Things to Do in India

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In Bangalore, India's Silicon Valley, this gallery space allows a respite from the city's frenzy. Come to talk about art or microchips. Read More

Celiano Godin began selling pianos in Quetta (now part of Pakistan) in 1900 and opened his first Delhi showroom in 1940 near Kashmiri Gate. The shop... Read More

This design team creates handsome modern home accessories (chocolate silk cushions, ivory velvet with felt appliqué bedspreads) that would suit a... Read More

Ah, what it must feel like to propel oneself inside a giant see-through ball. (Well, actually, I wouldn’t know.) But friends who’ve gone “zorbing” love... Read More

Embark on a 10-day culinary tour of India, offered by Our Personal Guest, that centers around agni, or fire. Created by Indian food expert Camellia... Read More

Though it’s a bit out of the way (20 to 30 minutes from Connaught Place by taxi), this tiny shop has one of the city’s truly epic selections... Read More

In a fantastic tribute to bravery and sophistication in aviation, the Air Force Museum is divided into an indoor and outdoor section. Indoors you’ll... Read More

Inspired by a temple of the same name in Gandhinagar, a visit to Delhi’s Akshardham might be more of an education in the Hindu religion than a... Read More

Located within the spanking-new hotel in Gurgaon, this spa is the only one in the city to exclusively use L’Occitane products. We’ve all had at least... Read More

The plugged-in, South Africa–based luxury outfitter (formerly known as CC Africa) owns 46 lodges and camps across Africa and in India. T+L Trip Pick:... Read More

The market is a riot of jewelry, spices, wandering cows, Gujarati tribeswomen, and, yes, tourists—because the shopping was so good.... Read More

Years as agent: 28. Other specialty: India. Consulting fee: From $500. Read More

If you’d had too much city life and need a little time out in Mother Nature, venture to the Biodiversity Park, which has carved out 576 acres of green... Read More

A bookshop filled with travel guides, maps, and limited-edition photographic essays. Read More

Started by a ballet teacher and choreographer, Asarante came to being when an Artist Without Borders scholar came to India to study classical dance.... Read More

With so few Baha’i houses of worship around the world, this temple is genuinely one of a kind. Built in the shape of a lotus flower with 27 free... Read More

Best for: Tigers, leopards, nilgai, hog deer, wild boar... Read More

A home-goods emporium launched by Belgian designer Valerie Barkowski and textile exporter Sunita Namjoshi. Read More

Love the jangling bangles you see on the wrists of every sari-clad lady in the capital? Delhi-based fashion designer Manish Arora always looks for... Read More

Sophisticated housewares and clothing. Read More

High-grade, high-priced yellow gold and vintage textiles. Read More

Bharat Thakur’s impatience with drab yoga reduced to only a few asanas on one hand (or leg!) and ‘pop’ yoga on the other made him go forth and develop... Read More

If you’re a birder at heart, you may like to visit Bharatpur where over 230 species of birds have made a home. The sanctuary is officially known as... Read More

New York–based stylist Gurmeet Pia Fleming caters to women of a certain stature; her store is the perfect place to find a handsomely tailored suit... Read More

Officially named the Laxminarayan Temple, this beautiful Hindu temple is commonly known as the Birla Mandir in honor of the family of industrialists... Read More

Of all the Diwali Melas (fairs), this is the one to hit. Every Diwali, homes all over India go through a tiny bit of home improvement and it starts here... Read More

Let’s face it, you’ll need some calming down after swimming through the sea of people at Hauz Khas Village. Blossom Kochhar is an old hand at natural... Read More

This Bombay transplant has leapt to the top spot—as far as serious music is concerned—with its own recording studios, production label and online player... Read More

The gallery represents luminary painter Atul Dodiya. Read More

A swap-meet-style market for spices and people-watching. Read More

Everyone from Bollwood stars Karishma Kapoor to Lara Dutta has picked up pieces at this trendsetter. Creative director Priya Kishore has highly... Read More

This shop made its name almost a decade ago selling contemporary furnishings; two years ago, Yves Saint Laurent and Lanvin vet Mathieu Gugumus-Leguillon... Read More

A heritage-house museum with a lovely restaurant. Read More

In New Delhi, there’s no point in listing “walks in the park” as a favorite activity for would-be dates; there’s no such park in which to take a walk.... Read More

The 2,134-acre reserve in the center of Delhi is populated with jackals and wild boar. Read More

