Things to Do in Morocco

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Across the street from the Majorelle Gardens is a beautiful concept store, carrying merchandise from many of the city’s modern designers. It has a few... Read More

For a nice collection of less expensive but very pretty jewelry from contemporary designers, head to this concept store.  You’ll find pieces laid... Read More

This concept shop is filled with goodies from Morocco’s best contemporary designers.  Look for small homewares, jewelry, fashion and foodstuffs—all... Read More

This supermarket has two locations in Guliez. One is in the basement level of a small mall and somewhat inconspicuous.  The selection is not as... Read More

This club features 18 holes of golf raised to an art form.  Besides a superbly beautiful landscape, Al Maaden’s sculpture park of 12 large-scale... Read More

This is a social enterprise, embedded in a day care and professional training center for the handicapped. The hand-made embroidery created by the women... Read More

Just across from Royal Golf, discover a completely different experience at Amelkis’ 27 holes.  Another “Desert Golf” design—and lacking the trees... Read More

In season 16, Tyra Banks and her entourage of models to visit the Jemma el-Fnaa square and explore the medina’s souks. As is expected from this genre of... Read More

This well-known school in Morocco offers organized trips to nearby Khenifra’s carpet souks and classes on Maghrebi literature and Arabic calligraphy. Read More

If you yawned through the first three suggestions, this one might get your heart racing. With high-quality bikes and an insightful guide along for the... Read More

This is a favorite park in Marrakesh, and also not far from the Koutoubia mosque.  This 20-acre park is well worth a visit to escape the hubbub of... Read More

Searching for caffeine?  I understand.  And you want your java half coffee-half milk? A popular way to drink it in Marrakesh is noos-noos ... Read More

I was once told that, at a Moroccan restaurant, you can tell the number of courses to be served by counting the stacked tablecloths. After each course,... Read More

At these food and juice stalls, you’ll want some important phrases that any kindergartener should know:  please and thank you. When ordering at the... Read More

Known as gifted bargainers, the shop owners in the medina souks have one huge advantage: time. You, on the other hand, are in Marrakech for only a few... Read More

This chic wine store can be found in the new city of Gueliz.  Competition for Nicolas, it offers great wine advice from an educated staff. ... Read More

This Moroccan cooking school offers two courses: “Food and Culture” and “Kitchen Simplissima.” One advantage is that you can ask for whatever main dish... Read More

The shop has a loyal following of travelers who come just for the latest models and colors of its Tod’s-like loafers (most less than $50 a pair). Read More

This new club on the outskirts of Marrakesh has four clay courts, two hard courts, gear for rent and pros for hire—so all you need to bring is your... Read More

Looking to enjoy a stroll through the greener side of Marrakesh? This walk starts from the Menara Gardens and passes the Oliveraie, an olive orchard.... Read More

We often send our own Peacock Pavilions hotel clients to this restaurant and club, with its Moroccan-Lebanese vibe.  The décor is appropriately... Read More

In the late 1800s, the Bahia Palace was built at the pleasure of Ba-Ahmed, a former slave who rose to become the all-powerful Vizier to the Moroccan... Read More

Not acrophobic? Good. How about claustrophobic or agoraphobic? Well, put them all behind and venture off before sunrise when the air is calm and fresh.... Read More

In the evening, my Moroccan friends can often be found at the square listening to storytelling (in Arabic), playing games (involving strength challenges... Read More

This tiny boutique Beldi dresses some of Marrakesh’s most fashionable residents in linen shirts, mandarin-collared cashmere jackets, and... Read More

Nestled deep into the medina, you’ll find the Belghazi Museum, a former 17th-century riad full of carpets, weapons, and wedding chests, some of... Read More

My favorite rug shop in Marrakesh is in the new part of the city.  It’s on the pricey side, but has a truly beautiful selection.  This is... Read More

This is my very favorite building in Marrakesh.  Did I mention it is a Koranic school?  Yes, for more than four centuries the Ben Youssef... Read More

His episode on Marrakech is a visual degustation. You can almost taste the gritty and colorful reality of Marrakesh. The camera goes street-view as you... Read More

Perhaps the most cosmopolitan and grown-up of the Marrakesh options, this is where I go when I want to have a drink. The menu is Asian fusion and the... Read More

