Mumbai Travel Guide

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Mumbai (also known as Bombay) is the most populous city in India, and one of the largest, most vibrant cities in the world. It’s a city of seven islands on India’s west coast, and home to breathtaking historical landmarks, famous places, rich culture, and much more. Travel to Mumbai and experience a dynamic, modern city.

Mumbai is one of the most visited cities in the world. The Indian capital offers a diverse, cosmopolitan lifestyle with a variety of food, entertainment, and nightlife. Our Mumbai travel guide will tell you where to go and what to do.

Things Not to Miss in Mumbai

• When you travel to Mumbai, be sure to check out the city’s numerous art and history museums.
 • Mumbai is the birthplace of Indian cinema and home of Bollywood. Check out some films while you’re there.
 • A wide variety of Western and Indian festivals offers a chance to eat, drink, and dance. Diwali, Holi, Eid, Christmas, Navratri, Moharram, and Maha Shivratri are all popular festivals that visitors will enjoy experiencing.
 • Beaches are a great attraction in the city. Head to the coast to enjoy swimming and sun.

When to Go to Mumbai

India experiences mild winters, and Mumbai itself rarely gets cold. Most of the year, the weather is hot and humid throughout the day (and night). December through February is cool and dry; the humidity hits from mid-March to mid-June and then again during September and October. The monsoon season is from mid-June through August. The best time to visit Mumbai is from December through February, when it is pleasant outdoors.

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