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A large freshwater prawn poked its head out of a coconut-frond basket. Another followed, then another. They shimmied up, then dove to the sandy ground,... Read More

As the death toll in Indonesia rises due to major flooding, the country is now cloud seeding in an attempt to combat the rain around Jakarta. ... Read More

According to the Global Wellness Institute, wellness tourism is a $639 billion industry that’s growing by 6.5 percent every year. And once you land at... Read More

There’s no better way to experience a local culture than through its food. You can discover so much about a country’s history and values by how people... Read More

A trip to Asia is a far-flung event with ancient temples, diverse cuisines, and colorful traditions. But there’s also a darker side to experience, one... Read More

Upon landing at Ngurah Rai International Airport, you quickly become aware that you’re about to experience a vacation so much bigger than yourself.... Read More

A pond in Indonesia, where villagers used to wash their laundry, is now a bona fide tourist destination known as the “Instagram Pond.”The transformation... Read More

On Thursday, Indonesian officials announced Komodo Island, the popular tourist destination filled with giant lizards, will remain open to visitors.... Read More

What makes a place green? Well, that depends on how you define it. For some countries, like Indonesia, it’s all about building a school with sustainable... Read More

In more than 150 countries around the globe, youths are taking to the streets this Friday as part of the Global Climate Strike with the aim of getting... Read More

Somewhere over the rainbow is your next dream vacation.You don’t always have to wait for a nice, spring or summer rain in order to get a spectacular... Read More

 Gourmet Escape%image2Where: Western AustraliaWhen: November 2019With big names and even bigger menus, Western Australia’s Gourmet Escape promises... Read More

The hot Balinese sun bears down on me as I walk a little quicker to the open-air Dharma Shanti Yoga Bale at the Four Seasons Sayan. I’m headed to have... Read More

Indonesia is getting a new capital city thanks to climate change.On Monday, Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo announced his country’s plan to build an... Read More

Just because you can’t afford an overwater bungalow or a Maldives hotel with private butler service, doesn’t mean you can’t take a beach vacation. Once... Read More

The advent of social media forever changed the game when it comes to customer satisfaction. Though most brands are dealing with it by hiring an army of... Read More

Whether you consider yourself to be a surfer or not, you’re likely influenced by surf culture. If you drop a “dude” from time-to-time, highlight your... Read More

I recently went on a trip to Los Angeles with a friend, and after just one day and night together my voice was starting to give out. We were talking... Read More

Spanning more than 17 million square miles, the world’s largest continent is home to over half of the earth’s population. This is Asia: a beautiful,... Read More

When it comes to urban charms, Travel + Leisure readers just can’t get enough of Mexico. San Miguel de Allende, which topped our list for the past two... Read More

The flight time (and resulting jet lag) required to get to Asia from the U.S. is no joke. But the heaps of praise readers bestowed on the best islands... Read More

Despite the time it takes to get to many of the best Asian resorts, making the journey is totally worth it to T+L readers. The properties that travelers... Read More

One of the greatest rewards of traveling — discovering the new — is reflected in T+L readers’ picks for the world’s best islands. Not only do several... Read More

Over the past several years, one island has dominated as the most alluring vacation draw in Indonesia: Bali. It’s resort central for this nation of more... Read More

Vacation season is officially here, and even if you haven’t booked a getaway or mapped out a road trip, there’s still time to get one on your calendar.... Read More

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