Negronis with old men playing dominoes in a corner? Molecular cocktails served in a contraption straight out of a sci-fi movie? Artisanal gin accompa... Read More

Negronis with old men playing dominoes in a corner? Molecular cocktails served in a contraption straight out of a sci-fi movie? Artisanal gin accompanied by new-wave creative cuisine? Whatever your tipple or your scene, the happening Milan nightlife guarantees you’ll find it here.

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  • Bar Basso

    Quirky old locals playing cards mix with hipsters and tourists in two rooms that still trumpet their original 1960s decor. Bar Basso has had its ups and... Read More

  • Bar Magenta

    In operation for more than 100 years, the wood-paneled walls and rustic tables almost give this traditional bar-bistro the feel of an English pub (with... Read More

  • Camparino in Galleria

    Located in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the Camparino is obviously touristy, but still worth a visit to see the elegant, high-ceilinged bar and... Read More

  • Carlo e Camilla in Segheria

    A huge industrial space ("segheria" means sawmill) left raw but adorned with crystal chandeliers, long wooden communal tables, and designer chairs, the... Read More

  • Ceresio 7

    On the rooftop of their headquarters, fashion's bad boys Dean and Dan Caten of Dsquared2 have opened a glamorous hybrid restaurant/bar/outdoor pool that... Read More

  • Dry Cocktails & Pizza

    At this hopping hot spot, barman Giuglielmo Miriello puts a unique spin on vintage drinks, as well as new creations like the Hellfire, a sort of spicy... Read More

  • H Club Diana

    A trendy lounge and private garden popular with hotel guests and locals, especially during fashion week. Food is served all day long with the weekend... Read More

  • Le Cantine Isola

    Located on a pedestrian street in Chinatown, Le Cantine Isole is a small wine store and gathering spot that will give you a taste of old Milan. It's... Read More

  • Magazzini Generali

    This converted warehouse with a long bar hosts mid-level musical acts (TV on the Radio, Kaiser Chiefs, Tegan & Sara, Major Lazer) and international... Read More

  • Mono

    A tiny retro bar with a relaxed attitude. Stop by for the generous aperitivo, or on weekend nights, when the boys listen to the vaguely new wave music,... Read More

  • N'Ombra di Vin

    In an historic space once frequented by Napoleon's soldiers and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, N'Ombra di Vin began in 1973 as a wine shop focusing on French... Read More

  • Nottingham Forest

    Regularly cited among the best bars in the world, Nottingham Forest serves molecular cocktails that seem like a high school chemistry class gone very... Read More

  • Radetsky Cafe

    A point of reference for almost 30 years, fashionable Milanese still flock to Radetsky at brunch or aperitivo time. The corner space is light and airy,... Read More

  • Roïalto

    A popular meeting point for well-heeled locals for 20 years, Roïalto is most well-known for its aperitivo. Instead of the usual buffet bar, various food... Read More

  • The Blue Note

    The Italian branch of the famous New York nightclub, presenting regular live jazz and blues performances. Sight lines here are better than the NYC... Read More

  • The Botanical Club

    A small-batch distillery with an excellent kitchen, The Botanical Club has one of the largest selections of gin in Milano. If you don't want to get your... Read More

  • Vinoir

    More than just an enoteca, this small store embodies the passion of its owners, Maddalena and Gianluca, to create an environment truly dedicated to wine... Read More

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