Deep within the medina, Boutique Majid stocks historic indigenous furniture and objets d'art (armoires; birdcages) alongside oversize antique Berber... Read More

Ok, so it not a parent’s dream to entertain a kid at the mall. But if you catch that rare rainy day in Marrakesh, a visit to Al Mazar mall might get a... Read More

There are city buses, inter-city buses and private bus lines. As taxi travel is only marginally more expensive for travel within Marrakesh, look to... Read More

Not in a hurry and want travel in style?  Then experience transport by horse drawn carriage, known in French as caleche.  They operate on the... Read More

Just outside of the Jemma el-Fnaa Square you’ll find the horse drawn carriages.  This is a great way to pass an hour in Marrakesh while giving the... Read More

If there’s not enough time for a day in the mountains, try a camel ride next to Menara Park—it’s only a five minute taxi ride from the medina. The... Read More

Don’t be fooled by the chandelier in the entry—you can get a serious workout here. This is a full-service fitness club with a swimming pool, but if you... Read More

One can marvel at the carpets on display here, from the more urban refined Arab rugs with intricate designs to the intriguing Berber carpets adorned... Read More

Part of the French supermarket food chain, Carrefour has a cave with no-frills service. There’s a good selection to choose from.  Don’t expect... Read More

Goods spill out along the seemingly endless miles of rough sidewalk: everything from incredibly inexpensive tin lanterns ready to be repurposed as lamps... Read More

Call them what you will, but if you have an ill, it might be cured with a stop here.  On display are bundled herbs, unidentified bones, snake skins... Read More

The Art Deco cinema was saved by local artists in the community as part of a larger effort to save Tangier's historic buildings. Read More

If you have three days, knock off North Africa’s highest peak (13,671 feet), located in the Toubkal National Park, about an hour from... Read More

The place to go for a traditional Berber rug. Read More

The owners provide Perrier shoppers troll the endless array of carpets, most of them ridiculously underpriced at around $300. Make sure you measure your... Read More

This atmospheric club and restaurant, known simply as “Le Comptoir” by locals, is another Marrakesh institution.  The food is fine but perhaps more... Read More

Visit the Dar Batha Museum to see its impressive collection of pottery, antique instruments, and Fassi embroidery. Read More

Daily Moroccan cooking classes are offered at this boutique hotel. The market tour is a hoot, and there is a great deal of flexibility in terms of what... Read More

The shop is full of exquisite embroidered table linens. Read More

The David Bloch Gallery is dedicated to contemporary art and the space is appropriately open and modern, with an outdoor courtyard.  Artists have... Read More

Come about 6pm, much of the Square begins to transform itself into a large open air food court with picnic tables.  Sellers vie for your attention... Read More

Close to the main square, you can take excursions on a horse-drawn carriage—maybe you’ll take it for a sunset tour, or to amble through Menara Gardens.... Read More

Sign the kids up for lessons at this little surf school. Their instructors, all locals, will be the first link to the country’s culture. Read More

Ahem, long before the juicing craze hit America and Europe, there were the juice sellers on the Jemma el-Fnaa Square.  Fresh squeezed orange juice... Read More

This Moroccan cooking class has a lot of charm, both in terms of the host-chefs, as well as the nice location, a few minutes from the medina. ... Read More

Interested in three days of car racing in Marrakesh? This race is just one round of the World Touring Car Championship but it’s the only one of its kind... Read More

In the heart of the Medina there is a bookshop that has the city’s best collection of books on design and culture.  It’s small but potent! ... Read More

Monkeys, dogs, cats, donkeys, horses, and even a camel—all have been nursed back to health here. You can contribute by making a cash donation, but you... Read More

Otherwise known as the Weaver's Market, feral cats and vendors selling hangers are mixed with vendors who sell to Barneys New York. Read More

Two clay courts with rackets await you at the Four Seasons, whether you are staying here or not. Just call to book a reservation for a game or lesson,... Read More

If you are a photography lover, Gallery 127 is a must-visit in Marrakesh.  Owned and curated by Nathalie Locatelli, the gallery focuses on the... Read More

Established in Marrakesh for nearly a decade, this gallery will appeal to admirers of contemporary art.   Featuring changing exhibitions by... Read More

Moustapha el Yed’s father was one of Morocco’s original traders of coral, amber and silver.  He has maintained his father’s traditions with... Read More

