Things to Do in Mexico

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Between the international pier and Punta Langosta, this good-looking bar (with a crowd to match) sits right on the waterfront and is named for the... Read More

At this street wear-oriented store in Colonia Roma, most of the funky dresses, handbags, sweaters and shoes are limited edition pieces, and you’ll also... Read More

Connecting the airport’s two terminals, the Aerotrén, which runs on elevated tracks, is the first such train in Latin America. It is speedy... Read More

Get your fix of Mayan criollo chocolate—bitter and complex, with hints of fruit, smoke, and vanilla, a “food of the gods” that’s... Read More

This tiny beach town has earned fame as the perfect spot for snorkeling with sea turtles! Have lunch with an ocean view at Lol-Ha restaurant (calamari... Read More

Every year, thousands of excited kids (and let’s face it, excited parents, too) brave the cold and the crowds to hang out with Santa at this park in the... Read More

Historian Albert Coffee offers tours of the Cañada de la Virgen, a partially restored pyramid that's the most important pre-Hispanic site discovered in... Read More

Inspired by her home country, by stories, movies and books, this playful designer creates pieces that explore the girl vs. woman duality that all modern... Read More

Run by a group of Playa del Carmen adventurers dedicated to sustainable tourism, this company works with Mayan communities to preserve their heritage.... Read More

Snap up beach reads, bestsellers, classics, tomes on Maya culture, and local guidebooks and maps—the largest selection of (mostly used) English... Read More

Bargoers here, a short taxi ride from Mexico’s Playa del Carmen, descend by candle-lined stairs into a subterranean lounge, trying to recall the... Read More

Founded by a team that includes actors Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna, this documentary film festival tours the country for three months every year.... Read More

Divers shouldn’t miss an excursion to see the first phase of artist Jason de Caires Taylor’s underwater sculptures series, a collection of... Read More

Tula, Hidalgo, is just an hour away from the city, and is home to the main archaeological site from the Toltec culture. Explore the temple of... Read More

Divers touring this reef can expect to find everything from endangered turtles to barracudas and elusive sharks. Located near the island of Isla Mujeres... Read More

The spectacular building, remodeled in the ‘80s by Teodoro González de León and Abraham Zabludovsky, has hosted countless of the city’s biggest shows,... Read More

The heart of Cancun recently got a facelift: Downtown Cancun’s main street, Avenida Tulum, was upgraded to feature wide pedestrian paths on either side,... Read More

This is one of downtown’s most famous streets. Yaxchilan is a small avenue in the heart of town, lined with traditional Cancun restaurants and bars.... Read More

Located in San José del Cabo’s historic district is the Baja Brewing Company, which kicked off an artisanal craft beer craze here back in 2007. (Two... Read More

To get to Espíritu Santo, sign up for a one- to five-day cruise. There are no hotels, but travelers can sleep in the small vessel’s eight... Read More

Technically, there are two basilicas in Plaza de las Américas: the first one, built between the 16th and 18th centuries near Tepeyac Hill, where a young... Read More

The spot to pick up local produce and blocks of Oaxaca’s famous cheese. Adventurous diners shouldn’t miss the food stalls in the meat market... Read More

Bici Burro is the premier mountain bike store in San Miguel and its owner, Alberto Martinez, leads fantastic bike tours throughout the countryside. His... Read More

Whenever I go to Blue Gecko, I always see tourists of all ages having a great time, from college students to retirees. This bar is known for its awesome... Read More

The Blue Parrot dates to 1984, making the club one of Playa del Carmen’s elder statesmen. What started as a casual hotel and bar now includes the... Read More

With more than 1,600 acres, this is the largest park in Latin America, and is divided into three sections: the first one is culture-oriented (with five... Read More

It is often compared to New York's Central Park, but at more than 1,600 acres, Mexico City's Bosque Chapultepec is double in size and, some would argue,... Read More

Ever dreamt of swimming with a dolphin? Cabo Adventures is the place that can make it happen, along with scuba diving, zip lining, and snorkeling trips.... Read More

“Fish on!” is what you will be yelling during a Cabo Magic Sportfishing charter. With over 40 years of fishing experience, the captain and crew will... Read More

Get your clubs and and tees ready for Cabo Real Golf Club, a championship course designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr. It opened in 1994 and only two years... Read More

This coffee shop-meets-bookstore has six locations around the city, but the one in Polanco is particularly welcoming. Located inside a cool, bi-level... Read More

Located at La Isla Shopping Village, this small aquarium lets you see some of the area’s most fascinating marine life up close. While parents browse the... Read More

While it may sound cheesy, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve taken this entertaining tour on a number of occasions. Captain Hook is Cancun’s most... Read More

Mexico’s fascinating indigenous cultures have a huge influence in this designer’s modern collections, which usually feature traditional patterns and... Read More

Carlos Place is a lively hotel bar that offers views of the airport runways. It has a full bar and a superb selection of Mexican beer and tequilas, plus... Read More

This popular chain restaurant offers tourists a way to experience the wild excitement of Party Center without going too crazy. Grab a late dinner at... Read More

Run by esteemed winemaker Hugo D’Acosta, who trained in Bordeaux. Read More

There are very few tequilas in the league of Casa Dragones joven, very likely the best sipping tequila made. It is the pronounced favorite of world... Read More