A Tibetan antiquarian shop. Read More

Explore Old Delhi's half-mile-long bazaar. At the street's western end, in the warren of the Khari Baoli spice market, thousands of burlap sacks... Read More

This one isn’t for the faint-hearted. Located in Old Delhi, this market has only grown in size, scale and legend. Sometimes it feels like every single... Read More

The latest outpost of the contemporary-art giant. Read More

Among the least known of India's architectural oddities, the Chettiar mansions are so fanciful and hyperbolic as to rival Disney. Crowded together in... Read More

The Chhatarpur Temple (proper name Shri Aadya Katyayani Shakti Peetham) is the second-largest in Delhi, with a huge main edifice dedicated to the... Read More

A great source for silks and embroidered fabrics. Read More

Once the finest royal residence in the country, this palace in the old city was a derelict Xanadu for decades. Read More

Unbeatable access to experiences around the globe—learning firsthand about a family-run organic coffee plantation in the Galápagos; dining... Read More

Or is it Emporia? I’ve never been sure about this. Regardless, craft artisans from states across India show off their wares in this row of emporiums at... Read More

Best for: Tigers, wild elephants (as opposed to the ones you can ride), crocodiles, 600 species of birds... Read More

Conveniently located just five minutes from the famed Qutab Minar, the Crescent functions as Delhi’s Rodeo Drive or Madison Avenue: all the top... Read More

We’ve come to love our evenings at Zorba, a farmhouse in Chatarpur that occasionally opens its gates to the residents of Delhi for diverse cultural... Read More

If you’d like to bicycle off into the sunset, the cycling trail at Surajkund is extremely popular—and safer than navigating Delhi traffic. Vivanta by... Read More

At the 2,500-square-foot store, near Bandra, seven of Delhi's best talents showcase their designs. Look for colorful bags from Manish Arora, a favorite... Read More

Near Chennai, this village of reconstructed houses typical of southern India, hosts Muslim silk-mat weavers, who practice and sell their craft. Read More

The lake you see at Hauz Khas is actually part of this park, which is divided into four wings, all embodying what they say on the signs:  Rose... Read More

Real-life Bambi’s roaming free on unending stretches of grass among rose gardens and old monuments—it’s enough to make any of us yearn to run free. This... Read More

The curators of this gallery are known for their persistence in supporting their artists of choice. DAG owns most of its collection (as opposed to... Read More

If you’ve eaten your fill on the previous tour, you may want to work it off by cycling through town. On this tour, your group of up to nine people is... Read More

As many people will attest, the best route to a city’s heart may run through your stomach. DFW was started by one man on a mission to discover Delhi... Read More

Although there are many heritage monuments dotted around the city, I think the Heritage Walk is an excellent way to connect the historical dots, since... Read More

With its third year successfully completed, the Delhi International Jazz Festival has hit its groove. Nehru Park, with its fairy lights and dulcet... Read More

The city’s network of speedy steel carriages carries 2.4 million people every single day. What a great spot to watch people! For fun, give up the seat... Read More

Of all the things I love about this spa, what I appreciate most is the natural light. Treatment rooms here are smartly constructed to offer an al fresco... Read More

Delhi has several open-air craft markets, crowded with stalls and street food vendors. One of the best is the six-acre Dilli Haat bazaar, featuring... Read More

This open-air market is rather like Connaught Place, but on a smaller scale; instead of shops, flea-market style stalls here are crammed with artwork... Read More

Thanks to its status as capital, New Delhi welcomes the diplomatic community from across the globe (whether they stay in India for a few days or a few... Read More

This is the highest-end of the city’s chain of Vasant Kunj malls. The big designer brands carried here attract even bigger aspirations, so this is where... Read More

Talk about going underground for your music. This spot in the basement of Mediterranean restaurant Zo is located in the historic-turned-hipster... Read More

Stop in for beautiful crepe tops, silk dresses, and pearl jewelry. Read More

This gallery has that rare but beautiful quality of making strong points without appearing to take itself too seriously. Even though it displays an... Read More

Traditional clothing and linens in block-printed cottons. Read More

If anyone has ever brought you a little gift that’s quintessentially Indian, it probably came from Fabindia. Indians love it because it was the first... Read More

I think it’s safe to say that the Taj Mahal is already on most travelers’ lists. While you’re headed there, take a 45 minute detour to the ancient... Read More

Works ranging from drawings to video populate this arts space. Read More

At the 2009-opened gallery, which includes a cozy café and bookshop, the focus is on young, burgeoning Indian painters and sculptors, with pieces... Read More