One can relive the grandeur simply by staying in the Selman Hotel in Marrakesh, and if you have a flare for the medieval, you can rent an Arabian horse... Read More

A short drive from Marrakech, there is an impressive fortified kasbah, called Ait Benhaddou. This is where Maximus, played by Russell Crowe, is taken as... Read More

Ever since the Catholic church of Saints-Martyrs was built here, this district has had a flair for the European. Gueliz shows a very different face of... Read More

Down the street from the Majorelle garden, this perfumery uses French technology to make the most vibrant memories of Morocco come alive. They have an... Read More

Kate Winslet stars in the film adaptation of this autobiographical novel. As the characters attempt to adjust to Marrakesh’s culture and people, viewers... Read More

Shop with the city’s fanciest visitors at the swanky La Mamounia Hotel.  After entering through the Mamounia gates (before the hotel itself), you... Read More

Intensité Nomade sells brightly colored caftans by owner Frédérique Birkemeyer, as well as soft leather pants for women, raw-silk... Read More

A veritable institution in Marrakesh, Jad Mahal is one of the city’s first lounges. Located in the Hivernage district, you’ll find belly dancers, fire... Read More

This beautiful garden dates back over 80 years and features an interesting combination of plants and trees.  Located near old watchtowers, the... Read More

Unquestionably Marrakesh’s most fashionable (and glamorous) garden, this jewel of a botanical garden was created by French painter Jacques Majorelle and... Read More

This oasis in the middle of the city invites visitors not only to see its jewel-like garden and wonderful Berber museum, but also its fantastic bookshop... Read More

The American jeweler who goes simply by the name, Jewels, has a tucked away atelier in an old Marrakesh riad.   Jewels’ pieces integrate... Read More

This British-born jeweler has been designing jewelry for 20+ years, and works primarily in silver with semi-precious stones.  She often draws on... Read More

The stunning Bab Agnaou entrance welcomes you to the Kasbah just like it did for courtiers in centuries past. Here, the essence of Marrakesh remains... Read More

With a shop in Sidi Ghanem as well as one in the Medina, Keros offers a wide range personal fragrances and scents for the home. Many hotels and stores... Read More

With a store in the medina as well as in the Mamounia Hotel, Khalid has Marrakesh’s largest collection of original, antique Moroccan jewelry.  Many... Read More

KIS (Keep It Secret) is a hidden boutique on the upper story of a tiny medina house that carries more caftans, as well as jewelry and gorgeous bags... Read More

French designer Laurence Landon brings Art Deco chic to Moroccan craftsmanship.  Her showroom is awash in glamorous beveled glass light fixtures... Read More

The legendary restaurant at La Maison Arabe offers somewhat formulaic cooking workshops, but they're good for the home cook who wants a light... Read More

With a day pass (for about $50) you can get a workout at the fitness center of one of Marrakesh’s most famous hotels, set in incredible gardens. ... Read More

If you are nature lovers as well as lovers, you’ll appreciate the simplistic charm of this resort with nomadic tents and authentic food, located just... Read More

This is another supermarket food chain with a variety of wine, beer and spirits in the Hivernage neighborhood.  It’s conveniently located nearer... Read More

After a hectic day exploring the souks, it’s nice to take a breather in this small park right by the famous Koutoubia mosque.  It’s a small-ish,... Read More

Years as agent: 15. Other specialty: France. Consulting fee: Varies. Read More

Ooh-la-la. You can take your pick here from spinning, weights, yoga, pilates, cardio and a pool. You can also get an early start during the week, with... Read More

A great market for babouche slippers. Read More

In the Hivernage neighborhood of Marrakesh’s new city, this large hotel has only one court— but it does have rackets, balls and an available coach ... Read More

This lovely hammam, or public bath, makes for an unforgettable date—whether you want private spa treatments or just a luxurious soak. Located at the... Read More

The store is brimming with everything from jewelry to furniture. Read More

Ethno-botanist Abderrazzak Benchabane was responsible for restoring Marrakesh’s most fashionable green space, the Majorelle Garden.  Inspired and... Read More

A market of straw furniture and baskets; custom orders welcome. Read More

This is one of the oldest and biggest bookstores in Marrakesh. Since 1965 it has offered a wide array of books, from novels and biographies, to design... Read More