Artists Miguel Ruíz and his Belgian wife, Helene van der Heiden, opened the art gallery and craft shop in Old Town. Inside, Michoacán... Read More

The tequila makers arrange to take visitors through the entire process, from harvest to bottling. Read More

Don't miss Cuban music on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Casa Lamm, a cultural institution in a 1913 mansion. Read More

It took nearly 300 years to build this cathedral, the largest Latin America, and the styles of those periods between the 16th and 19th century... Read More

From the group behind the Mexico City–based indie fashion magazine of the same name, the store opened in October 2010 in a renovated 1940’s... Read More

Enter the underground rivers and caves of the Yucatan Peninsula through a cenote— a natural spring found only in this part of the world. Cenote Dos Ojos... Read More

Many cenotes—sinkholes in the subterranean rivers that riddle the Yucatán—are either limited to divers or overrun with crowds, but... Read More

A stroll through the Central de Abastos, the city’s oldest open-air market, is like a journey through the encyclopedic contributions that Mexico... Read More

Unique to Mexico and Buenos Aires and an unbeatable alternative to airline clubs, the Centurion Clubs are open to Gold, Platinum, and Centurion American... Read More

The Casa de las Ranas and the Chapel of Jimmy Ray are the fanciful, psychedelic creations of the eccentric artist Anado McLaughlin and his husband... Read More

For vintage Luis Barragán chairs and other Modernist Mexican furniture. Read More

One of the most powerful cities of the Mayan civilization is now a history-packed tourist attraction. Most people know Chichen Itza for its central El... Read More

By far the most famous Mayan ruins in Mexico, Chichen Itza is a popular day trip for travelers staying in Cancun. The main highlight is the famous El... Read More

Once the most powerful Mayan city-state in the northeastern Yucatán, this 26-square-mile site, crisscrossed by raised limestone roads is called sacbéob... Read More

Once the most powerful Mayan city-state in the northeastern Yucatán, this 26-square-mile site, crisscrossed by raised limestone roads called sacb... Read More

The Mayan city of Coba is situated around two lagoons in the heart of the jungle. This site features ancient temples that you can climb, strung together... Read More

Less than three hours from Cancun, the ancient Mayan city of Coba is built around two lagoons. Adventurous travelers fall in love with Coba for its... Read More

If you only choose one nightclub during your vacation, make sure it’s Coco Bongo. Cancun’s best and most famous nightclub is known for an over-the-top... Read More

Coco Bongo is the city’s most famous nightclub, so make this stop the final one on your list. A high cover price is worth its weight in pesos: guests... Read More

Equal parts disco, Vegas revue, and Cirque du Soleil, this coliseum-size dance club holds 3,000 revelers in vertiginous multilevel seating with an eerie... Read More

On an unassuming side street, this little shop run by two sisters—owner Beatriz Urtuzuastegui and Victoria Lemus, the attentive but unobtrusive... Read More

Housed inside a stunning house from the 1940s across the street from Polanco’s Parque Lincoln, this concept store features a lineup of young, creative... Read More

Even with a 1,800-person capacity, this open-air club is packed with people every single night! Live bands (rock and roll; salsa), a cheap open bar, and... Read More

For one weekend every fall, the massive Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez becomes the place to be for music fans from all over the country. Performers like... Read More

Twice a year (spring and fall), this culture fest takes over public spaces in two of the city’s hippest neighborhoods, promoting responsible and eco... Read More

With only 16 villas around Puerto Vallarta, the agency can deliver a very high level of personal attention, crafting excursions that could include... Read More

This culture-packed tour along the city’s Southern area will take you to the canals of Xochimilco, which you will sail aboard a traditional trajinera, a... Read More

Humble shop selling local cheese, wine, honey, olives, and jams. Read More

Tangle with a snake, feed a peccary, walk through a crocodile den, and be accosted by an affectionate spider monkey at this 150-acre nature reserve,... Read More

Learn all about local wildlife on a guided tour at Crococun. At this one-of-a-kind zoo, kids and adults can pet, hold, and feed some of the area’s most... Read More

New students are admitted every Monday. Classes run for 50 minutes, with 10-minute breaks in between. In the virtually unvarying Cuernavacan sunlight,... Read More

Located in the city’s Southern neighborhood of Tlalpan, the name of this site means “place of songs” in Náhuatl. It features monuments such as the... Read More

An enormous disco ball and pole-dancing platforms set the stage for this laser-lit disco. The iconic Cancun hotspot hosts some of the destination’s best... Read More

Dady’O in the Party Center area guarantees a wild night out. This electrifying venue has thrilling Spring Break celebrations every year with beach body... Read More

This huge, multi-level party boat embarks on its trip from the Cancun Hotel Zone. Their full-day tour includes visits to amazing nearby attractions such... Read More

This national park is a mere 20 minutes away from Santa Fe, yet with more than 4,600 acres of forest, it feels like it’s much further away. Take a tour... Read More

Cozumel's new "culture park" provides an intriguing window into the Mexican Republic. In the screening room of the eye-catching modern building, you can... Read More

Where It Is: On the western edge of the Sea of Cortez, halfway down the Baja Peninsula, the town of Santa Rosalia is known as a base for divers in... Read More

