Shopping in Madrid

Monika Höfler & Jens Schwarz

The global economic crisis a few years back reinvigorated Spanish designers, producers, and merchants young and old. Companies that made one thing ve... Read More

The global economic crisis a few years back reinvigorated Spanish designers, producers, and merchants young and old. Companies that made one thing very well suddenly made several things equally well and sharpened up their marketing. Today there is a new vitality and authenticity to the city’s shopping panorama. The streets of upscale Barrio Salamanca, the city’s toniest district, are now dotted with young Spanish designer boutiques and brands like Masscob, Lander Urquijo, and Aristocrazy. While they might not edge out Zara just yet, they are bringing a younger, hipper clientele into the neighborhood. The design emporium Batavia is stretching the already packed shopping areas of Chueca and Las Salesas to a new area closer to trendy Malasaña, making it even more fun to just get lost on the city streets and see what you happen upon.

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  • Aristocrazy

    Founded in 2010 by younger members of the Suarez jewelry dynasty looking to create "accessible jewelry which has personality," this burgeoning brand... Read More

  • Batavia

    This modern design and accessories emporium celebrated its 20th anniversary in summer 2016 with a move to a massive new showroom featuring a global... Read More

  • Berwick

    Berwick is a traditional Spanish brand that makes utterly exquisite men's shoes. Their gorgeous products are handmade in the Albacete region and are... Read More

  • Casa Hernanz

    Every year before spring and summer vacations start, you'll find long lines outside this traditional alpargatería founded in 1840. Better known in the U... Read More

  • El Corte Ingles

    Celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2016, the El Corte Ingles department store chain has revamped many stores in Madrid and added new English-speaking... Read More

  • Javier S Medina

    In his old-world studio on Madrid’s tranquil yet trendy Calle Escorial, 21st-century artisan Javier S. Medina weaves plant fiber into a menagerie of... Read More

  • Lagur Decorative Arts

    A standout shop in Madrid's ever-evolving Rastro (flea market) area, Lagur is known for a great mix of Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Scandinavian... Read More

  • Lander Urquijo

    When in the capital, stylish gents from across Spain pop in to order this inspired haberdasher’s elegant bespoke suits and to stock up on a full (and... Read More

  • Loewe

    Spanish leather goods are among the finest in the world, and those produced by the 170-year-old firm Loewe, now led by designer Jonathan Anderson, are... Read More

  • Masscob

    Based in La Coruña, in northwest Spain, and led by Marga Massanet and Jacobo Cobian, Masscob is a niche women's brand with a growing following among... Read More

  • Mercado de San Miguel

    Just off the Plaza Mayor is this gorgeously restored cast-iron market building reborn a few years ago as the city's prime gourmet grazing spot. A few... Read More

  • Patch

    The Spanish concept of preppy men's wear is a bit sexier than its international counterpart, and in the hands of Patch designer Curro Ariza, it's also a... Read More

  • Renatta & Go

    Spanish women love to look timeless and effortlessly stylish, and they also love a good bargain. Here, you can have both and discover Renatta & Go's... Read More

  • Zara Home

    Spanish-based Zara is synonymous with fast fashion, and the brand's home stores bring high style to an astonishingly diverse array of home products with... Read More

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