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Shuri Castle, the 500-year old UNESCO Heritage Site and one of Okinawa’s most beloved historical sites, went ablaze on Thursday, just before 2:40 a... Read More

Authorities in Japan believe they have found the body of a man who fell while he was live-streaming his ascent up Mt. Fuji, according to CNN.Rescue... Read More

There’s no better way to see the world than on two wheels.You don’t have to be a Tour de France winner in order to enjoy a long, scenic bike ride.... Read More

The changing leaves are as quintessentially autumn as pumpkin spice lattes and cozy sweaters. There’s no better way to enjoy the fall colors than... Read More

In more than 150 countries around the globe, youths are taking to the streets this Friday as part of the Global Climate Strike with the aim of getting... Read More

We spend so much time, money, and energy planning a vacation, so it should be a given that where we go should also give us a sense of security as well... Read More

At 80, the Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama has been taking photographs for decades, publishing nearly 150 books of his work. His photographs... Read More

y express the culture of each country, city, or region.The list was curated by James Beard Award-winning writer Besha Rodell, who has been reporting on... Read More

Residents of Taiwan and the southern Japanese islands are preparing for the arrival of Typhoon Lekima. The storm, which could become a super... Read More

There’s a reason Japan was Travel + Leisure’s 2018 Destination of the Year — from the snow-laden north to Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing to the tropical... Read More

As oppressive temperatures sweep the world this summer, you don’t need to abandon air conditioning once you leave the office. Sony is developing a... Read More

Travelers looking to experience what it’s like to fly over one of the world’s best airports can now do so straight from the comfort of their room at the... Read More

I recently went on a trip to Los Angeles with a friend, and after just one day and night together my voice was starting to give out. We were talking... Read More

Spanning more than 17 million square miles, the world’s largest continent is home to over half of the earth’s population. This is Asia: a beautiful,... Read More

When it comes to urban charms, Travel + Leisure readers just can’t get enough of Mexico. San Miguel de Allende, which topped our list for the past two... Read More

 Airports are often the places where a traveler gets their first impression of a country. Delicious dining options are remembered fondly, for... Read More

As the world’s largest metropolis, Tokyo boasts hotel options that are fittingly extraordinary and seemingly limitless. The competition to remain at the... Read More

There are endless reasons to visit Asia’s dynamic, culture-rich cities, from the centuries-old Forbidden City grounds in Beijing to the cutting-edge... Read More

After drinking on velvet furniture in dark lounges all winter, we’re ready for spritzy cocktails in sunny bars with the best views of skylines and... Read More

“The concept of mottainai, or no waste, is strong in the Japanese culture,” Silvia Yamawaki explains to me as we stroll through the sleepy streets of... Read More

When a zoo in Japan engaged in some emergency drills, they had no idea it would also turn into a big PR event.Tobe Zoological Park in Ehime Prefecture,... Read More

Certain places in the world — including the Everglades in Florida and Mount Elgon in Kenya — offer an extra dose of magic, boasting such outstanding... Read More

If most of your summer vacation days are already spoken for, there’s no reason to put off planning something special for the winter. Need ideas? Start... Read More

When traveling abroad, it’s important to not seem like an obnoxious tourist wherever you go.After all, you wouldn’t want to give other tourists a bad... Read More

As every well-traveled person knows, getting from one end of the airport to the other can be a trek — especially when you have a short period of time to... Read More

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