With the world’s second largest barrier reef located just off the coast of the Hotel Zone, Cancun has spectacular diving opportunities. Choose from a... Read More

Where It Is: At the northern end of the Espiritu Santos islands, a group of islands dotting the waters in the Bay of La Paz, Los Islotes is a pair... Read More

Where It Is: The limestone bedrock that underlies Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula is pocked with freshwater-filled sinkholes called cenotes. For... Read More

A private residence with a 1955 mosaic mural by Diego Rivera, who once lived there. Read More

With its passionate guides and open-ocean enclosures, Dolphin Discovery is the best of several companies in Mexico offering swims with dolphins. Under a... Read More

Even visitors who consider themselves fluent in both the Spanish language and in Mexican food might find themselves scratching their heads when they sit... Read More

These climbable ruins are nestled in the jungles of Yucatan state, about two hours west of Cancun. The site has several large structures including a... Read More

One thing not to miss in Los Cabos is El Arco, a natural arch rock formation at the tip of the Baja Peninsula. To visit the iconic spot where sea lions... Read More

Located in the lovely Plaza San Jacinto, this indoor market is focused on promoting authentic, high-quality Mexican crafts. After browsing the stands... Read More

This 18-hole par 72-course is nestled within a luxury resort complex in the heart of the Riviera Maya, less than an hour south of Cancun. The Audubon... Read More

Modest compared with those on the Yucatán peninsula, Cozumel's Mayan ruins are still distinct. San Gervasio, in the interior, was occupied by the... Read More

Shop for handicrafts from San Miguel de Allende at this colorful spot. Read More

This ecological preserve and botanical garden—the largest of its kind in Mexico—is home to hundreds of rare and endangered species, cacti, and... Read More

Most Cancun vacationers never hear about this ancient Mayan city, even though it’s right under their nose. Located within the Cancun Hotel Zone, El Rey... Read More

The original location of this bookstore opened in a basement in the 1960s—hence the name—but was destroyed in the 1985 earthquake, so this branch has... Read More

The tequila makers will arrange to take visitors through the entire process, from harvest to bottling. Read More

Exhibits documenting science (flora, fauna, and ecosystems throughout Mexico), technology, and Mexican aviation history (where you learn that Charles... Read More

These makers will arrange to take visitors through the entire process, from harvest to bottling. Read More

Another major Mexican publishing house, Fondo de Cultura Económica has several bookstores in the country, but the sleek space in Colonia Condesa is a... Read More

Each year during the month of November the city organizes the Art Festival, where important local, national and international ... Read More

Celebrate the city’s historic downtown at this yearly party, which showcases all sorts of cultural expressions, from dance and opera to visual arts and... Read More

This spa has a full range of treatments from mani-pedis to facials, massages, waxing, body wraps, micro-dermabrasion, chocolate body scrubs, and more.... Read More

Flyboarding is one of the newest and craziest water sports, and is now offered by several Cancun tour companies. Head to the ocean or lagoon for an... Read More

Get a bird's-eye view of Valle's pine forests and mountains with a paragliding lesson from FlyMexico. You'll leap off the 7,300-foot-high Peñ... Read More

One of Mexico’s leading intellectual publishers, Fondo de Cultura Económica, has two shops at the airport (each with its own name) with a... Read More

Contemporary art is the main focus at this Colonia Juárez gallery, where the eclectic list of artists includes sculptors such as  Korea’s Lee... Read More

In the heart of Polanco, this gallery boasts two exhibit levels plus two sculpture courtyards. Among the artists, you may recognize names such as... Read More

Located in an art-packed area of Polanco (near the Jumex and Soumaya museums), this Spain-based gallery represents renowned artists such as Ferrán... Read More

A frequent presence in fairs like Art Bogotá, Art Basel and Zona MACO, this gallery represents some of the best artists in Mexico, such as Gabriel de la... Read More

Known by many for its clever ad campaigns, this bookstore chain also has several locations all over the country, ans many of them include a café. The... Read More

Here, a beautiful sensations pool (featuring bubble geysers and cascades) overlooks the lagoon, and is the centerpiece of the immense, 40,0000 square... Read More

This design shop-meets-barbershop offers one-of-a-kind items for men and women (plus creative haircuts). Expect everything from vintage shoes and old... Read More

Tulum is full of cenotes—natural pools where you can go swimming, often with caves. The Grand Cenote is one of the most well-known, because it’s great... Read More

Parties of epic proportion spring up on the grounds of this large, all-inclusive beach resort in the Cancun Hotel Zone. Themed festival’s are a... Read More

Just because they’re in the big city doesn’t mean your kids can’t enjoy some country-style fun. At this sprawling “farm,” they can learn about... Read More

The spa at this stunning beach resort offers a number of Mayan wellbeing treatments utilizing a blend of traditional plants and herbs, but the highlight... Read More

A mix of guided jungle and water activities are offered at this park in an up-close, jungle environment. Water activities are focused on snorkeling and... Read More

This nature park is good for jungle zip lines and exploring caves. It’s ideal for travelers who want to see some of the region’s famous cenotes, or... Read More

From June through August, Holbox is one of the few places in the world where you can swim alongside harmless whale sharks—the largest known fish... Read More

These makers will arrange to take visitors through the entire process, from harvest to bottling. Read More

Considered by many to be one of the prettiest places in the country, this quaint Hidalgo town invites you to walk along its cobblestone streets and... Read More

