Tips and Articles for Kuwait

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The expats have voted and Bahrain is the best country in the world to live.The annual Expat Insider survey — which questions 12,500 respondents of 166... Read More

Flying is just part of the daily routine for pilot Mario Lopes, but he made a recent flight stand out from the rest when he surprised his son... Read More

Before the end of the year, visitors to Kuwait—as well as citizens and expats—will need to submit DNA at the International Airport before... Read More

My recent Why We Travel post discussed the potential risks of traveling to the Sochi Olympics in the wake of Russia's new anti-gay law. But the Duma is... Read More

To reach the Port of Shuwaikh from downtown Kuwait City, you drive east on Arabian Gulf Street, a six-lane thoroughfare that follows the curve of Kuwait... Read More

"Souks are full of educational tools, from merchandising to display techniques," says Majed al-Sabah, the royal Kuwaiti visionary whose unique Villa... Read More

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