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The hotel industry goes back way further than you might think. Sure, there are classic properties in historic cities such as Paris and Rome,... Read More

As I walk into the Hinotani Onsen at Misugi Resort, I’m hit with a mixture of scents from cedar to hops. This being my first onsen experience in Japan,... Read More

2019 may seem far away, but planning next year's travel now could save you some serious cash. Especially if traveling to Tokyo for the famed cherry... Read More

Scott Gilman is a member of Travel + Leisure’s A-List, a collection of the top travel advisors in the world, and can help plan your perfect getaway... Read More

Princess Ayako of Japan’s decision to follow her heart is making headlines around the world.According to an official announcement on Tuesday by Japan’s... Read More

Why drive when you can float, pedal, or just wander? The latest offerings from several veteran tour operators let you go beyond the well-trod... Read More

In Japan, home to tens of thousands of mineral-rich onsens (hot springs), hydrotherapy isn’t just an occasional indulgence—but rather a way of life. I... Read More

When traveling in Japan, there are a few iconic things every first-time visitor should see, such as the cherry blossom bloom, the geishas performing... Read More

If you’ve ever hauled a bottle of Genever home from Amsterdam or flown to Scotland in pursuit of a choice single-malt, you’ll want to read these... Read More

This article originally appeared on A Japanese railway company has issued an official apology after one of its trains departed the... Read More

Checking Japan off your bucket list could soon be cheaper than ever: The country's flag carrier just announced it's launching a new... Read More

In what could very well be the most fantastical way to relive your childhood, you can fully immerse yourself in Nintendo 64 nostalgia with a Mario Kart... Read More

Riding a roller coaster can be exhilarating, but a few thrillseekers in Japan got more excitement than they bargained for.Riders on the Flying Dinosaur... Read More

When 112-year-old Masazo Nonaka, now officially the oldest man alive, isn’t watching television or indulging in desserts, he can often be spotted... Read More

A dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do. And sometimes a dog has to chase any weird-looking cars it sees.And a Google Street View car probably looks... Read More

Over the weekend, Reddit user bibimbopbop proved just how helpful the good people of the internet can be when she posted that she forgot her passport in... Read More

Those looking for an easy way to plan a trip that includes visiting local gems, this program may be the answer.Through the travel... Read More

Hanami, the Japanese spring ritual of picnicking among the vibrant pink cherry blossoms, creates a heightened sense of magic for the lucky travelers who... Read More

Tokyo’s cherry blossoms may be in full bloom, but that isn’t the biggest story coming out of Japan today. No no, that title belongs to the other Bloom —... Read More

Hooters is not exactly known as a place where serious business is done. But that might be about to change.One Hooters location in Tokyo is... Read More

It’s the perfect time to enjoy hanami in Tokyo, the traditional Japanese custom of cherry blossom viewing while contemplating life's... Read More

In Japan, spring is an occasion for social outings, serene walks in nature, and plenty of selfies taken next to cherry trees coated in candy-pink... Read More

Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighborhood is not known for its subdued entertainment.On one street, flashing lights advertise a “robot restaurant” experience. Those... Read More

Google Street View is an excellent way of “putting yourself inside the map,” so-to-speak, in order to become familiar with a new place. But Street View... Read More

This article originally appeared on LONDON — Coca-Cola is set to launch its first ever alcoholic drink.The soft drink company is... Read More

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