Iceland Travel Guide

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Once you visit Iceland, a land of gushing geysers where the sky glitters with the Northern Lights, you may understand why some of its residents are convinced that fairies and giants still roam the earth, or at least their corner of it. Iceland's landscapes are dramatic and strange, perfect for avid photo-takers, and the country remains relatively uncrowded, even at peak tourist season. As otherworldly as it may sound, travel to Iceland is actually quite easy - and when you're ready to go, our Iceland travel guide will lead you to all the magical spots of this unique country.

Things Not to Miss in Iceland

From a relaxing spa visit at the Blue Lagoon to the otherworldly vistas offered by the country's many national parks, visitors to Iceland should pack their itineraries full of breathtaking sights, including:

• The Blue Lagoon
• The Culture House in Reykjavik
• Reykjavik's buzzing nightlife
• Porsmörk National Park
• The Great Geysir
• Thingvellir National Park
• Vatnajökull National Park
• The Northern Lights (in the winter)
• Whale Watching (in the summer)

When to Go to Iceland

While winter may strike some as an odd time to visit Iceland, you will be able to find bargain fares and room rates at that time, and if the Northern Lights are on your bucket list, it's the perfect time to visit. For most travelers, however, summer is the time to go, when there are long days, music festivals, and highs in the 50s - which is positively balmy for Iceland. Even the whales know this is the ideal time to visit the country.

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