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A French couple who stole sand from their Italian beach vacation is facing up to six years in prison for their illegal souvenir.The white sands of... Read More

y express the culture of each country, city, or region.The list was curated by James Beard Award-winning writer Besha Rodell, who has been reporting on... Read More

Staying at the Rooms of Rome is about as close as you can get to spending the night in a contemporary art museum. The new apartment-hotel can be found... Read More

The Italian government has had it with cruise ships. On Wednesday, officials announced they will start rerouting the massive boats away from the... Read More

The Spanish Steps have always provided a welcome — and iconic — resting point for visitors to Rome, but now, taking a moment to sit and kick back on the... Read More

Heidi Klum and husband Tom Kaulitz set sail on their wedding festivities on one of the world’s most romantic luxury yachts.The couple chartered the... Read More

Picture it: trading in the hot, crowded subway for fresh, open air. Losing the skyscrapers for the rippling expanse of the ocean.The Big Apple... Read More

Touring the Italian countryside by vintage Jeep is a great way to spend the day — add in multiple wine tastings and Tuscan lunch and you’ve got the... Read More

It’s a special year for Aperol, as the Italian liqueur is celebrating its 100th birthday in 2019. Aperol was created by brothers Luigi and Silvio... Read More

The sun was starting to wane one fall evening, and while the air had a slight crisp bite to it, we had settled at a table on the balcony in Milan anyway... Read More

If you’re taking a trip to Europe with kids, don’t just drag them around to the major cities. Spice things up and make a stop at one of the continent’s... Read More

There’s nothing reasonable about NYC rent. On average, New Yorkers pay over $4,000 a month for a modest space, according to data pulled by RENT Café, an... Read More

Travelers to Rome can have it all — a completely renovated five-star hotel and a location that’s steps from some of the ancient city’s most iconic... Read More

T+L launched Operation Vacation to inspire workers to use their days off and get away, offering exclusive travel discounts as incentive. For the latest... Read More

As if exploring Italy’s countryside by car wasn't romantic enough, you can now make the trip in a reimagined Spiaggina — the iconic, oh-so-Italian car... Read More

From France to Italy and Sweden to Switzerland, Europe is no stranger to incredible hotels. Considering the sheer number of beautiful and historic... Read More

I went to Florence, Italy in 2013 to study Art History and Italian, with romantic dreams of ancient streets and cathedrals, Renaissance art, Tuscan... Read More

When it comes to the best European cities in readers’ eyes, one nation reigns supreme. For the third year running, Italy has dominated the top urban... Read More

When it comes to urban charms, Travel + Leisure readers just can’t get enough of Mexico. San Miguel de Allende, which topped our list for the past two... Read More

Italy is renowned for its homegrown hotels. While other countries can sometimes feel dominated by the same international brands, the classic, family-run... Read More

European culture, history, and food only get better when paired with the relaxation quotient of an island. The spectacular coastlines of the best... Read More

Europe’s top resort hotels are synonymous with old-world grandeur, exacting service, and over-the-top amenities. And while these attributes may conjure... Read More

Many of Europe’s best city hotels have the built-in benefit of centuries’ worth of history. You see it in the lavish design, the white-glove service,... Read More

Visitors to the Eternal City can count on the constancy of its allure, with its ancient ruins, vibrant street life, and plates of pasta worthy of the... Read More

The romance of Venice, which comprises 118 islands, more than makes up for the occasional nuisance of the flooding that results from rising tides. ... Read More

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