Restaurants in Mexico City

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These are outposts of the popular Mexican natural food restaurant chain that originated in Acapulco and is noted for its use of the freshest ingredients... Read More

Acento Gourmet, a favorite gourmet shop among locals, debuted their first restaurant this year. The menu changes four times a year, making the most of... Read More

Order delicious huaraches (griddled masa cakes) with toppings such as chorizo and carne asada. Read More

Inspired by French bon vivants, this chic, cozy watering hole is dedicated to absinthe, and actually has its own blend custom-made in France. Though the... Read More

This Paris-based restaurant treats hungry guests to steaming bowls of onion soup, foie gras and of course, the namesake baked pork leg in Bernaise sauce... Read More

Chef Ricardo Muñoz Zurita has several restaurants in the Mexican capital, and the best of them is Azul Histórico, located in the Downtown México hotel... Read More

The gorgeous central courtyard at chef Ricardo Muñoz Zurita has a roof made of laurels, which sounds like reason enough to visit this downtown eatery,... Read More

Tortilla soup gets the VIP treatment at the hyper-authentic Azul y Oro café. Flavored with guajillo-chile paste and tangy crema and strips of... Read More

A cozy, cottage-like setting is the ideal scenery to experience Chef Vicente Etchegaray’s Basque-French menu, featuring hearty dishes like rack of lamb,... Read More

Located in the heart of Condesa, this retro-cool diner serves comfort food at its best. You can’t go wrong with their juicy burgers (the “Father’s... Read More

Hip and cozy, this eatery became an instant classic thanks to its fantastic sandwiches, available for lunch and dinne—but the breakfast options are... Read More

Described on paper or aloud, the concept of Biko could seem too complex or too ambitious: a restaurant that specializes equally in Basque and Mexican... Read More

A frequent presence in the Pellegrino World’s Best list, this luminous Polanco restaurant is the result of Basque-born duo Bruno Oteiza and Mikel Alonso... Read More

A bistro in the Mexico City airport may come as a surprise, but this casual spot offers contemporary Mexican dishes—meatballs in chipotle sauce,... Read More

Bonito means “pretty,” and you’ll definitely find yourself agreeing as soon as you settle down at the patio of this Condesa hotspot. Try the rib eye... Read More

Quiet and peaceful, this turquoise-walled neighborhood café will make you wish you lived in Coyoacán. Let the friendly baristas help you choose your... Read More

The state of Guerrero—where the owners are from—provides the aromatic and delicious coffee beans that are brewed into steaming cups of joe at this tiny... Read More

Tourists frequent Café de Tacuba not only for the food and pastries, but also for the art that lines the walls. Situated in the historic city... Read More

This bright, welcoming coffee shop boasts a homey decor and communal table, perfect for breakfast with friends (omelets, fresh pastries, Nutella crêpes)... Read More

With more than 250 tequilas in stock, it’s no wonder that the margaritas at this modern cantina are irresistible. But there’s more: they’re all made... Read More

Classic Italian cuisine gets a modern twist at this Santa Fe restaurant, where you can feast on homemade pastas like burrata-stuffed ravioli with shaved... Read More

Of the four popular Ávila Spanish-food restaurants in Mexico City, two are at the airport. Interiors suggest dining rooms in Spain’s... Read More

Named for the old lady who lived above her gourmet shop, Delirio, this Colonia Roma restaurant was developed by chef Mónica Patiño (she runs it... Read More

A long bar, huge planters, and piñatas make this lively Coyoacán bar one of the most popular in the area. Of course, it’s also beloved because of its... Read More

Rustic meets chic at the terrace of this trendy restaurant, decorated with worn-down sculptures and wooden furniture, and offering views of Santa Fe and... Read More

Rustic meets chic at the terrace of this trendy restaurant, decorated with worn-down sculptures and wooden furniture, and offering views of Santa Fe and... Read More