The cavernous gallery packs a former cotton warehouse with groundbreaking installations by local and international artists. Read More

If you’ve had your fill of dynastic history and feel up to exploring the more recent political past, Gandhi Smriti is a museum dedicated to the life and... Read More

By contrast, this garden is relatively quite new. Opened in 2003, the Garden of Five Senses was designed to neutralize the sensory overload that the... Read More

You go through a dusty warren of streets and arrive at the massive ramparts and stone walls. In the 17th century, the citadel was able to stave off the... Read More

Stop in for chic, often whimsical furniture, kitchenware, and china, as well as delicious-smelling bath products. Read More

The museum is set north and west of the old seaside fort in a part of the city built on a grid, an early example of urban planning in British India. It... Read More

Also known by “GK,” this neighborhood is divided into GK-I and GK-II. GK-II has us hopping over piles of stuff, as shop-owners strategically spill out... Read More

Since 1979, the Cambata family have used their deep Indian roots to guide travelers on journeys to the Indian subcontinent. Based in Chicago, Greaves... Read More

Besides being a prominent house of worship for the Sikh faith, the cool marble and large pool of holy water found here is a sight for sore eyes any day... Read More

The museum was the home of the sixth nizam, who ruled from 1869 to 1911. Read More

This market is a straight-up hipster’s paradise—and a treasure trove for any shopper who likes to support up-and-coming designers and niche stores that... Read More

Rural India meets valet parking at this 15th-century settlement, which has since been transformed into a shopping center with a faux-rustic theme. Among... Read More

This brilliantly curated museum sheds  light on things that have moved us forward—meaning physical distance, as well as societal and industrial... Read More

We in Delhi are getting quite used to music festivals. But there’s only one that combines it with the festival of color—Holi. It combines a smattering... Read More

If you’d prefer cruising down the roads rather than walking them, you’ll love the HOHO bus service. After all, if you’re going to get familiar with the... Read More

Built during the 1560s in honor of India’s second Moghul emperor, this magnificent monument is perhaps Delhi’s most awe-inspiring sight. Its... Read More

Also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this must be the world’s most stunning final resting stop. It’s a fantastic example of the merging of design... Read More

No matter how old or young you are, we all scream for ice cream. Especially at India Gate. The men on cycles with attached ice cream carts are as much a... Read More

This blink-and-you’ll-miss-it nook hidden off the parking lot of the Imperial hotel has a small but worthy selection of jewelry— as well as... Read More

Started as recently as 2008, this is the biggest and best show of art in the city. More than 80 contemporary artists from local towns and international... Read More

This multipurpose hub is a magnetic force for the culturally inclined, attracting real and aspiring intellectuals from all over New Delhi. You’re as... Read More

This, the country’s largest museum, is a vast and stolid colonial edifice full of unheralded oddities and treasures hidden in plain sight. Read More

The temple, built in 1998, features high-tech robots of Krishna and Arjuna, and the temple's patron. Read More

A graphic Puri temple. Read More

This stunning mosque—one of the largest in the country—is a must-see monument. The interior has incredibly intricate tilework, and the building itself,... Read More

If you happen to be in Delhi over Eid, head over to Jama Masjid. Rows upon neat rows of people bow their head in prayer at the mosque; the simple... Read More

Thousands gather each day to pray at this beautiful Moghul-era mosque; as well as being the city’s principal place of worship, it’s the largest and most... Read More

Built in 1724 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II of Jaipur, the Jantar Mantar is a collection of oversized astronomy instruments ranging from sun dials to... Read More

It’s only a compliment to the architectural genius of Maharaja Jai Singh II’s team that we can’t say with absolute certainty how the astronomical... Read More

This trust supports local artisans and preserves traditional crafts in Kutch, including embroidery. Read More

Best for: Tigers, swamp deer, mongoose, leopards, wild boar, golden jackals, 300 bird species... Read More

In Sanskrit, kaya kalp means rejuvenation—and this salon stays true to its name with Indian rituals of wellness. The Ayurvedic treatments are created to... Read More

A 99,000-square-foot Mughal fantasy with mother-of-pearl–inlaid floors, fruit-tree–filled gardens, and traditional ayurvedic offerings. Read More

Best for: One-horned rhinoceros, tigers, (wild) elephants, wild buffalo, monitor lizards, and water birds like the bar-headed goose, grey-headed lapwing... Read More

Best for: Storks, cranes, eagles, and hawks, pythons, porcupines, wild boar, nilgai (literally “blue cow”), India’s largest native... Read More

