Tips and Articles for Kansas

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If 2020 is your year to move somewhere fresh you might as well make your new hometown Topeka. That’s because the capital of Kansas will pay... Read More

There is a European destination for every travel palette. The honeymooners are in Positano, the art lovers are at Musée d'Orsay in Paris, the hikers are... Read More

It’s fair to say that life on the lam agrees with flamingo No. 492. The famous African flamingo has been a fugitive for an impressive 14 years... Read More

If you’ve ever dreamed of working in the aviation industry, now’s your chance. All you need to do is move to Wichita, Kansas first.For the second year... Read More

Thanksgiving travel became even more hectic than usual on Sunday as a massive winter storm complicated transportation.The storm impacted states across... Read More

This Midwestern city has earned the title for the second year in a row.If you’re raising a family—or preparing to do so—it may be time to head to the... Read More

This story originally appeared on Major American cities like New York and San Francisco have little trouble finding workers to fill... Read More

Whether you’re looking for love or just want other singles to mingle with on Valentine’s Day, you want a hometown whose opportunities are economic,... Read More

In the early hours of Wednesday, January 31 much of the U.S. will experience a majestic total lunar eclipse as the sun, Earth, and moon line up.The moon... Read More

Evel Knievel has long been a part of the popular vernacular, more a daredevil symbol than historical figure, and for the first time a museum is... Read More

OpenTable released its 100 Best Restaurants in America list for 2016 on Thursday, a ranking based on more than 10 million restaurants... Read More

The world’s tallest water slide, the Verrückt, will be torn down after 10-year-old Caleb Thomas Schwab was killed on the ride in August... Read More

This story originally appeared on A small museum in northwest Kansas that has paid homage to the losers of U.S. presidential... Read More

See our slideshow of America’s Best BBQ Restaurants.Beyond the shamrock gas station’s pumps and past the racks of Hostess cakes, a warren of tables and... Read More

No one spoke of my grandfather Kreamer, not ever. Even his given name was a mystery. All anyone seemed to know was that he had disappeared before my... Read More

See our slideshow of Must-See Green American Landmarks.From atop the High Line, the old elevated freight track that is about to debut as New York’s most... Read More

Virtually every setting—coastline, open prairie, mountain range, big city park—makes for rewarding bird-watching. One of the joys of the sport is how... Read More

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