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Monika Höfler & Jens Schwarz

Chefs and food critics agree that Madrid has sprung from the shadows of Spain’s gastronomic-powerhouse provinces of Catalonia and the Basque Country ... Read More

Chefs and food critics agree that Madrid has sprung from the shadows of Spain’s gastronomic-powerhouse provinces of Catalonia and the Basque Country and firmly placed itself on the global food map. The current crop of must-book tables are at Mexican, Japanese, Italian, and Brazilian restaurants, not to mention spots serving both traditional (Triciclo, La Bien Aparecida) and molecular Spanish (DStage, Diverxo) cuisines. At Sala de Despiece, a new take on straightforward, ingredient-based Spanish fare marks a territory all its own. And with an Argentine leading its kitchen, 10-year old Sudestada is often tapped as one of the best Vietnamese and Southeast Asian restaurants in Europe.

Far from such fine dining establishments, the revolution has spread to the city’s markets, like Mercado de San Miguel and the chic Platea food court, where the best of Spain’s and the world’s delicacies can now be nibbled (and sipped) while standing up or on the move. Unsurprisingly, Madrid also remains one of the tapas capitals of the world.

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  • 99 Sushi Bar

    This successful local chain of Japanese restaurants has endured thanks to its use of the freshest fish and the most inventive sushi and sashimi dishes... Read More

  • Amazonico

    Opened in June 2016 just a few doors down from Quintin, Sando Silva and Marta Seco's latest endeavor has a Brazilian theme but a far-reaching menu that... Read More

  • Bosco de Lobos

    Located inside the verdant courtyard of the College of Architects in trendy Chueca, the terrace of Bosco de Lobos feels like an escape from the city.... Read More

  • Diverxo

    Diverxo’s David Muñoz (the youngest chef ever to helm a Michelin three-starred restaurant) continues to wow diners with his highly inventive takes on... Read More

  • DStage

    After working at the Michelin two-starred El Club Allard, chef Diego Guerrero spent a year traveling the globe to seek inspiration before opening DStage... Read More

  • El Imparcial

    You can tell when a restaurant is old: People talk about when it was founded, not when it opened. The fact that this Spanish restaurant was founded in... Read More

  • Habanera

    This brand new restaurant/bar/café is inside the sprawling 10,000-square-foot space formerly occupied by the historic cafe Riofrio, and overlooks the... Read More

  • La Bien Aparecida

    Paco Quirós's third restaurant in Madrid in five years reveals that the trend for northern Spanish food shows no sign of slowing down. The gorgeous,... Read More

  • Perrachica

    Located inside in a former bank building, this vast, multi-space, all-day restaurant serves a global menu that includes burgers, pizzas, risottos, steak... Read More

  • Platea

    Elevating the concept of a food court to an astonishing level, Platea offers a quick snapshot of food and drink trends in Madrid. Set in a renovated and... Read More

  • Punk Bach

    Though its tables and terrace are often populated by members of Madrid's monied celebrity set, the surprise here is what a great value the... Read More

  • Punto MX

    The only Mexican restaurant in Spain to have a Michelin star, chef Roberto Ruiz's Punto MX has become a major food attraction in the city and frequent... Read More

  • Ramon Freixa

    With two Michelin stars and room for just 25 diners, this is a great spot for a romantic celebration. Freixa’s innovative cooking reveals his Catalan... Read More

  • Sala de Despiece

    The décor here is inspired by the Styrofoam coolers used to transport meat—and surprisingly, it manages to look artful. Sala de Despiece is all about... Read More

  • Sudestada

    Celebrating his 10th anniversary in the kitchen, Argentine chef Estanis Carenzo continues to deliver what many chefs and food critics consider the best... Read More

  • Triciclo

    This updated version of a traditional casa de comidas is a consistent favorite among the city’s chefs and their foodie followers. Triciclo is known for... Read More

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