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Prepare to test your stomach capacity in Lima, as Peru’s capital has overtaken Mexico City as Latin America’s culinary hub. From humble street food s... Read More

Prepare to test your stomach capacity in Lima, as Peru’s capital has overtaken Mexico City as Latin America’s culinary hub. From humble street food such as beef-heart skewers grilled by Anticuchos de la Tia Grimanesa to eclectic tasting menus at Central—the best restaurant in Latin America—and any number of cevicherías such as Hijo de Olaya and La Mar, your plan should be eat now, digest later. Note that in Peru, ceviche is often spelled cebiche.

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  • Amaz

    Despite its culinary riches, Peru’s Amazonian larder had been relatively under the radar—until Pedro Miguel Schiaffano (the mastermind behind acclaimed... Read More

  • Anticuchos de la Tia Grimanesa

    Anticuchos like beef-heart skewers are a revered street-food snack for Limeños, and Tia Grimanesa sizzles up some of the tastiest in the city. Starting... Read More

  • Astrid & Gastón Casa Moreyra

    Lima’s original haute-cuisine establishment was founded by Peru’s gastronomic godfather, Gastón Acurio, and pastry chef wife Astrid Gutsche. The owners... Read More

  • Central

    Super-chef Virgilio Martínez has a passion for unearthing ingredients from every corner of Peru and artfully plating them. His restaurant, Central, is a... Read More

  • Chez Wong

    Anthony Bourdain is a fan of the ceviche here. Javier Wong's ceviche spot is located in his first-floor living room, tucked away in the working-class... Read More

  • El Pan de la Chola

    This hipster bakery and coffeehouse is the trendiest spot for a caffeine injection and carb intake in Miraflores, if not all of Lima. Its warehouse-chic... Read More

  • Hijo de Olaya

    A diminutive cevichería, Hijo de Olaya takes its name from its more upmarket, parent establishment in Buenos Aires, Argentina. That’s where chef-owner... Read More

  • IK

    Stepping into IK is akin to walking into a massive vegetable cooler—the molecular tasting menu couldn't be fresher. The focus here is on organic and... Read More

  • La 73

    A casual diner on the Barranco/Miraflores border, this unassuming spot pulls out all the stops with solid, contemporary versions of Peruvian classics... Read More

  • La Lucha Sanguchería

    Every Limeño has their preferred sanguchería (sandwich shop) and it’s fair to say La Lucha tops many a discerning list. Usually standing-room only and... Read More

  • La Mar, Lima

    You can’t come to Lima without sampling Peru’s most famous dish—ceviche (you'll often see it spelled with cebiche in Peru). And while Limeños usually... Read More

  • Maido

    While Nikkei—or Peruvian/Japanese—cuisine is commonplace in Peru, it wasn’t until Nikkei chef Mitsuharu Tsumura returned from a tough training stint in... Read More

  • Osso Carnicería & Salumeria

    If your palate needs a shakeup from the Pacific’s produce, it’s worth making the trek to Osso in La Molina for a different type of protein. This hipster... Read More

  • Tanta

    For a dose of homemade Peruvian fare with a hint of European flair, head to Tanta, another of Gastón Acurio’s success stories. You could while away a... Read More

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