Miami Travel Guide

Miami Travel Guide

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From the Art Deco-lined shores of Miami Beach to the couture-filled streets of the Design District, Miami is a city that manages to simultaneously pa... Read More

From the Art Deco-lined shores of Miami Beach to the couture-filled streets of the Design District, Miami is a city that manages to simultaneously pay tribute to its storied past and to remain on the cutting edge of what’s next. A playground for the world’s trendsetters for nearly a century, they don’t call it Magic City for nothing, and T+L’s Miami travel guide has the scoop on just where to dig up that glamour.

Its reputation for warm tropical weather, exquisite beachfront properties, and the atmosphere of sceney South Beach make Miami the winter getaway of choice for thousands of Americans each year. A Miami trip can offer the country’s best snorkeling and scuba diving, with colorful views of marine life and coral reefs, as well as lush tropical vegetation in neighborhoods like Coconut Grove, as well as the prominent Latin American influence on the city’s culture and cuisine.

Visit Miami between March and May for the best temperatures. While much of the United States will still be shaking off the cold weather in March, it’s a prime time for Miami travel, because it’s warm but not swampy. Warm weather year-round, however, means you can plan a trip in any season; travelers looking for deals on hotels might want to consider visiting in the middle of summer—if the sweltering, humid summer heat and occasional thundershowers aren’t an issue.

Summer happy hours—plus Miami Spa Month (July and August) and Miami Space (August and September)—ensure a plethora of activities at wallet-friendly prices. While many people think of “Miami” and “Miami Beach” interchangeably, they’re two completely different cities—albeit linked by a series of causeways. As the city has grown up, its cultural centers have sprouted beyond South Beach. It’s worth the taxi fare to spend a day or evening in Miami proper (if you’re not already staying there).

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Visit Miami

Best Time To Visit

January through April is Miami’s high season, as the regular influx of tourists prove. But budget-friendly (and crowd-wary) travelers are discovering the joys of the city’s quieter summer months, namely June through September. While it’s part of the so-called hurricane belt, making it vulnerable to inclement weather from June through November, as long as the sun is shining, Miami is open for business.

Miami Transportation

Miamians love their cars, and if you’re not renting a car, opt for taxi or car service. The Miami-Dade Transit system offers 800 Metrobuses that cost $2.25 per trip; the Metromover is free, electrically powered, and loops around Downtown and Brickell neighborhoods.

Miami Weather

July is the hottest month, with an average high of 88°F (28°C). January is the coolest month, with an average temperature of 68°F (20°C).

Know Before Visiting

Travelers who are not put off by the idea of humidity should visit June through November, when the best hotels are offering major deals and getting a table at the most popular restaurants and clubs is a snap.




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