After a night of partying, most people in Spain head to a churros y chocolate joint. With that in mind, a group of Spaniards set up this downtown haunt... Read More

“Here, we just call it small,” reads the cheeky copy on the paper cups at this colorful and very Mexican answer to coffee mega-chains, which now boasts... Read More

A high-ceilinged, blue-and-white dining room is the setting for long, loud, convivial lunches, especially on weekends. Fashionable locals come here to... Read More

With marine murals and an exposed kitchen, this perpetually packed Roma eatery was already a seafood institution before the neighborhood became trendy.... Read More

With the vibrant colors, craft décor, and rustic dining chairs with woven rush seats here, you may feel as if you have stumbled into a colonial... Read More

At age 21, Ovadía stepped into the spotlight by serving updated Mexican classics at Paxia, which almost a decade later remains a local favorite. His... Read More

Crab ceviche, lobster thermidor, oysters au gratin and shrimp are among the more than 100 items that you’ll find at this classic downtown house, where... Read More

Located in the bustling Prado Norte area, this crustacean-centric spot serves snow crab legs and grilled King crab, plus seafood carpaccios, tostadas,... Read More

Celebrated chef Monica Patiño set up this lovely gourmet shop in one of the busiest streets in the trendy Roma area, which means that Sunday brunch... Read More

The mediterranean-inspired restaurant's wood-burning oven delivers crispy, thin-crust pizza. Read More

When Chef Martha Ortiz Chapa's Dulce Patria was added to the Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants list in 2015, judges wrote that Ortiz "channels the... Read More

This Guanajuato-born chef cooked alongside Eric Ripert and Enrique Olvera before opening Máximo Bistrot Local, where the menu, based on fresh and... Read More

Veracruz-born Carmen “Titita” Ramírez oversees the extensive menu at all 11 locations of this beloved eatery, serving specialties from her native state,... Read More

Aside from serving all the taquería classics –pastor, steak, gringas– this cheerful joint is famous for inventing the “cráter,” a large tostada topped... Read More

When a restaurant has trademarked their hot chocolate, you know it’s a place where you’ll enjoy a memorable breakfast. Order a steaming cup of Doña... Read More

Located in the heart of Condesa, this laid-back watering hole was once local brewery Cervecería Minerva’s outlet store. It now sells more than 160... Read More

Calling yourself a pharaoh carries a lot of weight, but with their tasty and super-affordable tacos (one taco al pastor for a dollar), these folks are... Read More

Legend has it that the original location of this taquería (in Anzures) was the birthplace of another national treasure: the gringa, a flour-tortilla... Read More

The folks at this nearly 60-year-old establishment have declared themselves the creators of “gourmet tacos al pastor,” and let’s face it: their juicy,... Read More

Right in the heart of the Chapultepec forest, this beloved restaurant serves contemporary Mexican specialties like chicharrón lasagna and ibérico-and... Read More

El Moro now has several locations around the city, but a visit to the original—in operation since 1935—gives visitors a glimpse into a long-standing ... Read More

Head to this kitschy-cool joint in the city’s hip Roma neighborhood for a couple of mezcals paired with antojitos like tortas, tacos and the very... Read More

With nearly 20 locations all over the city, these taco pros also claim to be the creators of al pastor. While this may or may not be true, they still... Read More

From the kitchen of her lovely, airy Colonia Roma eatery, Rosetta, Reygadas has been dishing out sophisticated yet approachable Italian specialties like... Read More

This combo of gourmet shop and neighborhood hangout is the work of famed chef Enrique Olvera, who dishes out choices like organic yogurt with honey,... Read More

Culinary Institute of America-trained Olvera has been one of the indisputable leaders in the renaissance of Mexican cuisine over the past couple of... Read More

Craft beer and artisanal mezcal are the stars at this restaurant and bar, whether you’re opting for the house brew (Escollo), or asking your server for... Read More