This stunning 18-hole par 72-course sits between the Nichupte Lagoon and El Rey Mayan ruins in the Cancun Hotel Zone. Enjoy a game surrounded by... Read More

With its tranquil tree-lined garden, this lovely, peach-colored church sits in the heart of San Angel and was built by Dominican priests in the 16th and... Read More

When visiting the charming Coyoacán neighborhood, this church is a must-see. It was one of the first temples built after the Spanish arrived, but its... Read More

Explore local markets with a chef to create authentic meals. Read More

Only a handful of tour companies have permits to take visitors to this secluded Caribbean island, allowing only 200 people a day onto Isla Contoy’s... Read More

This small, Caribbean island is only a 20-minute ferry ride from Cancun. Upon arrival, rent a golf cart for the day to tour the island and visit the... Read More

This 17-room luxury spa boasts an extensive menu of Mayan-inspired services. Experience treatments using traditional Mayan elixirs such as balche and... Read More

This spa, housed at the Ritz-Carlton Cancun, is named after the Mayan phrase, to be reborn. In addition to its relaxation gardens, infusion baths and... Read More

You’ve brought the kids to Mexico City; now let them explore a whole metropolis of their own. In this indoor mega-playground, little ones get to try out... Read More

Mexican artists including Gabriel Orozco Read More

Located in the up-and-coming neighborhood of San Miguel Chapultepec, Mónica Manzutto and José Kuri’s space has become one of the most relevant galleries... Read More

A 20-foot-high natural marine geyser. Read More

With the impressive amount of folk art and crafts available at this market, it’s as if you’d taken a trip across the entire country–and all you have to... Read More

It's worth a trek up the hill to see the toys owner Angelica Tijerina has collected over the last fifty years. Focused primarily on the preservation and... Read More

La Gruta—the Grotto—is aptly named. There are a variety of open air pools, but the star attraction is the grotto where hot water gushes from a tube high... Read More

This outdoor shopping mall has the ideal ambiance for a romantic evening stroll. Filled with bridges, canals, and beautifully lit fountains, La Isla... Read More

Tucked into faux townhouses overlooking Venetian-style canals and bridges, the 150 retailers at this gleaming new complex range from high-end chains... Read More

Cancun’s beautiful outdoor shopping mall straddles inland water channels, and is easily recognizable for its white, modern buildings and decorative... Read More

Cancun’s most popular mall is located at Kilometer 12 of Boulevard Kukulcan. The marina area of this attractive outdoor shopping center features... Read More

Nautica, Hugo Boss, and Mexican fashions and restaurants in a modern open-air mall setting. Read More

It’s a true treasure hunt every time you visit this downtown flea market, where you can find everything from furniture, antique China and jewelry to... Read More

A combination art-and-literature bookstore, objets shop, and photography gallery. Read More

One of Cancun’s newer nightclubs, La Vaquita (meaning “The Little Cow”) has quickly become a favorite among vacationers and locals alike. Opened only... Read More

Located at the bullring, Guanatos is the most iconic bar in downtown Cancun. On Fridays and Saturdays, this indoor-outdoor bar fills up with locals... Read More

The most famed spa in the Cancun Hotel Zone can be found at Leblanc Resort, known for its sophisticated, nature-inspired design (polished stone walkways... Read More

This trendsetting shop in Colonia Roma carries all sorts of unique items—think sunglasses, phone cases, belts, shoes and wallets—but their claim to fame... Read More

Conaculta, Mexico’s National Council for Culture and Arts, publishes handsome books on Mexican history, art, archaeology, anthropology, and... Read More

Ask pretty much any local about Porrúa, and we’ll all say we remember reading their editions of the classics in high school. As one of the country’s... Read More

Every winter for the past five decades, the city’s main square gets lit up with colorful mosaics made up of thousands of lightbulbs. Candles, flowers,... Read More

After a stint in Macario Jiménez’s workshop and four years in fashion school in Barcelona, this young talent debuted her brand with a fall/winter... Read More

The museum is open to the public; distillery tours are by appointment. Read More

The museum is open to the public; distillery tours are by appointment. Read More

A series of mini-shops in a restored colonial building, this market has the highest quality artisan crafts, clothing, tabletop goods, ceramics, and toys... Read More

Lover’s Beach—also known as “Playa del Amor”—is located next to El Arco, right where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. Don’t miss a visit to... Read More

The neighborhood is a bit down on its heels, the venue is nothing special to look at, and the crowd can get raucous and rowdy, but none of that should... Read More

Sign up for lessons at this beginner-friendly surf school. Read More

Perhaps one of the biggest names in Mexican design, Jiménez launched his brand in 1994, and soon, women fell in love with his sophisticated creations.... Read More

Downtown’s main mall is where you’ll find most locals on any given weekend. Malecon Americas has a lovely and modern open-air atmosphere where you can... Read More

This waterfront neighborhood is one of Cancun’s newest and most beautiful areas—over the next few years, the city will add a large nature park, shopping... Read More

This stunning waterfront walkway is situated by the breathtaking Nichtupe Lagoon, where you can see the Cancun Hotel Zone skyline on the horizon. At the... Read More

This new waterfront neighborhood is still being developed, but right now it has a half-mile walkway along Nichupte Lagoon. Located in Downtown Cancun... Read More

