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Now is your chance to get the most amazing view in the world — for a great price.Iceland has been one of the top destinations for travelers for a few... Read More

Airlines are rolling out new and expanded service just in time for summer travel.Southwest is revealing more details on its upcoming flights to Hawaii,... Read More

Iceland is well known for its beautiful scenery, its natural spas, and the friendliness of its people — but what about the food? Thanks to shows like ... Read More

Earlier this year, Iceland's national football team became the smallest to ever quality for the World Cup, and Icelandair is inviting its passengers to... Read More

Instead of lifeguarding or scooping ice cream, Icelandic budget airline WOW Air wants a summer employee who is willing to travel the world.WOW Air... Read More

Tourism in Iceland is booming, and for good reason: Between the gorgeous landscapes, geothermal pools, and dazzling midnight sun, the country is chock... Read More

Whether you want to go to Iceland to swim between two tectonic plates, tour volcanoes, or take a dip in a mineral pool, you can do it on the cheap if... Read More

Those looking for an easy way to plan a trip that includes visiting local gems, this program may be the answer.Through the travel... Read More

There’s a reason everybody wants to visit Iceland.From the natural hot springs to the craggy seaside, Iceland immediately enchants with its epic, rugged... Read More

Kim Kardashian swam in its clear blue waters. So did Justin Bieber and Beyoncé. But the celebrity crowd never had a five-star place to stay at the Blue... Read More

This spring, a brand new destination is opening up that perfectly encapsulates all the best reasons to visit Iceland in 2018.The Retreat at Blue Lagoon,... Read More

WOW Air is having another sale, with cheap flights to Iceland starting at $99 one-way, or $198 round-trip. If you haven't been to this popular northern... Read More

This year, Icelandair is playing Cupid by offering travelers Valentine’s Day fares for $349 round-trip to the Land of Fire and Ice.The discounted trips... Read More

There will soon be one more reason to go to Iceland: the airport will be top-notch.According to Bloomberg, the efforts to boost tourism in Iceland... Read More

When Iceland's economy buckled under the pressure of a crumbling currency back in 2008, the island instantly became accessible to travelers with a more... Read More

Seeing the Northern Lights in real life is nothing short of spectacular. Getting to watch a show put on by Mother Nature in some of the most remote... Read More

Put that fuzzy blanket back on the couch and keep your firewood unscathed for a few extra hours – it’s ísbíltúr time.While Americans couldn't get enough... Read More

A British Airways passenger was denied boarding last week for wearing too much clothing.Ryan Carney Williams — who goes by the name Ryan Hawaii — was... Read More

The holiday season is a time to reflect and relax at home — until it’s not.We’re not talking about that three-hour road trip or a quick train ride to... Read More

Choosing a new place to go on vacation can be tough.With all the potential destinations you can visit in the world, you have to wonder which ones are... Read More

Over the last 20 years, Eliza Reid's fairy tale has been slowly unfolding. She met her Icelandic husband, Gudni Johannesson, in graduate school at... Read More

Those who think that Iceland’s been ruined by American tourists just need to venture further north.Up in Iceland’s remote Fljot valley, there’s a former... Read More

This story originally appeared on Joe Manganiello fell in love in Iceland — with an ice cave and a black sand beach and a handful of... Read More

Europe may not celebrate Thanksgiving, but Black Friday is off to an early start there.At least two low-cost airlines — Iceland’s WOW Air and... Read More

American Airlines will offer seasonal service from Dallas Fort Worth Airport to Reykjavik’s Keflavík International Airport, as Iceland continues to... Read More

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