Fonda el Refugio serves regional Mexican cuisine for lunch and dinner. Located on a tree-lined street, the bright blue, two-story building has a Spanish... Read More

Fonda Fina was an out of the gate success, thanks, in part, to the backing of star chef Jorge Vallejo of Quintonil. But the lion's share of the credit... Read More

Set above a buzzing food hall in Colonia Roma, this rooftop beer garden may just snag the title of Most Coveted Hotspot in town. Trying the many on-tap... Read More

La Hacienda de los Morales is an iconic Polanco district restaurant, bar, and special events destination. The hacienda (estate) was established in 1526... Read More

The hip basement of this European-style house is a great destination for buzzing crowds and endless pours of wine and beer. It’s also a terrific place... Read More

Although Ivoire is a French restaurant, it is one of the trendiest eateries in the Polanco district. Perhaps this is because the location is... Read More

Famed Spanish chef José Andrés probably could have chosen any country to hang the shingle of his latest restaurant (his ever-growing empire consists of... Read More

Husband-and-wife team Jared Reardon and Sonia Arias are the creative force behind this Modern American-meets-artisanal eatery in Polanco. With a menu... Read More

This small, cozy coffee shop has been a Polanquito favorite for years—not just because of its convenient location right by Parque Lincoln, but because... Read More

To get to this cleverly concealed speakeasy, you’ll need to head through the refrigerator door of La Surtidora restaurant. Inside, an intimate black-and... Read More

Located at the chic St. Regis hotel, this lovely watering hole not only offers views of Reforma and the Chapultepec Castle, but it also boasts a mural... Read More

With three locations (Coyoacán, Roma and downtown), this bar is inspired by old-school cantinas with a touch of hipster cool. Enjoy their tequila... Read More

La Bipolar is one of the city’s most star-studded cantinas, as A-list Mexican actor Diego Luna co-owns this funky fabulous restaurant and bar.... Read More

Though the modern cantina-inspired interiors with high ceilings are pretty cool, nothing beats spending the afternoon in the ivy-covered terrace of this... Read More

The folks at all 13 locations of this friendly joint (three of them are open around the clock; the rest close at 11p.m.) dish out cochinita pibil tacos,... Read More

This popular microbrewery is justifiably hyped for in-house creations like the Gose Leipzig and the spices-and-herbs Brujas—either of which can be... Read More

Although the two locations of this bar are located inside modern shopping malls (Plaza Carso and Samara Shops), they manage to maintain the old-school... Read More

La Mascota is a traditional cantina known for having some of the best botanas (free tapas with a three-drink minimum) in the city’s historic... Read More

With two locations in the city (and two more in Acapulco), this market-meets-restaurant features seafood from the coasts of Baja California, Sinaloa and... Read More

The folks behind this hip multi-level house in Colonia Roma were some of the first mixology pioneers in the city. While patrons used to complain that... Read More

Named after a the first independent woman who appeared in the Bible, this bar pours delicious if questionably named libations like the San Francisco... Read More

This hip restaurant, facing Polanco’s lovely Parque Lincoln, is inspired in a legendary Mexico City lady named Malamén. According to the restaurant’s... Read More

This three-level, orange-tiled gourmet market, designed by Rojkind Arquitectos, has been a must-try for everyone in town since the day it opened. Browse... Read More

Beloved chef Jair Téllez (known for his Ensenada restaurant, Laja), brings the flavors of Baja California to Mexico City in this surf-and-turf joint,... Read More

Náos is a highly modern restaurant housed at the base of a glass skyscraper in Polanco’s chic Palmas neighborhood. Mexico City’s... Read More

Oscar Wilde 9 may be one of the most flavorful restaurants in Mexico City. Tucked between a salon and a dry cleaner along charming Oscar Wilde Street in... Read More

The self-proclaimed gringo behind this project is Dan DeFossey, a New Yorker who fell in love with barbecue in Texas, and decided to bring the taste of... Read More