Two hours southwest from the city, this lovely town with its archaeological complex is one of the most important sites that have been found from the... Read More

This breathtaking reef is situated just off the southern tip of Isla Mujeres, a quick and easy boat ride from the Cancun Hotel Zone. It’s one of the... Read More

Cancun’s top market offers a colorful maze of souvenir stands and jewelry shops that cover a full city block, with several small restaurants in the... Read More

This collection of more than 500 masks collected by the owners of Casa de la Cuesta B&B is the largest assembly you'll see in San Miguel. Nowhere else... Read More

Sure, you could book shiatsu, but this spa’s specialty is heavenly Mayan-inspired treatments. Everyone’s visit begins with an outdoor steam... Read More

The tour takes small groups on snorkeling trips to lesser-known underground rivers like the recently opened Kin-ha. Read More

The handicrafts market at the corner of Ckilapana and Socaire, in San Pedro de Atacama, sells downy-soft alpaca and llama wraps made by artisans in... Read More

This is the place to go for lovely, affordable crafts to bring back to everyone at home. From ceramics for your friend’s new place, wooden toys for the... Read More

After marveling at great local produce like huauzontle, chilies, corn and huitlacoche, and specialties such as chapulines (fried grasshoppers), head to... Read More

This flower-centric market is a paradise of beautiful colors and smells: roses, tulips, violets and orchids are just a few of the hundreds of species... Read More

Three dozen kinds of dried chiles and mole pastes? Pungent Oaxacan cheese, stacks of nopals, and the mingled scents of guavas and epazote? It's all here... Read More

Aside from classic antojitos, produce, fish and dairy products, this market has a touch of Latin flavor: it’s especially known for having tons of... Read More

Located in the city’s San Rafael neighborhood, this sprawling market is populated by local vendors selling everything from produce, traditional candies... Read More

Foodies and gourmands are fans of this market because of its fantastic gourmet offerings: rare meats (iguana or rabbit, anyone?), excellent seafood,... Read More

Explore all kinds of bright and colorful Mexican crafts at this lively market, where souvenir options include pre-Hispanic-inspired figurines, sarapes,... Read More

If it seems nuts to consider riding a bike in traffic-clogged Mexico City, it's worth noting that the city has had a bike share program since 2007 and... Read More

Benito Juárez International Airport (MEX), otherwise known as Mexico City Airport, is located about three miles east of the city center. The... Read More

This ever-popular thatched-roof beach bar is located on the less-frequented eastern half of the island. Take note: it's only open in daylight hours ... Read More

If there's time, consider making the trip out to Pozos, founded in the 16th century and now a semi-ghost town about an hour away from San Miguel. During... Read More

Take in the scenery at this overlook clinging to the 3,000-foot walls of Sumidero Canyon. Read More

This ancient Zapotec regional capital is about five miles west of Oaxaca. The preserved city allows a glimpse into the lives of area natives from 500 B... Read More

These makers will arrange to take visitors through the entire process, from harvest to bottling. Read More

This eerie museum features more than 500 underwater sculptures off the coast of Cancun. MUSA combines contemporary art with reef conservation, using... Read More

Four compact galleries chronicle the island's Mayan history, Spanish conquest, Caribbean pirates, and ecological diversity (with a focus on the coral... Read More

The former monestary- a 16th-century colonial building with vaulted corridors, arched windows, and magnificent staircases - houses a vast collection of... Read More

Roberto Shimizu, Sr., a first-generation Japanese-Mexican, began collecting toys at an early age—and never stopped. The result is this endearing museum,... Read More

Everyone enamored with the Diego Rivera-Frida Kahlo story tends to head to the Coyoacán neighborhood the couple called home to visit Casa Azul, the... Read More

The 18th-century museum houses an excellent decorative-arts collection. Read More

Dedicated to decorative arts and design, this downtown museum features pottery, textiles, silverware and furniture from the 16th through the 19th... Read More

Cancun’s Museo Maya makes it easy for families to experience Mayan history without straying too far from the hotel. Located in the Hotel Zone, the... Read More

Forget about keychains and coffee mugs –this shop belongs to the Mexican Design Museum and offers a wide variety of fascinating pieces, including lamps,... Read More

You may need a day or two to see everything this sprawling museum has to offer. The building’s 23 exhibition halls include thousands of articles from... Read More

This breathtaking building in downtown Mexico City—housed in the old Public Work Palace and designed by Silvio Contri—has an impressive collection of... Read More

Sitting atop Chapultepec hill is this gorgeous castle, which was built as a summer house for viceroy Bernardo de Gálvez and served as official residence... Read More

The recently renovated museum has a notable design shop. Read More

It's a bit of a hike to get to Ciudad Universitaria (University City), the campus of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), in southern... Read More

On the campus of the National Autonomous University of Mexico this museum showcases contemporary international and Mexican artists such as Gabriel... Read More

The largest public collection of contemporary art in the country is housed inside this amazing building, designed by renowned architect Teodoro González... Read More

An early-20th-century building turned experimental art and performance hall that was recently redesigned by star architect Enrique Norten. Read More

Located inside of the hotel Condesa DF in the historic Condesa neighborhood in Mexico City, the Myself spa includes a hammam (communal bath house),... Read More