This dinner club is home to the Red City’s almost-burlesque dancers, suitably known as the Ooh-La-La girls (I’m not kidding). These very sexy (and dare... Read More

Located in the Gueliz, L’Orientaliste is a destination for home goods.  However, savvy locals make a beeline there for their covetable range of... Read More

I’d spend all my money here if I could.  This shop has a curated and gorgeous collection of furniture, objects and linens with a stylish colonial... Read More

La Maison de la Photographie is one of my very favorite spots in Marrakesh.  This gallery in a courtyard mansion in the old city features dozens of... Read More

If you can go to only one shop in Sidi Ghanem, make it Maison Fenyadi.  This spacious two-story shop unites the brands Amira Bougie (chic candles),... Read More

Unquestionably Marrakesh’s most fashionable (and glamorous garden), this jewel of a botanical garden in named after the French painter Jacques Majorelle... Read More

Once you’ve wandered through this tiny but sublime botanical garden, head for its gift shop.  Inside you’ll find chic hammered teapots, luxe... Read More

Even if you are not staying at this legendary hotel, a day pass (for about $50) will let you play some tennis and then wander the resort’s beautifully... Read More

In the heart of Marrakesh’s new city, Gueliz, this huge gym and spa has treadmills, recumbent bikes, stair climbers and a 20-meter pool. You can also... Read More

Taking place every two years, and spearheaded by Vanessa Branson (of the overly DNA endowed Branson family), this event brings artists from all over the... Read More

This is one of the most important film festivals in Africa, with a jury made up of international actors and personalities, including the likes of Martin... Read More

Anyone who wants to see the best of what Morocco has to offer shouldn’t miss this traditional festival with its Berber music, folk dancers and street... Read More

This two-story gallery space carries some of Morocco’s most famous names in contemporary art, including Mahi Binebine, Farid Belkahia and Hassan El... Read More

If your date loves history or design, head over to my favorite spot in the city, this college whose main buildings date back to the 14th century. ... Read More

The medina is the frenetic heart of Marrakesh. A UNESCO world heritage site, this is the biggest ancient market in all of North Africa.  A stroll... Read More

While there are oodles of things made of metal to buy in this souk, Moroccan lanterns take center stage—from basic ones made from tin, to ornate... Read More

As I write, Tom Cruise is staying at the uber-posh Selman hotel and filming has already begun for his fifth Mission Impossible movie.  We can only... Read More

This long avenue stretches from the Koutoubia mosque—a beautiful and ancient minaret—through the new city of Marrakesh, with its many modern stores and... Read More

One of Guéliz’s newest boutiques, Moor, is the creation of Yann Dobry (who also owns the stylish little shop Akbar Delights, in the medina)... Read More

This oh-so-stylish boutique features sublime and not-cheap tunics with hand beading and hand embroidery, designed by Frenchie Yan Dobry.  The tiny... Read More

There are multiple tours to choose from with this biking company—from an easy half day outing to a no-holds-barred advanced excursion. All mountain... Read More

In this shop, you’ll find a generous assortment of perfumes, oils, and hair products.  You’ll also find a variety of goodies to create your own... Read More

Located in the Hivernage area, this wine store was founded in France in 1822.  So it’s got the wine chops to know its stuff.  You’ll find it... Read More

This atelier features perhaps Marrakesh’s most elegant (and interesting) weaving.  Products include handwoven wall hangings, curtains, poufs,... Read More

From March-October, the Oasiria water park is sure to please young and old. There are slides, a lagoon ride, wave pool and kiddies’ water area with mini... Read More

Starting as a small grassroots project in Marrakesh, this orphanage has now spread to five other locations in Morocco, thanks to dedicated volunteers... Read More

Keep your slice or hook in check—or bring lots of extra balls—if you’re playing here, as there are 11 lakes on the 27 holes. Designed by Trent Jones, Sr... Read More

Place Vendôme carries top-quality Moroccan leather goods, from $10 men’s wallets to $200 jackets. Read More

Marrakesh has a new modern airport and it is doubling in size as this is written. Unless you’re travelling to the very southern parts, Moroccan trains... Read More

This is the charity that I established two years ago to provide underprivileged Moroccan girls with art and sports activities on a weekly basis. ... Read More

