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Lisa Eisner

 Los Angeles began construction last week of a $4.9 billion project that will connect LAX Airport to the city’s public transportation system,... Read More

Travelers at Los Angeles International Airport may have been exposed to the measles late last month, health officials warn.An infected passenger had a... Read More

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle are some seriously stealthy royals. Despite being two of the most famous and recognizable people on the planet,... Read More

If you’ve ever wanted to live like a Hollywood star, there’s no better place to stay than Beverly Hills.And if you want to live like a classic Hollywood... Read More

If you’re anywhere near Los Angeles International Airport, you might think these feathery neighbors are a real hoot.According to The Washington Post, a... Read More

If you're flying American Airlines to or from New York City or Los Angeles, you can now skip traffic and take helicopter rides to and... Read More

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), the third busiest airport in the United States, according to new data from the Federal Aviation Administration,... Read More

L.A.’s art scene has always played second fiddle to its most celebrated cultural export (Hollywood movies), but in the past few years the city’s... Read More

Sure, Valentine's Day is all about romance—but for every person who looks forward to February 14 there's another one (or two, or three) who find the... Read More

In case you didn’t know, Tyra Banks is a well-diversified woman. Not only is she a model, television host, entrepreneur, and Harvard extension school... Read More

A truly dizzying flight between Los Angeles and Maui ended up becoming a flight to nowhere. Three times over.According to USA Today, Hawaiian Airlines... Read More

As a native Angeleno whose parents still live in the area, I rarely have the opportunity to stay in Los Angeles hotels. But flying through the relative... Read More

Los Angeles International Airport is the site of United Airlines’ fifth and newest Polaris lounge.The swanky 12,000-square-foot lounge is the final... Read More

Flying from coast to coast can be a brutal journey, but for travelers on a recent flight from Boston to Los Angeles, it became a nightmare.Passengers on... Read More

We love to share the experiences of others, explain the fabulous locations you should visit on your next vacation, and tell you about the incredible... Read More

This story originally appeared on American Airlines passengers were put back onto an aircraft which was forced into an emergency... Read More

Don’t just take a theme park vacation before the year’s end — cheers to Christmas and join a yuletide gathering at Universal's theme... Read More

When Amazon announced it was going to build a second headquarters, it was a year-long PR campaign that inspired endless speculation and anticipation,... Read More

Your hotel loyalty points can get you much, much more than a free night every once in a while. Like, perhaps, a night with Steven Tyler watching the... Read More

What does more than half a billion dollars get you at Los Angeles International Airport?From a first look at the new and improved 13-gate ... Read More

Universal Studios Hollywood, home to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, will host its first-ever Running Universal event next year, bringing the... Read More

Ever wanted to try a durian, the world's smelliest fruit? Or how about some maggot cheese?If either of these made your stomach churn, you’re not alone.... Read More

If you’re itching to visit Whoville after watching "The Grinch," you’re not alone. This sweet new take on the classic Christmas tale makes the... Read More

Kim Kardashian was forced to evacuate her home after the Woolsey wildfire swept through the Hidden Hills neighborhood of Calabasas on Thursday evening... Read More

Jungle may have gotten its start in West London, but the funk band’s follow-up, For Ever, is unmistakably a record inspired by California.There are two... Read More

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