This purveyor of hipster sportswear was cofounded by actor Diego Luna (Y Tu Mamá También). Read More

Located at the Me Cabo Hotel on Medano Beach, this trendy poolside club is part of an international chain with seven locations, including Miami Beach... Read More

This sleek and modern resort in southern Cancun is home to a breathtaking spa that blends modern technology with ancient Mayan techniques. The 30,000... Read More

Decorating your house with poinsettias—or “nochebuenas,” as we call them over here—is a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Head to Xochimilco,... Read More

Although it’s not located in the Cancun Hotel Zone, North Beach is close enough and amazing enough that I had to include it in this list. North Beach ... Read More

Mexico’s leading health food store provides an alternative to fast food for airport meals or takeout: sandwiches, fruit smoothies, and the frozen... Read More

Located at The Embarcadero, Cancun’s rotating observation tower (known as the Torre Escenica) is the best way for visitors to see the full scope of the... Read More

The 282 acres that make up the Old Town are experiencing a renaissance, with stylish cafés, boutiques, and hotels opening on seemingly every corner. Read More

As of February 2014, you’ll be able to swim with a school of giant bluefin tuna offshore. Read More

This breathtaking building was completed in 1934 and has been the most important center for fine arts in the country ever since. The main hall boasts... Read More

Cozumel is a duty-free shopping zone. The collection of luxury products found in this enormous store runs the gamut from perfumes and Baume &... Read More

This bright blue-and-yellow tiled building houses dozens of exhibits and activities for all ages, from a mini supermarket—where kids can learn all about... Read More

Almost any time you go to the beach in Cancun, you’ll spot parasailers hovering over the shallow shores of the Caribbean. For the spontaneous visitor,... Read More

This leafy area was once the entrance to the Condesa’s race tracks, and today, serves as the main green area in the neighborhood, always populated by... Read More

Parque Juarez—also called the French Park—is the largest green space within San Miguel's city center. It's got fountains, winding paths, basketball... Read More

Open from sun-up to sun-down, this colorful nature park is a favorite spot for families, school field trips, and local runners. Parque Kabah has a... Read More

The city’s main park is a large plaza where you’ll find food carts, a small outdoor food court, local handicrafts and souvenirs, a playground, and a... Read More

In the very heart of Downtown Cancun, Parque Las Palapas comes alive at night. You’ll find numerous restaurants and bars in the surrounding streets,... Read More

This park got its name because of the statue of Abraham Lincoln at one of the ends—to be fair, there’s one of Martin Luther King, too—and has won over... Read More

Lovingly known as parque hundido (or “sunken park”), this below-ground-level park moonlights as an archaeology museum, where you can check out more than... Read More

Designed in the 1920s, this beautiful park doesn’t just boast a swan lake and several tranquil paths, but is known for being one of the best spots for... Read More

Though it’s right in the city, this eco park feels like it’s miles away from the chaos of it all. Guided activities include hiking along the paths,... Read More

Even if you don’t plan on entering any of the nightclubs in Cancun’s main party district, I still recommend a walk through the infamous Party Center... Read More

To make your Spring Break vacation as easy as possible, this fun-loving local agency serves as your in-town host by personally taking you to the best... Read More

Patsy DuBois has been catering and teaching cooking classes from her place in the country long before anyone else. She has a huge tiled kitchen and the... Read More

The colors, images, and symbols of Mexico’s rich culture—from pre-Columbian history to contemporary painters—are translated into... Read More

Cristina Pineda and Ricardo Covalín have conquered Mexico and beyond with their eclectic, bright, bold and beautiful silk designs. Their ties, scarves... Read More

This beach is situated right next to the busy Playa Forum and has the same white sands, amazing water and central location, but without the crowds.... Read More

The growing beach city of Playa del Carmen, known fondly by locals as the Playa, is a vibrant place for a day of swimming, walking, and dining. Spend... Read More

One of Cancun’s largest beaches, Playa Delfines has some of the brightest blue water in the city. Whenever I visit, I get to see plenty of parasailers,... Read More

Located in the famous Punta Cancun area just behind Coco Bongo nightclub, Playa Forum (also known as Playa Gaviota Azul) is the city’s most popular... Read More

Situated 20 minutes north of Cancun in the Playa Mujeres area, this 18-hole, par 72 course was designed by Greg Norman and features beautiful lagoons... Read More

Bring a lunch and some snorkeling gear to one of the few swimming beaches along Los Cabos’s dramatic coastline. This crescent-shaped cove of sand is... Read More

One of the only Hotel Zone beaches with almost no waves, Playa Tortugas is a popular choice for families and locals. This beach has an oceanfront... Read More

This 18-hole course winds its way through the upscale residential and resort neighborhood of Playacar in Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, about one hour... Read More

This small but beautiful shopping center is a social hub for Cancun locals. Located on the up-and-coming Avenida Bonampak, Plaza Peninsula is home to... Read More

Named for the ancient Mayan ball game, this course’s signature feature is 1,000 year-old Mayan ruins. Located in the Cancun Hotel Zone, the 18-hole Pok... Read More

Marvel at the building’s more than 90,000 square feet of art, constituted by its twelve exterior panels and the mural La Marcha de la Humanidad, all by... Read More