The city’s highest-priced retail district is initially unassuming: a warren of narrow lanes lined with drab old functional blocks, some of which... Read More

It’s the king of all markets. This is what childhood memories are made up of, especially since it housed the city’s only Big Chill back in the day. Now... Read More

This is an expedition with a shopping agenda in mind. Khurja is a village in Uttar Pradesh that is famous for its potters. In fact, most of the ceramics... Read More

It’s difficult to feel anything less than awe when you walk past the decked up elephants and men on stilts, into the larger-than-life palace structures... Read More

Step into the chambers of Kiran Nadar—a private collector who created this space to share his favorite works of art with the world at large. “Large”... Read More

South Indian–style gold baubles as well as silver boxes, bowls, chalices, and cups. Read More

A treasure trove of affordable silver and Tibetan beads, as well as vintage trunks costing up to $4,000. Read More

The shops and stalls  in this market are overflowing with daily Indian wear, heavier occasion wear, fabric, buttons, borders, studs, slippers and... Read More

The former seat of the royal family, built in the 17th century, offers panoramic views of Leh and its surroundings. Read More

This is one of the most popular picnic spots in the city. The tombs and walled monuments within the 90-acre space of undulating greens lend a sense of... Read More

One of the world's greatest urban parks, the treetops are aflutter with birds: black drongos, Indian tree pies, mynahs, red-vented bulbuls. The park is... Read More

Right by the airport is a stretch of tiny hotels, whose business I don’t really want to acquaint myself with—but their myriad signs brightly ablaze in... Read More

Best for: Tigers, water buffalo, rhinos, (wild) elephants, golden langur, (a rare orange-furred monkey), Bengal florican (an endangered two-foot-tall... Read More

Check out the innumerable starfish that wash up on this 550-yard beach. Read More

Set on a high plateau 25 bumpy miles from Ahilya Fort is the abandoned sixth-century city of Mandu, built by the Muslim Ruler Hoshang Shah and famed for... Read More

Wildly inventive designer Manish Arora samples global imagery for his embroidered and patchwork clothing in his Fish Fry collection. Snap up a pair of... Read More

The tumbeldown manse was built during the 19th century by the trader Raja Rajendra Mullick to accommodate a strange hoard of Chinese urns and ornate... Read More

This Madurai temple was built in the 16th-century. There are those who refer to Madurai as a power center, claiming that the earth around the old temple... Read More

Textile designer Meera Mehta has a superb sense of color and works with weavers around the country. Read More

Touted as the new market on the block, this block is crammed with design heroes, French bistros and everything cool in between. With its line-up of new... Read More

Owner Sangita Sinh Kathiwada carries more than 20 mostly eco-friendly brands, including classic kurtas, tunics, and caftans with a modern spin. Read More

More than 40 years of experience arranging hiking, trekking, rafting, and kayaking excursions, with group or private itineraries. t+l trip pick Alaska:... Read More

The Museum: Who knew that toilet artifacts date back to 2500 B.C.?This museum displays those primitive relics and details the evolution of toilets... Read More

Five incredible floors of fabrics from throughout the south—Kanchipuram silks and saris, cottons and ready-made clothes—and packed with... Read More

This beautiful building near India Gate is home to a faultlessly curated collection of modern artworks. If you’re afraid of running into work you don’t... Read More

If clothes make the man, can we look at sartorial history to tell us a story? The National Handicrafts & Handlooms Museum (also known as the... Read More

We couldn’t get this far down the list without stopping to smell the roses. The National Rose Garden has clusters of flowers, both indigenous and exotic... Read More

If you want to feel like royalty for a day, Neemrana Fort Palace is where you can head with your entourage. A 15th century fort, it has now been... Read More

The stars above us are also a best seller for children. India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, was an advocate for building strong minds for... Read More

These days, a new generation of Indian design brands are making fun, quirky merchandise using Indian symbols like turbans and moustaches, black-and... Read More

If you want to check out the Goa music scene, this dusty, open-air disco is a reliable spot. Read More

As the tomb of famous Sufi saint Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya—as well as renowned poet Amir Khusro— this vibrant dargah, or shrine, keeps its Sufi origins... Read More

Come in for brightly colored shawls made of kashgar, a fine sheer cashmere gauze. Read More

The stall stocks opulently embroidered dresses from Gaurav Gupta, silk chiffon tops from Gauri & Nainika, and Pashma-brand cashmere stoles. Read More

