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Modern, art-focused property with 38 rooms. Stop by the lobby bar for Austrian rum–spiked hot chocolate by the fireplace. Read More

Get to the source of Iceland’s most notable export—music—at this record shop that doubles as an independent recording label. Come by their storefront ... Read More

This family-run business in old Reykjavik Central was opened by chef Úlfar Eysteinsson in 1989. Popular with locals and unabashedly Icelandic, 3... Read More

Lopapeysur (Icelandic woolen sweaters) are the best way to stay warm during the short, dark winter months. Best of all, their zigzagging patterns are... Read More

Opened in 2014, Alda Hotel is a refreshing departure from Reykjavik's many chain hotels and Airbnb accomodations. Upmarket, yet reasonably priced, the... Read More

Bergsson is one of few places in Iceland that takes brunch seriously. Guests can order free-range eggs, greenhouse-grown veggies, and slow-baked bread... Read More

Often considered the Disneyland of Iceland, this amoeboid-shaped overflow of the nextdoor geothermal power plant is one of the island's most popular... Read More

This geothermal lagoon just a short drive from Reykjavik claims healing powers in its mineral-rich waters. One of those only-in-Iceland... Read More

Live DJ's (Herr Gott, Styrmir Dansson) handle the soundtrack at Boston most evenings, though visitors can find regularly scheduled concerts at this... Read More

The new hotel in downtown’s 101 district features modern rooms (slate palette accented with red and chestnut brown) come with views of Mount Esja. Read More

Luxury travel outfitter Eleven Experience has reimagined the traditional turf house as an utterly extravagant mansion in the cleft of an interior valley... Read More

One of the only spots to enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine, Domo is located in what appears to be an ordinary warehouse in Lincoln Park; however, inside,... Read More

This period throwback to the Victorian era is named after a bonified Icelandic icon; Einar Ben was a poet and an entrepreneur who lived for a time in... Read More

Like a high-end version of IKEA, Epal’s surplus of household goods are ideal for gifting, and one-of-a-kind accent pieces for your own home. Linens come... Read More

More of a snack spot than a restaurant. Anyone passing through western Iceland should stop at Erppstadir, a dairy farm specializing in ice cream, Greek... Read More

Iceland’s largest bookstore chain hardly feels corporate. Most shops come with a cool cafe serving plenty of espresso, and all the locations seem to sit... Read More

Husband-and-wife team Joel and Begga started this clothing and design brand in 2005, and their flagship store is located in Reykajvik’s Fishpacking... Read More

The tasting menu at Fish Market offers innovative and Asian-inspired flavors that are applied to Icelandic culinary staples: seafood, lamb, and local... Read More

Fridheimar's greenhouses harness the incredible power of Iceland’s geothermic energy to produce fresh garden greens and tomatoes. It's located along the... Read More

Red leather couches, framed drawings by acclaimed Icelanders, and a crackling fireplace attract a polished crowd to Hotel Holt’s lounge bar. Known for... Read More

Locals and visitors alike gather at this unassuming cafe, despite its formica tables and laminate floors, and form lines out the door during the early... Read More

Hundreds of souvenir shops line the main streets of Reykjavik, but Geysir is a cut above, thanks to its carefully curated selection of women’s knitwear,... Read More

Glo isn't your typical chain restaurant. It's a health-focused, vegan-leaning establishment that started as the cafeteria in Hafnarfjordur’s modern art... Read More

This tiny boutique in the city's main shopping district sells the quality womens fashions of native designer, Guðrún Kristín Sveinbj... Read More

One of Reykjavik's most prominent features, Hallgsimskirkja sits atop the city's highest point and can be seen poking its pointed crown from all the way... Read More

The mittens, made with native wool, are ideal stocking stuffers. Read More

Occupying three historic buildings in quiet Seydisfjordur, Hotel Aldan is a fine example of a boutique property that prioritizes service above all else.... Read More

Steps from the National Cathedral and City Hall, this 1930's Art Deco hotel was restored to its original splendor in 2006. One of the city's historic... Read More

If you’re considering a honeymoon in Iceland, look no further than Hotel Budir, perched on the southern edge of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. An endless... Read More

Located on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, just over two hours from Reykjavík, Hotel Budir's candlelit eatery serves a regionally inspired menu amid... Read More

A reward for intrepid travelers, Djupavik inhabits a lonely cove along the craggy spine of the Westfjords far north. Rooms are scattered across several... Read More

A merchant’s mansion from the time of Danish rule has been lovingly restored and transformed into a boutique inn with ten tiny rooms. Everything here is... Read More

Open exclusively during the summer months, Flatey is located on its eponymous island—the largest of over 3,000 rocky specks floating in one of Iceland’s... Read More

Hotel Hellnar was the first hospitality venture in the country to be certified by Green Globe, the international sustainability certification system. Read More

One of Iceland’s original entries into the luxury category may not stack up to an international standard, but this old horse farm expertly plays up its... Read More

