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Winter vacations and holiday travel just got a little more affordable — for the oldest members of Gen Z, at least. United Airlines is offering travelers... Read More

The Day of the Dead (or Día de Muertos in Spanish) is one of the most traditional celebrations in Mexico. The concept behind it is to celebrate the... Read More

From colorful skeletons to celebratory altars and sugary skulls, Día de los Muertos (or Day of the Dead) is a unique tradition that’s steeped in history... Read More

Just because you can’t afford an overwater bungalow or a Maldives hotel with private butler service, doesn’t mean you can’t take a beach vacation. Once... Read More

When Google sent me to Oaxaca, Mexico to test out their new Google Pixel 3a phone, I was more than excited to play with the much-talked about Lens... Read More

Ronald Rael, an architecture professor at the University of California, Berkeley, had an idea. He wanted to design, create, and build something that... Read More

There’s plenty of one-of-kind dining experiences in the world — from a taco truck in a snowcat to floating breakfast — but some just tend to... Read More

Whether you consider yourself to be a surfer or not, you’re likely influenced by surf culture. If you drop a “dude” from time-to-time, highlight your... Read More

I recently went on a trip to Los Angeles with a friend, and after just one day and night together my voice was starting to give out. We were talking... Read More

All talk of walls aside, Mexico remains one of the most compelling destinations for American travelers. Reasons to love the nation are many on the food... Read More

Wellness travel has reached a fever pitch, with new detox resorts and fitness-focused getaways launching what feels like every day. Even run-of-the-mill... Read More

When it comes to urban charms, Travel + Leisure readers just can’t get enough of Mexico. San Miguel de Allende, which topped our list for the past two... Read More

Mexico’s resorts are perennial favorites among globetrotters. With a variety of beach options, rich heritage, and fantastic food, you’ll be hard-pressed... Read More

Mexico City is having a moment, with its colorful corners splashed all over Instagram, its top restaurants raking in acclaim, and its neighborhoods... Read More

As much as our readers appreciate beautiful beaches, they expect a more diverse experience when traveling to Mexico and Central and South America. The... Read More

On a cool evening last spring at the venerable Miraval Arizona wellness resort in Tucson, I heard a rustling as someone slid an envelope under my... Read More

Vacation season is officially here, and even if you haven’t booked a getaway or mapped out a road trip, there’s still time to get one on your calendar.... Read More

Tell people you’re headed to an all-inclusive resort for the food, and you’ll be met with confusion. While chafing dishes, heat lamps, and bland buffets... Read More

Selena Gomez proved this week that she knows how to throw one heck of a summertime bachelorette party.The pop star, E! News reported, spent four sunny... Read More

A freak summer storm in Mexico buried one of the country’s largest cities under three feet of ice over the weekend.Citizens of Guadalajara woke up on... Read More

When you imagine a desert, visions of Morocco or Egypt probably come to mind. Or maybe the regions surrounding Dubai and the great American West... Read More

It's summer, the season that demands a getaway (or three). If you're looking to get out of town, but don't want to spend a bundle, here are a few... Read More

Last year, TripAdvisor launched its inaugural “Travelers’ Choice Awards,” which recognizes 375 tours, experiences, and activities around the world. The... Read More

I learned of “ecstatic dance” after a balmy yoga class overlooking the morning waves on Tulum Beach, where two local dogs wove between our legs and the... Read More

As you head into your fourth decade here on Earth, you're wiser, savvier, and likely equipped with more disposable income. So it's... Read More

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