Purana Quila was built in 1500 AD and is rumored to be the same site as the mythological city of Indraprastha. It now houses the Delhi Zoo, and a... Read More

This enormously popular nightspot originally set up in South Delhi but has since relocated to the white-gravel-strewn grounds of the Hotel Diplomat, an... Read More

This sacred island in the Narmada River 34 miles upstream from the Ahilya Fort is the site of an important Shiva temple, the Mandhatta Jyotirling, and... Read More

Best for: Giant Malabar squirrels, (wild) elephants, guar (giant bison), bird lifeLogistics: Located in the Western Ghat mountain range, this... Read More

Even if we continue to be exposed to list after online list of must-see photographs, the stunning exhibitions at Photoink will never go out of style.... Read More

Trained from the Sivananda School, Poorna Yoga’s lovely teachers will match their pace of progress to yours, as opposed to the other way around. Which... Read More

In an industrial-chic gallery, Pratap is the signature line of designer Rajesh Pratap Singh, who favors elegantly restrained silhouettes and updated... Read More

This India-based women's collective sells silk scarves embroidered in the centuries-old chikankari style, as well as handbags and kurtas. Read More

This towering minar—which can be spotted from many places in the city—was commissioned to issue the azan (call to prayer) and tells a beautiful tale of... Read More

In many of the older towns in England, city planning laws require that the dome or steeple of a particular cathedral must always be in plain view. I... Read More

If it’s possible to have such a thing as a favorite monument, I think this would be Delhi’s. Even though it now works as a signpost for how close or how... Read More

If you want to boost your street cred, join one of Raahgiri’s events. Usually held on Sunday mornings in Gurgaon (except during the summer months),... Read More

The largest moviemaking facility in the world, yet the films and TV shows it cranks out each year are rarely shown outside the state. Read More

Take a short walk through the temple city's seven concentric perimeter walls, each traditionally inhabited by a separate caste, and come away with a... Read More

The fashionable Khan Market is an upscale setting for Indian designer Ranna Gill’s contemporary women's clothing store. Her designs blend Indian... Read More

Best for: Tigers, spotted deer, wild boar, jackals, painted storks (300 bird species overall), plus impressive ruins, forts, and temples... Read More

The president of India resides in a beautiful 1920 building, which is sequestered from the rest of the world by iron gates that demand obedience. But... Read More

Set at the eastern edge of Shahjahanabad, this sprawling 17th-century fort complex gets its name from the massive red sandstone walls (more than a mile... Read More

Built in 1648 for the rule of Emperor Shah Jahan, the fort is a microcosm of politics, economy and life during the Mughal era. Its history commands... Read More

The lobby bar at the plush JW Marriott Hotel Mumbai may not at first glance seem like a celeb hangout, with its laid-back feel and clean marble and wood... Read More

Prized additions to an Indian bride's trousseau for centuries, the intricately woven gossamer saris of Maheshwar were saved from disappearing when... Read More

How can something so simple be so much fun? Well, it is the easiest way to see the entire city, without worrying about little feet getting tired or... Read More

After traversing the Tibetan Plateau, the Yarlung Tsangpo River becomes the mighty Siang of northern India. It is there, in the state of Arunachal... Read More

If you're the kind who likes to think that the band is playing only for you, head over to Roost Bistro, where that might actually be the case. Well— you... Read More

Though it was built in 1754, Safdarjung's Tomb is in fact one Delhi's newest enclosed garden tombs. It lacks the grandeur of the better-known Humayan's... Read More

Filigreed Indian gold and gemstones at great prices. No haggling required. Read More

Super-boutique Samsaara stocks more than 65 designer labels, irresistible to everyone from Bollywood stars Preeti Jhangiani to Katrina Kaif. The use of... Read More

The most elegant “mall” in town, Santushti’s dozen-odd boutiques set in terracotta–roofed bungalows surround a verdant magnolia... Read More

Started and run by the Air Force Wives Association, it’s hardly a wonder that this shopping complex is all class. With its quaint charm, picturesque... Read More

Located in the Aravalli mountain range, this town in Rajasthan is a tiger reserve. I’ve got to say at the outset—if you have your heart set on spotting... Read More

If you ever wondered where to buy in India what’s “made in India,” Sarojini might just have the answer for you. It’s teeming with makeshift stalls of... Read More

Best for: Asiatic Lions, leopards, hyenas, pythons, jackals... Read More

Despite all the ancient wisdom, this is one relatively cool way to do yoga. Seema Sondhi creates a judgment-free environment, where people don’t have to... Read More