Less than two hours away from the city, near San Miguel Regla, these geometric basalt columns, drenched by four waterfalls, make for an impressive... Read More

Tee off at this world-class golf course designed by two of the most legendary golfers of all time, Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman. This 7,461-yard, par... Read More

The Sunday afternoon concerts at Rancho Zandunga are a wonderful chance to experience the country lifestyle while enjoying quality jazz or blues and... Read More

The elegant Ritz Carlton Cancun serves up a vast array of innovative recipes, including an enticing margarita list. The classic “Margarita the Ritz... Read More

Tall, blond southern boy Rory Dunaway might not seem the obvious choice to unravel the secrets of Mexican gastronomy, but the new recreational kitchen... Read More

For those with an early-morning layover, Sala 21 snack bar and lounge is a perfect spot to read the morning paper while having a breakfast of pancakes,... Read More

This monumental concert hall, built specifically for Mexico’s National Autonomous University’s Philharmonic Orchestra, can host 2,177 people who are... Read More

Modest compared with those on the... Read More

Enjoy a delicious early dinner in San José del Cabo’s Old Town, then burn off the calories while strolling through the Gallery District on the Art Walk,... Read More

The San José Estuary is a marshy freshwater lagoon stretching over 2,000 acres. Fed by an underground river that flows from the nearby mountains, this... Read More

Hike or surf along the sweeping, often-deserted San Miguel Beach, which is free of cell-phone-toting city dwellers fighting for parking spots. Read More

About nine miles from San Miguel is the Sanctuary of Jesús de Nazareno de Atotonilco, desigated a UNESCO Cultural Heritage site in 2009. The fortified... Read More

The San Miguel Organic market is a Saturday institution for many people, who come here to meet, shop, and consume. There is a row of organic produce ... Read More

Nestled in the jungles south of Cancun, Selvatica is an action-packed park with treetop zip lining, ATV tours, aerial bridges, a giant rope swing, and a... Read More

Come here for a high-adrenaline jungle adventure. Fly through the fast-paced zip line circuit, explore jungle roads on an ATV, walk across aerial... Read More

If you want a bar that’s a wild mix of bar and nightclub, Señor Frog’s is the place for you. It’s open for dinner, or you can stop by later for a night... Read More

Off the coast of nearby Isla Mujeres lie two shipwrecks for intermediate and advanced divers to explore: the C55 Barrera and the C58 Anaya. Both of... Read More

This massive natural reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage site—the area has been home to a Mayan community since 600 B.C.—and it’s absolutely stunning.... Read More

Mexico is famous for its silver, and the most celebrated craftsmanship still comes from the town of Taxco, near Mexico City. One of Taxco's most famous... Read More

This fun-for-all theme park features more than 50 activities, shows, and roller coasters, including extreme rides like the Boomerang (which takes you on... Read More

The three-story spa at the JW Marriott Cancun expertly combines Mayan ingredients with Asian techniques for an impressive menu of treatments and... Read More

The exciting speedboat tour at Aquatours is one of the most popular activities in the Hotel Zone, giving you the opportunity to explore the lush... Read More

The calmer waters of the northern Hotel Zone are ideal for a day of stand-up paddle boarding—also known as SUP. This relaxing water sport has travelers... Read More

The newest addition to the Condesa District, this oval-shaped club pumps techno beats into the wee hours. Read More

This is the premier place to see a play or a concert. It's located in the heart of downtown at the corner of Hernandez Macias and Mesones. Built in 1873... Read More

The 841-seat Italian Renaissance-style theater was built in 1874 with an open-air lobby and triple-tiered balconies. Read More

Once a movie theater, this beautiful downtown concert hall first opened in 1943 and is considered a great example of the eclectic architecture of those... Read More

The church's fire-blackened Black Christ (Cristo Negro) sculpture is said to perform miracles and attracts thousands of Mexican pilgrims each year. Read More

Built on the site of La Noche Triste (a battle in which the Spanish colonizers suffered their biggest defeat from the aztecs), this church was meant to... Read More

If you stand at the foot of one of the contemporary skyscrapers on Avenida Reforma or in the neighborhood of Santa Fe, it's easy to forget that people... Read More

This impressive site was one of the main cities in pre-Hispanic times, and home to more than 100,000 people. Just a 40-minute drive away from the city,... Read More

Over 150 families in this carpet-weaving village earn their living by "painting on wool." Their technique, which uses only natural dyes, dates from the... Read More

You’ll only have to drive for about 45 minutes to get to this picturesque town, where the main attraction is the ex-Convent of San Francisco Javier,... Read More

This picturesque town is crowned by the imposing Tepozteco hill, considered by many as an important source of cosmic energy. Walk along its charming... Read More

These makers will arrange to take visitors through the entire process, from harvest to bottling. By appointment only. Read More

With the moonlight shining on the water and the evening’s breezes filtering through the palms, Cancun’s beaches are transformed into the most romantic... Read More

The biggest nightclub in Latin America frequently hosts live concerts and the world’s best DJs, but my favorite events at this immense discotheque are... Read More

Any health-minded traveler can obtain a day pass for $9 to use the gym, swimming pool, and a locker at this hotel directly across from T1. Inquire at... Read More

Explore the waters of Nichupte Lagoon with this picturesque tour. Cancun’s favorite romantic boat ride offers sunset and nighttime cruises every evening... Read More

