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What started out as a dream vacation on board a Princess Cruise bound for Japan quickly turned into a nightmare when the coronavirus broke out. The ship... Read More

Traveling with a dog can be difficult. On top of having to pay extra for your airfare, managing your beloved pet’s stress levels and making sure they... Read More

The Sapporo Snow Festival, an annual event in Hokkaido, Japan, is known its towering sculptures and snowball fights — but this year, the festival... Read More

Update (February 10, 2020): 135 passengers on the Diamond Princess ship have now been diagnosed with coronavirus. Japanese news service NHK ... Read More

Your next flight to Tokyo might be a lot more scenic.Over the weekend, Tokyo’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism kicked... Read More

To fully understand the culture of the Olympics, you have to experience it firsthand.My crash-course in Olympics life was working at the London 2012... Read More

The year 2020 may mark the beginning of a new decade, but perhaps most importantly, a new Olympic season. And while the Summer 2020 Olympics is just... Read More

Olympians at the Tokyo 2020 games will be sleeping on cardboard beds, according to Associated Press.Organizers of the games say that the cardboard is... Read More

Japan has the most powerful passport in the world — a feat the Asian nation continues to hold on to — according to the Henley Passport Index, which... Read More

Japanese car company Toyota isn’t just investing in building a new building, or even a Silicon Valley-style campus like Google or Apple — it’s building... Read More

One of Tokyo’s most well-known metro stations was relocated on Friday to a brand-new platform, in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.Shibuya... Read More

Japan Airlines will give away 50,000 free round-trip tickets to international visitors next summer. But the lucky winners won’t be jetting off to the... Read More

I’m a seasoned traveler with an intuitive sense of direction and a knack for Google Maps. I have successfully navigated cities across the... Read More

The Japanese island of Miyajima, famous for its orange torii gate, will now charge tourists a tax to visit.The island, a short ferry ride away from... Read More

You don’t have to settle for vanilla any longer.A sweet, frosty ice cream cone is a quintessential dessert, but if you’re an adventurous foodie, you... Read More

Bridges aren’t usually the first thing you think of when choosing where to go on vacation, but these often-overlooked passageways can be architectural... Read More

The famous sushi restaurant from the documentary "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" just lost one of its status symbols — three Michelin stars.According to the... Read More

If privacy isn’t an issue, you can stay in a Japanese hotel for practically free.Tetsuya Inoue is 27 years old and runs the Asahi Ryokan, owned by his... Read More

The editors of Travel + Leisure have teamed up with Black Tomato—a company known for securing insider experiences—on a series of one-of-a-kind journeys... Read More

A record-breaking “five shining star” snow crab was auctioned off for $46,000 in Japan last week.The 2.7-pound crab became the most expensive in the... Read More

Amid reports of bad tourist behavior, a neighborhood in Japan’s Kyoto has banned unwanted photography on roads frequented by geishas.The... Read More

On my first trip to Kyoto almost three years ago, I attended a tea ceremony held in the filtered winter light of a machiya—a traditional wooden... Read More

Forget Santa. Overseas, you might be celebrating the holidays with St. Nick’s evil counterpart — the Krampus.Unique, strange, and somewhat “darker”... Read More

Sports fans will often do just about anything to get to or from a game and The Duke of Sussex is no different.Prince Harry was spotted flying on... Read More

There is no shortage of man-made thrills in this world. But we have a special fondness for the roller coaster.Since they were invented in the mid-18th... Read More

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