Hotel Reykjahlid is set along the shore of Lake Myvatn, a birdwatcher's paradise that's riddled with curious volcanic features. Read More

Icelandair doesn’t just specialize in well-priced airplane tickets, and stopover incentives. The national carrier also has several hotels scattered... Read More

Occupying a former paint store, this bistro  is located just next door to the city's hottest shopping district. Ground zero for people... Read More

A coffee shop by day and thumping dancing house by night, you can't miss Kaffibarinn's iconic London Tube signage—or the lengthy line that forms outside... Read More

This trendy watering hole located down a small side street can be tough to get into. Prominently featured in the film 101 Reyjkavik, Kaffibarinn has... Read More

The Icelandic equivalent of Starbucks, with soul and lots of primary colors. Servers yell out orders in this sing-song way. Read More

Brewed in northern Akureryi, Kaldi beer has become a local favorite, and the brand's dedicated bar on Reykjavik’s main drag has a variety of Icelandic... Read More

Typically, a bar inside of a hostel wouldn’t be appealing to every type of traveler, but the owners of Kex have worked hard to create a hip,... Read More

An artists’ collective that receives support from a government grant, Kraum (which means "simmering" in Icelandic) showcases the creative output of... Read More

Iceland’s 1.6-million-gallon cure-all, the Blue Lagoon, where people flock for soothing heat and an abundance of minerals, also has a bar. Of... Read More

Lake Myvatn is one of the best reasons to venture to the far north of Iceland. The Earth steams at Hverir and Krafla—a bathing facility that rivals the... Read More

At the 200,000-square-foot spa, six tubs and an outdoor pool are filled with the Laugardalur Valley’s healing thermal waters. Read More

A worthy choice for travelers who appreciate a good beer, Micro Bar offers some of the most interesting local brews in Iceland—10 of which are always on... Read More

Not exactly a hostel, save for the social vibe, Midgard is more of a comfortable base camp for travelers looking to stack their holiday with rugged... Read More

Although chilly outside, it’s still hot (after eight years) inside this supernova nightclub with a spacious stage, where a galaxy of gorgeous... Read More

There are hundreds of boiling, geothermic reservoirs scattered the island that are suitable for swimming. These hot springs—many of them hidden—have... Read More

Ground zero for the city's gay scene, this raucous venue in the nightclub district hosts DJ-spun music four nights per week. Billing... Read More

Experience one of Iceland’s most important customs, communal bathing, without splurging on tickets for the Blue Lagoon. For only $5 (compared to a... Read More

The restaurant opened in 2008 by Björk’s personal chef, Nuni Thomasson. His menu of regional comfort food might include dishes like foal... Read More

Iceland’s elaborate history is well documented in its collection of Sagas, many of which are available for purchase at almost any bookstore across the... Read More

No destination in Iceland offers a quaint Scandinavian village vibe quite like Seydisfjordur—a veritable artists’ colony set along the far eastern... Read More

Seamlessly fusing the old with the new, this Asian-influenced seafood restaurant occupies the oldest basement in Reykjavik. Typically jam-packed,... Read More

A bistro, cafe, cultural center, and an exhibition space all in one, Skaftfell is one of the largest structures in small-town Seydisfjordur. After... Read More

Beat your own path around the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, an area known for its rich Viking history and located approximately two hours from Reykjavik. Start... Read More

Offering an Icelandic take on luxury wear, this destination for designer womens knits is adjacent to the city's artsy waterfront district. Selling... Read More

It's easy to see how Stofan (which means living room in Icelandic) got its name: inside this light-filled cafe is a garage sale-like collection of... Read More

Guide Ragnar Lovdaltakes you to the eerily silent Langjökull glacier, rumored to shelter Iceland's elves year-round. Read More

The stop along the Golden Circle that’s perhaps most deserving of its hype, Thingvellir is the site of the world’s first parliament, which began around... Read More

Thorsmork, or Thor’s Woods in Icelandic, and the adjacent Godaland—Land of the Gods—are considered by many Icelanders to be the most beautiful places in... Read More

Easily visible from the mainland, yet miles away in spirit, the small archipelago of the Westman Islands promises to be even more quaint and isolated... Read More

This seafood restaurant lures locals for dinner with its classic Icelandic cuisine—how about fermented shark meat followed by shots of brenniv... Read More

A restaurant and a dairy tucked inside the same cowshed, Vogafjos takes farm-to-table to the next level by placing a plexiglass window between the... Read More

Iceland's first ever five-star restaurant, this swanky eatery at the Hotel Nordica serves Scandinavian gourmet cuisine and upscale bistro fare.... Read More

For those with the luxury of time, consider visiting the remote Westfjords, where all of Iceland's natural splendors seem to converge. Here, each bend... Read More

Husavik, in northern Iceland, is the island’s self-appointed capital of whale watching. Visitors will find a museum dedicated to the mammoth marine... Read More

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