Tips and Articles for Latvia

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How much would you pay for a weekend getaway to Europe?Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to hand over a ton of cash to get an incredible... Read More

Because it has the world’s best collection of Art Nouveau architecture.Latvia’s early-1900s industrial boom gave birth to hundreds of Jugendstil... Read More

When the Latvian government named him director of the National Opera in 1996, Andrejs Zagars concedes, it was something of a surprise. Two directors had... Read More

It all started during a long consultation with a map.I was staring at the French Riviera, where we were thinking of spending a week. At some point my... Read More

If you're nostalgic for the bad old days of the Soviet Union, the Latvian resort city of Liepaja has just the attraction. A group aptly called KGB has... Read More

Most people aren't sure where you're heading when you tell them you're going to Latvia, but it's an absolutely delightful place. I believe the 1930's... Read More

Like many cities in central and Eastern Europe that have a long history of foreign occupation and a more recent history of dramatic transformation and... Read More

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