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A journey to Machu Picchu is a memory that lasts a lifetime, but there is lots of planning that happens in order to get there. You can take a bus, train... Read More

Passing through the lush grounds of Tambo del Inka in the Sacred Valley of Peru, my eyes flit as I look for the first glimpse of my ride to Machu... Read More

Grab your bucket list, because there’s one dream destination you may not have considered yet.You can search the world for a dream vacation. Many people... Read More

Peruvian archaeologists, historians and conservationists are banding together to petition against a new airport at Machu Picchu.The famous Incan ruin is... Read More

This article originally appeared on It’s hard to imagine there’s a place on this planet that Sir Richard Branson hasn’t been. But, the... Read More

Machu Picchu is finally accessible for everyone.Despite being a mega tourist attraction, Machu Picchu was essentially cut off to people living in... Read More

This story originally appeared on The great thing about natural wonders is, simply, that they exist and are increasingly easy to see in... Read More

Julianne Hough celebrated her 30th birthday in Machu Picchu, thanks to her husband Brooks Laich.The Dancing with the Stars judge was given a surprise... Read More

If you take the high road and let others take the low road, you’ll get to Machu Picchu long before anybody else.Most active visitors to Machu Picchu opt... Read More

Being a responsible traveler means more than watching your ecological impact and honoring local customs. You also have a responsibility to keep yourself... Read More

If you’re headed to the Sacred Valley, be sure to pack the right essentials.Travelers with their sights on Machu Picchu, located high in the Andes... Read More

Three tourists were kicked out of Machu Picchu on Tuesday after taking pictures of their bare buttocks in front of the Incan ruins.“The three tourists... Read More

The streets of Cusco, where travelers congregate before embarking on tours of Peru's famous Inca citadel, Machu Picchu, are plastered with posters... Read More

Protesters are blocking the PeruRail train that takes thousands of people to the famed Inca city of Machu Picchu, in Peru, stranding many... Read More

With more than 2.1 million tags, Machu Picchu is the 13th most-Instagrammed place in the world, and with good reason. The mysterious architectural site... Read More

Machu Picchu, a sprawling Incan settlement and UNESCO World Heritage Site, has long been a draw for tourists thanks to its magnificent stone... Read More

“Pretty much everywhere I go, I end up coming home with a kitten,” Hannah Shaw told Travel + Leisure.Shaw is a humane educator and advocate who... Read More

For some tourists, just visiting Machu Picchu and capturing the perfect shot isn’t enough. No, they have to go even higher for a bird’s eye view of the... Read More

Not everyone can climb Mt. Everest. The world’s tallest mountain is probably the number one fitness challenge for a select few, but most travelers have... Read More

It’s the stuff of romantic travel novels: the dramatic sea cliffs and pastel villas of Positano, Nerano, and Ravello on Italy’s Amalfi Coast, or... Read More

Hiking the Incan Trail to the ancient stronghold of Machu Picchu sits at the top of many travelers’ wish lists. The sacred citadel—which sits perched... Read More

South America is on sale today, thanks to a major Aeromexico airfare blowout. As reported early this morning by The Flight Deal, flights are available... Read More

Every year, millions of people visit the imposing and mysterious Incan citadel of Machu Picchu in Peru. But getting to the massive agricultural terraces... Read More

This story originally appeared on say that Machu Picchu was “discovered” on July 24, 1911, is to forget that ruins cannot truly be found for... Read More

One woman has taken her string of bad luck and turned it into an adventure. In one month, Megan Sullivan got hit by a car, was diagnosed with skin... Read More

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