Moscow Travel Guide

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Privet, Russia! Whether you were drawn here by the city’s rich cultural heritage, its turbulent political history, its breathtaking performing arts or just the need for some good caviar, Moscow will inspire and confound you. When you travel to Moscow, you travel back in time—to the days of the Tsars of the Russian Empire, to the firebrand communists, to the tortured novelists of the Golden Age of Russian literature. All these ghosts of Moscow’s past still linger in the capital city, making this a fascinating holiday destination. Modern Moscow entices visitors with its flashy wealth—you can see fleets of Lamborghinis tearing down the streets at night—and raucous nightlife. World-class dining and dance clubs draw international jetsetters, financiers, models and fashion plates to perch around shadowed tables of vodka in exclusive clubs. Check out the Travel + Leisure Moscow travel guide for information on where to go and what to see.

Things Not to Miss in Moscow

• Tour the Kremlin and Red Square
 • See a ballet performance at the Bolshoi Theater
 • Take a ride on the Moscow Metro
 • Buy some Soviet memorabilia at the Izmaylovsky Market

When to Go to Moscow

The best time to visit Moscow is during the transitional seasons of fall and spring when the flowers are blooming, or leaves are coloring in the city parks. The long days of summer bring out all-night partiers, but the days can be quite hot. Russia’s infamous winters keep most tourists away during the cold months. Generally there is snow on the ground from March to November, but throw on some furs and knock back a few shots of vodka and you’ll fit right in. Moscow travel over New Year’s Eve can be a real treat with fireworks over the snowy city streets.

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