Tips and Articles for Malta

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Attention Game of Thrones lovers, your dream vacation is coming.Fans of the hit HBO series, Game of Thrones, should mark their calendars for... Read More

The year is more than halfway over, so if you’re behind on some of your 2019 travel goals, it may be time to ditch your favorite travel partner and take... Read More

If you’ve ever dreamed of living just like Queen Elizabeth, now’s your chance. All you need is $6.7 million to do it.The Queen’s one-time villa, Villa... Read More

Within minutes of landing on Malta, I was trying to decide what the place reminded me of. Now, I love Morocco, particularly the Atlantic coast, with its... Read More

If you haven’t heard buzz about MSC Cruises yet, it’s only a matter of time. This brand — the fourth-largest cruise line in the world, by capacity,... Read More

People around the world mourned the loss of a natural wonder when Malta's Azure Window crumbled into the Mediterranean Sea in March. But now the... Read More

On the western end of the Mediterranean island of Gozo, tourists flock to visit one of Malta’s most famous landmarks: the Azure Window. The limestone... Read More

Europe has a history of attracting people whose identities were degraded or flat-out denied by other Western countries. As early as the 19th... Read More

Malta's "Azure Window," a world famous natural rock formation, collapsed Wednesday in an event that the prime minister described as "heartbreaking,"... Read More

In the end, we never got to Ithaca—never followed “in the wake of Odysseus,” as the brochure for the cruise had promised; at least, not all the way to... Read More

The New Côte d’Azur: Cornwall, EnglandA sun-starred crowd heads to Britain’s southwest coast for its golden sands and celebrity-chef-owned restaurants.... Read More

When Afghanistan's Taliban announced plans in February to destroy all of the country's statues—including two gigantic fifth-century Buddha figures— the... Read More

When I was first offered the opportunity to travel to Malta, I had a couple of immediate associations, neither of them saturated with the spirit of... Read More

Reader's Find On a quest for beauty and solitude, my husband and I encountered a hidden treasure floating in the wine-dark Aegean. We are reluctant to... Read More

With the euro sky-high these days, it takes more than smarts to navigate the Continent in style without spending a small fortune in the process. It... Read More

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