Buzz has surrounded this Mediterranean-inspired eatery since it opened in late 2013, thanks to its lovely setting (a renewed 19th century house) and a... Read More

More than 15 years after it opened, chef Enrique Olvera's Pujol remains wildly popular, a Mexican riff on the principles of molecular gastronomy... Read More

With his very personal way of mixing tradition with contemporary techniques, chef Enrique Olvera has made this restaurant a reference in modern Mexican... Read More

Though chef Jorge Vallejo's first restaurant, Quintonil, opened 12 years after Pujol launched, it quickly achieved parity with its older peer. Quintonil... Read More

Chef Arturo Fernández offers a seasonally-changing menu that may include dishes like roasted tomato soup with Cotija cheese or duck carnitas ravioli,... Read More

Travel back in time at this charming restaurant, open since 1876, which has ornate chandeliers, velvet curtain, and a bullet hole in the ceiling... Read More

Perhaps the epitome of the after-work cantina, this multi-level house, with cool black-and-white-tiled floors, serves dishes from Yucatán such as sopa... Read More

This low-key restaurant’s namesake, Don Humberto, hails from one of the country’s most prolific culinary regions: the Yucatán peninsula. Dishes like... Read More

At this family-style joint, you can expect old-school, 19th century recipes, plus homemade bread and tortillas –all of which fits perfectly with their... Read More

Dubbed “the anthropologist of Mexican cuisine,” it’s little wonder Muñoz Zurita was named Best Chef for Traditional Mexican Cuisine in Travel + Leisure... Read More

Cozy and intimate, this Italian eatery in Polanco makes for a picture-perfect date night. Choose from artisanal pastas, fresh seafood or game (including... Read More

Sip on a lime caipirinha or a Pibirita (mescal, hibiscus and passion fruit) while taking in the view of the city’s oldest streets and buildings,... Read More

Mexico City isn't a go-to destination for exceptional Italian food for most—unless they've previously tried Elena Reygadas's food. Reygadas received the... Read More

Generous portions and natural ingredients make this laid-back eatery a favorite among locals who want to kick back with a long, relaxed breakfast on... Read More

Bookworms will be pleased by this cool, low-lit Condesa joint, where gin-and-tonics are inspired by the namesake author’s most iconic characters. The... Read More

The name and food may hail from Spain–seafood, tortilla de patata–but the atmosphere in this Roma cantina is all Mexico City. From young artsy types and... Read More

Since its birth in 1925, this has been one of the most hallowed drinking halls in the city. Locals and tourists alike flock to the sprawling cantina in... Read More

This former monastery, located in the picturesque San Angel neighborhood, has been a classic for decades, hosting dinners for everyone from celebrities... Read More

The gorgeous décor at this Pedregal spot—lots of plants, low lighting, fancy wallpaper—is almost as impressive as the dishes emerging from the kitchen.... Read More

At this 21st century version of an old-school cantina in Polanco, you’ll find plenty of Mexican comfort food (albóndigas, bistec pasilla, tuna tostadas)... Read More

If you're in the mood for good old-fashioned frijoles or pork-topped tacos al pastor, this place serves some of the best Mexican comfort food around. Read More

As the name implies, seasonality rules the menu at this new eatery from chef Diego Pérez Turner. He and his culinary team often take to social media to... Read More

A boring museum café serving stale muffins this is not. The rooftop at this downtown gallery features live music (jazz on Wednesdays, DJs on weekends),... Read More

The blink-and-you’ll-miss-it entrance to this über-cool Japanese joint is only marked by a tiny hen (the restaurant’s logo). Inside, marvel at the woven... Read More

Ever wish you had a lovely backyard where you could host outdoor parties every weekend? Well, your dream would probably look something like this Colonia... Read More

ZHEN’s base camp may be in Shanghai, but this Mexico City outpost inside the Polanco district’s Presidente InterContinental Hotel is as... Read More

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