Mosel River Valley Travel Guide

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Take a journey through one of Germany's most charming regions by planning a trip to the Mosel River Valley. People travel to Mosel River Valley to sample fine wines and visit castles that look like they came straight out of a fairytale. Plan the perfect trip with this Mosel River Valley travel guide. It is easy to craft the perfect itinerary when you visit Mosel River Valley. The region has something for every

traveler, whether you are interested in visiting a tourist town or something off the beaten path.

Things Not to Miss in the Mosel River Valley

• Visit the riverfront promenade in Cochem, the region's main tourist destination.
 • Sample cordial made from tart peaches pound in the Mosel Valley.
 • Take stunning photographs of the region's castles.
 • Relax and rejuvenate your spirit with a trip to Beilstein, which is a short distance from Cochem.
 • Visit a local vineyard to sample a variety of vintages.

When to Got to the Mosel River Valley

If you plan your Mosel River Valley travel for the fall months, you'll get to enjoy the music, food, and dancing of the fall harvest. Wine festivals also run from April through October.

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