Rashtrapati Bhavan is the most regal part of town, home to beautiful, stately buildings where the political decision-makers congregate. That’s probably... Read More

This market is known for its two distinct sides: its collection of bridal wear on one side of the market,  and the cool, new boutique labels on the... Read More

A network of chic homestay accommodations in the Indus Valley, reached by hiking, rafting, or driving. The premise—a rather singular one in India... Read More

If dolls reflect how cultures see people, then we’re actually pretty lucky, going by the looks of the collection of dolls in this museum. Celebrating... Read More

“Shanti” means peace; “path” (pronounced here as “puth”) means what its English equivalent does. This is literally the path of peace, and is home to... Read More

The posh dance club of the moment for Indian urbanites. Read More

Service and quality are what draw Bollywood starlets like Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor to Shobha Asar. Her flagship store in Worli has private... Read More

For a primer on antique Indian ornaments, arrange an appointment with jeweler Vinay Gupta, whose family has been dealing Raj-worthy gems since the 18th... Read More

Started in the 1970's, this family-run wholesale jewelry firm offers outstanding quality and value. Silver is the focus, along with precious and semi... Read More

This reputed training center also trains and certifies teachers in yoga, so it’s safe to say that they’re the masters of their game. Their centers in... Read More

Stay in one of 75 traditional wooden bungalows along a white-sand beach. Ayurvedic therapy is integral to the essence of the place, with packages... Read More

In India’s “garden city” (now known as Bengaluru), holistic health center Soukya is spread out over a 30-acre organic farm with orchards and herb... Read More

This prohibition-themed speakeasy in Gurgaon feels cutting-edge contemporary while still being dedicated to jazz. You’ll experience a fantastic jazz... Read More

Steps away from Old Delhi's Red Fort, this red sandstone Jain temple was built in 1628, making it one of the city's oldest. It's best known for its Bird... Read More

A British colonial church built in 1821, modeled on London's Church of St.-Martin's-in-the-Fields Read More

Walk the narrow lanes of Marwar's bazaar, ending at Manak Chowk, a central square lined with shopkeepers peddling Rajasthani wares such as water____... Read More

The boutique of handicrafts expert and design consultant Bela Shanghvi. Read More

Even if you don’t like potty talk, you’ve got to admire this level of appreciation for design. As the museum’s founder has put it, how a society deals... Read More

Not so you’d know it to look at the place—like Khan Market, it defines “unassuming”—but this run-down shopping plaza is... Read More

The love for all things handmade may be a new one for some; but for Surajkund Mela goers, it’s an old affair. Every February, the Ministry of Tourism... Read More

Walk along these landscaped flower beds knowing that this was where many feared to tread. Back in the 1700s, this was a camping site for the Maratha... Read More

Luxurious, high-end fabrics from all over India, collected by owners Sushil and Meera Kumar. Shop and showroom are in the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower... Read More

The staffers at this spa spoil you not just with treatments, but also with choices. The menu of options is extensive; you can take your pick from... Read More

Specializes in handmade Ladakhi and Tibetan jewelry and antique headdresses. Read More

Also knows as Monastery Market or Little Tibet, this kingdom of Tibetan crafts is accessed by a misleadingly nondescript little door. This place is... Read More

This 14th-century fortified city was founded by Turkic ruler Ghiyathu'd-Din Tughluq, who only ruled from 1321 until about 1326—after which the fort was... Read More

The stall stocks ethereal woven scarves by designer Neeru Kumar. Read More

This Delhi legend sees more than 50 first dates on any night of the week (as well as its fair share of heartbreaks, quick recoveries and loves at first... Read More

A white-sand beach with clear, warm water that hasn’t been overrun. Read More

The trio of malls in Vasant Kunj cater to different budgets with an ensemble of independent retail stores, high street labels and luxury shopping. You... Read More

Although its official name is the Cathedral Church of the Redemption, this church is better known by its most famous patron, the British Viceroy of the... Read More

Opened in 1887 for the Queen Empress's jubilee; particularly fine goods are in the South Indian Women's Work Room. Read More

Visit this sophisticated textile gallery and wander around in a daze induced by the wealth of crafts traditions (among other things, India invented... Read More

Founded in 2002 by acclaimed travel writer Jonny Bealby, Wild Frontiers is an award-winning adventure travel company offering small group tours and... Read More

U.N.-supported nonprofit that seeks to improve Indian women’s lives by marketing their handloomed products. Read More

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