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Andreas Bleckmann

It appears pizza is not on the menu when Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth get together.The royal mom of three, who celebrated her 37th birthday last... Read More

The British royal family is on a hiring spree. In 2018, the family hired a new communications assistant, a new butler, and even a kitchen porter. And... Read More

Prince William didn’t need any reminders for today’s special significance.The royal dad visited the Royal London Hospital and was announced as the... Read More

This article originally appeared on Five decades after her original descent from the Lovely London Sky, Mary Poppins is back. Talking... Read More

Thousands of travelers were stranded Wednesday and Thursday when London’s Gatwick Airport shut down after a drone flew illegally near the airport... Read More

The best holiday lights aren’t on your crazy neighbor’s house. They’re actually at the airport.In celebration of the holiday season, ground staff at... Read More

Prince George knows which parent is best to go to for help with arts and crafts projects — and it’s not his dad!After visiting Evelina London Children’s... Read More

Meghan Markle is her own woman through and through. The self-proclaimed feminist doesn’t care if she’s a royal, she will always be herself — right down... Read More

If you can’t live in a castle, go for the next best thing: an apartment fit for a royal.Well, that is, a royal before they actually became a royal,... Read More

This article originally appeared on As the official 2018 Christmas trees have made their way to cities around the world—from New York... Read More

“If you don’t like purple and peacock feathers, you better check out right away,” laughs L’Oscar London’s gracious general manager, Michael Voigt. He’s... Read More

Meeting new people isn’t always easy, especially if you are a child and the person you are meeting is the Queen of England.Wednesday morning, Queen... Read More

A royal bladder cannot wait. Especially not a tiny one.Patrons at The Phoenix, a local pub in South London, were surprised by an impromptu visit last... Read More

Even a future king has some bad habits!Prince William and Kate Middleton ended their visit to Cyprus, where they spread holiday cheer to military... Read More

Love whisky, hate people? The Napoleon Hotel in London might be the retreat of your dreams.The one-luxury-suite hotel, already home to ... Read More

The words “National Park” typically conjure mental images of expansive fields, snow-capped mountain peaks or deep canyons. However, the world is just... Read More

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s move away from the confines of Kensington Palace will be a welcome change for the couple as they prepare to welcome... Read More

For travelers city-hopping around Europe, easyJet is an affordable go-to airline. They have flights all over Europe, as well as covering some parts of... Read More

The name Covent Garden may conjure images of My Fair Lady-style cockney flower hawkers, but the market stalls actually moved across the river in 1974.... Read More

It’s snuggle time with grandpa!Although royal fans went months without a glimpse of Prince Louis, who was born April 23, they were able to see how Kate... Read More

London calls travelers for a variety of reasons: business, vacation, adventure, or simple curiosity. Steeped in history, the city tells narratives of... Read More

Meghan Markle made a fairly significant change to her hair, and there's a huge chance that you didn't even notice. And no, don't worry. That doesn't... Read More

When Prince Charles is not busy performing his royal duties, he is performing his grandfatherly ones. In the new BBC One documentary Prince, Son and... Read More

International treasure Emma Thompson, star of stage and screen, the woman who gave Mrs. Potts a second life, and the reason that Love Actually is the... Read More

Nothing sours a dream vacation more than a horrible ride home. And that couldn’t have been truer for the passengers on British Airways Flight 2036 out... Read More

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