Mykonos Travel Guide

Christos Drazos

Out of the Cyclades, the islands that encircle the sacred island of Delos, Mykonos is perhaps the most famous, renowned for its rolling hills, white beaches and the high-rolling international crowd that vacations there. While visitors who travel to Mykonos are sure to admire the island’s cubist Cycladic architecture – white country chapels dot its hills, creating a scenic vista – Mykonos also provides a good jumping off point for archaeological day trips to nearby islands, most notably Delos. Allow Travel & Leisure’s Mykonos travel guide to direct you towards the best activities, sights and experiences the island has to offer.

Things Not to Miss in Mykonos

• Visiting the Aegean Maritime Museum
 • Lounging on Agios Sostis Beach
 • Wandering through “Little Venice,” Mykonos Town’s historic 18th-century district
 • Taking pictures of the island’s famous windmills that line the coast
 • Visiting the historic Church of Paraportiani
 • Partaking in some of the island’s famous nightlife

When to Go to Mykonos

In summer or high season, the Greek island is packed with rich jet-setters and cruise-ship tourists alike. If you travel to Mykonos during this time, expect high prices, crowded beaches, and a non-stop party atmosphere. Those looking for a more relaxed vacation should visit Mykonos during its off-season. In winter, the glittering throngs are nowhere to be found, and the island becomes a relaxed, tranquil retreat.

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