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We’ve heard of cherry blossom season in Japan, but there’s another set of flowers blooming in Hitachi Seaside Park that are equally as stunning. The... Read More

This article originally appeared on Barack Obama will visit Hiroshima, the Japanese city that was devastated in 1945 by an atomic... Read More

Twice a year, Colin Tunstall, Josh Rosen, and Morgan Collett, the founders of the Manhattan surfboard- and-apparel company Saturdays NYC, visit their... Read More

Fans of glass-floor attractions—be they boats, wedding chapels, bridges, restaurants, or slides 1,000 feet in the air—have another item to add to their... Read More

The Japanese countryside is beautiful in winter, spring, summer, and fall, and one of the best ways to appreciate the changing scenery is by riding the... Read More

Japan’s Aichi Prefecture needed a few good ninja. So last month the local government posted a job listing, requesting applicants with skills in... Read More

Tokyo officials have announced several advances the city is making to prepare for the 2020 Olympics including altering the subway map to... Read More

For travelers, subway maps can be a struggle. Between the colors, directions, and station names, figuring out which way you need to go can be one of the... Read More

If cat cafes aren't quite your thing, you've got options—specifically, you can now visit an eatery in Tokyo's Roppongi District filled with hedgehogs.... Read More

Police raided a members-only restaurant in Osaka, Japan on Monday after they discovered the secretive establishment was serving tiger blowfish liver, a... Read More

The Easter Bunny may reign supreme this weekend, but there’s one place where rabbits hold court all year round. Okunoshima, Japan (unofficially... Read More

Travel in Japan is about to get a whole lot easier. A new bullet train (shinkansen) running from Tokyo to Hakodate is set to debut this Saturday that... Read More

This story originally appeared on Time.Japan's tourism agency has asked spas to welcome foreign tourists with tattoos, in the hope that a relaxed policy... Read More

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a ninja, you now have a shot. Japan's Aichi region has placed an advertisement to hire six full-time ninjas as part of... Read More

As if we needed another reason to head to Japan, news outlet Sankei is reporting that Nintendo and Universal Parks will open their... Read More

When Shuzo Nagumo makes a cocktail at Mixology Laboratory (1-6-1 Yaesu, 3rd floor, Chuo-ku; 81-3-6262-3946), the process often resembles a science... Read More

Now is the time to be in Tokyo. Thanks to warmer-than-usual temperatures, Hama-rikyu Gardens are currently a-blossom with vibrant yellow rapeseed... Read More

Like Czechoslovakian and French cars before them, Japanese cars are finally getting their due in the global collector market, with innovative limited... Read More

Fans of modern Japanese luxury accommodations can thank Emperor Meiji for the experience. In 1868, he decided to westernize Japan, setting up... Read More

One of the most fun things to do in Tokyo is to visit the famous Tsukiji Fish Market first thing in the morning, so make time to catch a tuna auction... Read More

With 30 stores from Miami to Tokyo and collections from home furnishings to men's neckwear, designer Jonathan Adler is in a constant state of motion.... Read More

On February 20 a mountain in Hokkaido, Japan will erupt. Not in the traditional explosion of lava and ash, but in a hail of snowballs: It’s the 28th... Read More

Before you jump in a taxi on your next trip to Japan, you might want to check the back seat. Several taxi drivers in Ishinomaki, in Northern Japan’s... Read More

David Chang may be at the heart of New York's restaurant scene, but his food loving heart lies thousands of miles to the east—in Tokyo.In the most... Read More

Otaku cafes are not a new thing—you're likely to catch a glimpse of one (or two) around every corner in Japan. But let's step back a minute with a ... Read More

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