Japan Travel Guide

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Visit Japan to experience a land where cutting-edge modernity coexists with ancient tradition. Tokyo -- Japan’s capital city -- is one of the world’s premier technology hubs. With a population of more than 13 million people, the urban center is a spectacular, shimmering neon-lit metropolis, with a raucous nightlife, delicious food and a vibrant art, theater and music scene. But Japan travel shouldn’t end with Tokyo. The city of Kyoto is a cultural treasure, where one can watch geishas dance in traditional garb before stopping to reflect on the experience at a peaceful Zen rock garden.

Things Not to Miss in Japan

• Hiking in the Japan Alps, which boast breathtaking views
 • Watching geishas perform traditional dances in Kyoto
 • Singing Karaoke, a popular national pastime, in one of Tokyo’s countless bars
 • Dining on fresh sashimi at one of Tokyo’s many world-class sushi restaurants, or chowing down on a steaming bowl of ramen at any one of the multitude of noodle bars that stud the city
 • Going to a baseball game, a sport that is hugely popular in the country

When to Go to Japan

Ideally, it’s best to travel to Japan in spring or autumn, when temperatures remain pleasant. Spring may be the best season to visit as the country erupts in a flood of pink cherry blossoms from mid-March until mid-April. If possible, avoid Japan in the summer, which tends to be wet, humid and uncomfortably hot affair.

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