You can take it slow—or you can take it fast! Quading through the country side around Marrakesh is such a blast and a particular favorite of the teenage... Read More

Marrakesh’s funkiest gallery-teahouse-shop, Riad Yima is the brainchild of photographer Hassan Hajaj, sometimes referred to as Morocco’s Andy Warhol.... Read More

This golf course, commissioned by the Pasha of Marrakech, opened in 1933, making it the oldest golf course in Morocco. Churchill and Eisenhower have... Read More

With nine courts and one stadium court, this tennis club in the heart of Gueliz is the oldest and largest tennis club in Marrakesh. The royal vibe... Read More

This street offers many charming windows into the past, as well as plenty of chic shops—from fashion to antiques and jewelry. You can peer into several... Read More

The Kasbah conjures up a whole panorama of dangerously romantic images. This street runs north to south, starting from the Saddian tombs, and is a great... Read More

One of the main arteries coursing through the medina is the rue Semmarine, and you’ll likely find yourself here. This is the essence of the frenetic... Read More

The Saadian tombs are some pretty chic burial grounds, alright.  Remnants of the Saadian dynasty that used to rule Marrakesh, Sultan Ahmed al... Read More

Villas and townhomes surround this 18-hole, 6,800-meter, par-72 course.  This is a “Desert Golf” design; fairways and several feet of ... Read More

This elegant French-run shop offers spendy (but gorgeous) soft homewares.  Check out the throws and placemats with hand-embroidered trims, pretty... Read More

Though the story takes place in Abu Dhabi, this film was almost entirely shot in Morocco. Despite the film’s iffy reception, you can’t help but enjoy... Read More

Need a breather from the old world clamor of the medina? The industrial zone is where some of Marrakesh’s chicest designers have their ateliers. ... Read More

Skiing in Marrakesh? Almost—you can ski just 90 minutes from the city at Oukaimeden. There is no man-made snow or grooming of the slopes, but there is a... Read More

Perhaps the very prettiest souk in Marrakesh, here you’ll find walls of traditional Moroccan leather slippers called babouches. There is incredible... Read More

Run by Gemma, a passionate expat, this is a very fun Moroccan cooking-lesson option. You’ll spend one pleasurable hour wandering the medina and... Read More

Let’s not turn our back on our animal companions, either. SPANA is a non-profit charity devoted to the welfare of the country’s animals by educating the... Read More

The spice souk’s square is a sight in itself, with spices heaped into astonishing large cones making for a colorful display like no other. Here you can... Read More

For all you music lovers, this festival is for you. Featuring local and foreign musicians with varying styles, this event lasts five days with venues... Read More

There are two types of taxis in Morocco: the petite taxi and the grand taxi.  The petite taxi charges by meter, is limited to the urban zone and... Read More

In Tahannaout, 45 minutes away from Marrakesh, is the adventure park, Terre d’Amanar.  There are plenty of zip lines and a suspension bridge... Read More

The 700 acres that makes up the Agdal Gardens are fit for their royal owners.  Adjacent to the Royal Palace, these gardens include numerous types... Read More

Marrakech is a challenge in a total of eight episodes in Seasons 3, 10, and 25 of the Amazing Race. You get a feel of the city and experience the... Read More

Alfred Hitchcock’s spy thriller opens in the heart of Marrakesh, the Jemaa el Fna, teaming with snake charmers, food stalls, and storytellers. Here,... Read More

The Old Jewish Quarter is housed within the medina.  You can admire the souks and the Alzama Synagogue in the central courtyard while enjoying a... Read More

The Mellah, or Jewish quarter, is not a souk per se but a distinct district in the medina. In addition to the area’s historical importance, you’ll find... Read More

The French designer behind this fashion atelier favors fun designs made with patterned African wax cloth and deconstructed vintage furs.  You’d... Read More

Reliable, frequent and clean, trains are great way to get from city to city, but they don’t go further south than Safi and do not cross the mountains.... Read More

America’s new geopolitical drama draws its headiness from the souks, it opulence from the palaces, and its starkness from the slums. This rich texture... Read More

Not just the stuff of storybooks but real—you’ll find the snake charmers charming their cobras and showing off their pythons at various spots on the... Read More

It’s standard etiquette to bark out your destination when entering a taxi in New York City, but Marrakesh has some civility, you know. People greet each... Read More

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