    Madaket, on the far west coast, is one of the island's most beautiful beaches. The neighborhood offers a relaxed, family-friendly vibe and was once home... Read More

  • Nantucket Atheneum

    Nantucket's Atheneum (the public library) has served the island community for almost 200 years. The former library—which was destroyed in the great fire... Read More

  • Nantucket Island Surf School

    Nantucket's South Shore is ideal for surfing. On most days—even in the winter—you can find a surfer or two in wetsuits braving the waves. Visitors that... Read More

  • Sconset Bluff Walk

    The 'Sconset Bluff Walk (also known as the Cliff Walk) is the most scenic path in Nantucket. It goes from the picturesque village of Siasconset—where... Read More

  • Spa by the Sea at the Wauwinet

    Tucked in between the ocean and the harbor, The Wauwinet is home to this decadent three-room spa. Estheticians and masseuses make use of Amala beauty... Read More

  • Whaling Museum

    Anyone fascinated by Herman Melville's Moby-Dick—or, more recently, Nathaniel Philbrick's In the Heart of the Sea—will find plenty to learn in this... Read More

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