Tchaikovsky’s classic delights Mexican audiences every winter, taking over the Auditorio Nacional for a few weeks of the holiday season. The country’s... Read More

The lovely spa at The Royal Sands resort is known for its extensive menu of massages. Not to be missed? The new 90-minute bamboo massage, performed with... Read More

This boutique features locally crafted jewelry made with silver mined from the historic city of Taxco, the world’s silver capital.  Whether... Read More

This is one of my absolute favorite places in Cancun! I’m in love with the laid-back atmosphere and the social scene at Surfin’ Burrito. Locals and... Read More

As one of the oldest and tallest buildings in town, “La Latino,” as it’s lovingly called by locals, offers awesome views of the city. The tour will take... Read More

A motorboat ride is the best way to explore the mangrove swamps of northern San Blas. Read More

The Tianguis de los Martes (Tuesday Market) is a giant market held every Tuesday across the Queretaro road from the Luciernega mall above town. It... Read More

This centuries-old Mayan city consists of breathtaking stone temples perched atop a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Of all the Mayan ruins I’ve... Read More

Picture an ancient temple set atop a rocky cliff with the waves of the Caribbean Sea crashing on the beach below. That image is Tulum. This centuries... Read More

You cannot find a Mayan ruin with a more dramatic location. This small but breathtaking city is set on a cliff top by the Caribbean Sea, just two hours... Read More

This one-of-a-kind space opened in downtown Tulum in early 2016 and is dedicated to arts and culture. There's a café with seating in the front, and the... Read More

This beach, which runs the length of the Tulum, is open to the public. It’s absolutely gorgeous here—after all, it is the area’s main attraction. Tulum... Read More

The ruins of the 11th-century walled city are a popular attraction for visitors staying in Cancun and Riviera Maya, so come early to beat the crowds.... Read More

Hop on and off this double-decker bus, and explore Mexico City’s main areas as you please. There are eight different routes, such as Downtown (visit the... Read More

The small island of Isla Mujeres is situated just a few miles off the coast of Cancun, with ferries crossing between these two destinations several... Read More

Take a tour on a J-24 racing sailboat with expert guide Tito "El Chino" Benítez. Race other crafts around the lake or lazily explore the area,... Read More

Located at the beachfront Azul Sensatori Hotel, this 14,000-square-foot spa provides a variety of treatments in a Zen-inspired environment, decorated... Read More

Open weekends only Read More

Here, you'll find two floors of well-priced T-shirts and Mexican vanilla, Mexican dolls and Xtabentum, a smooth-as-brandy Mayan liqueur that is flavored... Read More

This three-day blowout celebrates Latin music in Mexico City’s Foro Sol, which welcomes more than 70,000 audience members every day. The lineup mixes... Read More

Warren Hardy has been teaching foreigners Spanish for 25 years and his methods work. They're aimed at students who need either basic or functional... Read More

Every May through September, whale sharks migrate to the Mexican Caribbean to feed on the plankton-rich waters. During the summer season, you can book... Read More

Located at the iconic Xbalamque hotel in the heart of Downtown Cancun, this small-but-impressive spa offers ancient, regional techniques and rituals at... Read More

An ecological theme park, Xcaret has a plentiful roster of activities and attractions focused on the surrounding natural environment and Mexico's... Read More

Located one hour south of Cancun is this immense nature park in the Riviera Maya. Visitors are invited to snorkel in the Caribbean shores, to partake in... Read More

This is a smart choice for families who want to see everything in one day. Xcaret is a vibrant blend of adventure, culture, and relaxation. Here, you... Read More

You can actually swim with parrot fish and manta rays in lagoons. You can also hike tropical trails, picnic under a palapa, and sack out in a hammock. Read More

This immense nature park is paradise for families who love to swim. Situated around a large inlet, Xel-Ha features amazing snorkeling and on-site... Read More

Xel-Ha is a huge nature park situated around a stunning bay that’s filled with wildlife. You’ll spend most of the day lounging and snorkeling, but the... Read More

Xochimilco isn't Mexico City's most central neighborhood, but the effort to get there is worth it to float along the canals of on a trajinera (gondola... Read More

This park is inspired by the famous Xochimilco area of Mexico City, featuring colorful 20-person boats known as trajineras that take you on a four-hour... Read More

This park is great for an underground to sky-high experience. Xplor is beautifully designed, with the tallest zip lines in all of Latin America. You can... Read More

The spa at Sunset Royal Beach Resort has an enticing list of signature rituals that combine Mayan, Aztec, and other Mesoamerican techniques with pre... Read More

There’s no lack of places to do yoga in Tulum, and the Sanara hotel is one of the absolute best places to take classes. Most hotels have daily morning... Read More

This beach’s official name is Costa Azul, but nobody calls it that. It’s Zippers, and right offshore is a famous wave break that attracts surfers from... Read More

The Zócalo—Mexico City's main square, ringed by a Cathedral, the National Palace, and other impressive stuctures—is an eyeful at any time of the day or... Read More

Set in the city’s huge Chapultepec forest, this is one of the most visited zoos in the world (it welcomes some 5.5 million visitors every year). Check... Read More

This Polanco mall isn’t just perfect for doing some holiday shopping—Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Carolina Herrera, Crate & Barrel—it also becomes a... Read More

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